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The supposed agreement for Carretera del Carche and the link implies the acceptance of an injustice and a robbery in addition to favoring the Popular Party by doing the work that its highest local representatives have not done (16/05/2018)

When encompassing and joining several needs to be solved, the only ones favored are the regional government and the national PP.

The injured are the Jumillano as a whole and especially the districts as well as the areas most in need of investment.

In recent months IU-Greens reported that the delay in the settlement of the Carche road was a historical injustice that could not be solved at the expense of the effort of the Jumillans and their City Council.

In addition, the PP, aware that he had no defense, attacked the government team and set a trap in which he finally fell.

From Izquierda Unida-Verdes Jumilla we have been claiming almost 20 years (since 2002 and even before) the settlement of that road with the presentation of amendments to the regional budget and other initiatives of political work.

Only by approving some of the amendments presented by this political group in the Regional Assembly, the settlement of the Carretera del Carche would have been done a long time ago.

With regard to these investments once we talk about what has been lost we want to add the mysterious disappearance between 2010 and 2012 of the Duplication or unfolding project of the N-344, between the current highway and the entrance to Jumilla .

This project, which was even approved, disappeared and is the reason why the only access at the moment is an access without due security since it maintains a road that despite having a straight path has been a point with many accidents.

The Zapatero government and the Rajoy government have very skilfully hidden this project that is approved but never heard of again.

Regarding the link to connect the highway with Jumilla at the height of the Carretera del Carche, we would like to say that the public information of that project on the date it could be alleged "coincidentally" went unnoticed and the general public was not notified. what the responsibility of omitting a wide diffusion corresponds to all the administrations (to the PSOE that governed in Jumilla and in State and to the PP that did it in Murcia).

In the opinion of IU-Verdes, it is reprehensible that the Jumilla-Yecla stretch was reported during this period of allegations and that it was not informed when the Blanca-Jumilla section was in place.

In all this time there have been many regional investments that have been made on similar roads: having less traffic, greater previous width, which is another of the disadvantages of this route or with less social importance.

As examples we can name the MU-420 (La Celia-Albatana) that was completed, the MU-404 (Yecla- Fuente Álamo) from which the first 8-10 km were fixed or even the RM-426 (Yecla-Almansa) ) even when

have a traffic only 30% higher and with the same heavy traffic or less than the road of the Carche, has been fixed with characteristics of national road as many Jumillans have proven.

There is more data that could serve to demonstrate the great injustice: The measurement of traffic on the Carche road (RM-A15) is done at kilometer 1 and the Jumillans know that this point is before the connection of the road to Alicante with this road, therefore the results are reduced on the reality of the total stretch.

A comparison, while on the Carretera Yecla-Fuente Álamo two traffic measures are made in the gauge of 2016 of roads of Murcia (in kilometers 2, 6 and 18 with 1500 and 248 vehicles a day) in the Carche only measured in km 1 giving a result of 564 vehicles / day and we are sure that it would have been more measured once the traffic of the sidewalk (road to Alicante) is incorporated.

If the criteria for arranging or investing in roads are the traffic and the state of the road, with the previous examples (many can be added) it is sufficient reason and reason to have prioritized for years the arrangement of the Carche cart.

The comparisons if something makes clear is that the regional government of the PP has been committing a historical injustice with Jumilla and with that road.

The reparation of this injustice must be urgently undertaken by the Regional Government as an exclusive competence that belongs to it.

There is no obstacle so that the City Council as the closest administration and with the greatest power of conviction can facilitate the task to the Autonomous Community, but always with the greatest guarantees for Jumillano and Jumillano, respecting the rights of land owners and ensuring the general interest

The senator for the Autonomous Community, Severa Gonzalez as a position designated by his party, should have had enough influence for such a small amount of money (2 million euros) compared to the regional and state budgets, as is the link of the highway with that road, would have long ago that the Autonomous Community carry out its promise and commitment to Jumilla.

It is even more serious that the Regional Government has not done anything in several decades with the issue of the Carche road with the dozens of amendments, petitions and demands of the neighbors.

The Popular Party affirms but in no case it contributes any type of official report on the possibility that the City council makes the necessary expropriations and if any of the expropriated ones raises judicial battle against the City council it is very possible that this expropriation can be paralyzed.

In recent months they attacked the City Council accusing of inaction for not doing things in this regard.

Izquierda Unida-Verdes does not defend the government team, but neither does the PP that tries to commission a job that is not of its competence and an administration that is not the one that should do it or pay for it.

Basing on the safety of residents and economic activity want the City Council put a money that the Autonomous Community can and should invest (also the State, which stole that link unfolded from the highway to Jumilla, which disappeared without a trace but that in some cajón of the Ministry is saved) and to be those who solve what is their competence, their duty and their DEBT with this municipality, to which

they denied the route of that highway for the Jimena that would have brought this highway closer, and that they have also denied the settlement of Carretera del Carche for 20 years.

Izquierda Unida-Verdes will demand that the two administrations that owe us these infrastructures comply and do so immediately.

In no way can they claim that the city council has to do that work or pay expropriations or put money.

A few months ago, the emergency works in the Mar Menor showed that if an administration starts working in two or three months, it can approve projects, expropriate and start doing works.

As a municipal group it can not be tolerated that the same administrations that limit and cut the investments, the hiring of personnel and the competences of the town halls now want to decide for each municipality.

There are many security needs that are also important and without putting some on top of the others, it must be the City of Jumilla and in the opinion of IU-Greens, who after hearing their neighbors is the one who decides if the money of the Jumillano will be used to make a flyover for the residents of the Fuente del Pino or a widening of the road of the road to improve the safety of residents of the Estacada or fix the way of the French for the same purpose or any need.

Not long ago, the Jumillanos could verify that with the petitions, demands, protest actions the necessary investments of the state or of other administrations are obtained.

As an example, the roundabout on the curve of the Pine, on the road to Yecla that provides the necessary security and communication to farmers and people from wineries in those places and that involved the investment of just over 400,000 euros 3 years ago, at a time still more difficult for the investment than the current one.

IU-Verdes is convinced that if you press, fight and manage, you finally get what is just like in this case that the administrations, with a lack of notorious investments and that does not hold up comparing with many situations, want We Jumillano we carry the payment that does not correspond to us but we have to claim that it is done by the competent administrations.

Source: IU-verdes Jumilla

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