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  • The Sports Council last paving the outer ring of the track (28/02/2014)
    Inside Performance is further provided placement machines stretching and warming on the track, in addition to paving the stands and access to Astroturf track
  • Antonio Verdú unveils the most hidden part of the Teatro Vico (28/02/2014)
    The official chronicler of Jumilla, Antonio Verdú, yesterday offered the conference "What do we know Teatro Vico?"
  • Today will be the awards ceremony of the Web site I "Ciudad de Jumilla" (28/02/2014)
    At 2000 hours on the Roque Baños Sociocultural winners of the first digital awards will be announced Jumilla
  • The Mayor opens along with the Minister of Culture and Tourism Tourism Fair R Region of Murcia (28/02/2014)
    A total of 38 stands will be promoting the three routes of the region with wine tastings and tapas and sell products to the next Monday, March 3
  • Mary Serralba presented in Jumilla "The God of Faro", a love story, above the nuances (27/02/2014)
    The plot narrates the book on Emilio Garcia, is the adaptation of a true story, the protagonist experienced firsthand the who suffer social marginalization declaring homosexual
  • The Education Park Road will open the first weekend of every month for free access of children of the village (27/02/2014)
    All the children of the town you wish to attend may do so free of charge and accompanied by an adult, this Saturday and Sunday 1 and March 2
  • Strengthening Educational Program starts in Jumilla with the first students enrolled (27/02/2014)
    About 80 young jumillanos are already participating in the various courses offered by the Department of Youth
  • Over 1,000 people participate on Sunday in the Carnival Parade II Jumilla (26/02/2014)
    The Department of Festivities last all preparations for a weekend live intense around Carnival
  • The Association of Widows of the municipality organized in Jumilla XXII Assembly of the Regional Federation of Widows (26/02/2014)
    The meeting will bring together more than three hundred women in the region to exchange experiences with other associations, and will take place in October
  • The mayor attended the last meeting of ACEVIN in which are incorporated by certified Wine Routes Txakoli 'and Rueda (26/02/2014)
    The Board elects Jerez de la Frontera and Ronda as the venue for the celebration of the XX General Assembly ACEVIN, coinciding with the election of Jerez as European City of Wine 2014
  • Javi Martin will bring his magic to Vico Theatre to benefit 4 Paws Jumilla (26/02/2014)
    The Department of Culture and Youth Municipal, add to the appeal of the Protector, to fill the Vico Theatre with the show "You think you're weird?"
  • The cover returns normal municipal pool in swimming lessons (26/02/2014)
    This morning courses returned to their regular schedule after finishing repairs to boiler installations
  • Press release on the abandonment of full by opposition councilors, and subsequent news coverage on the municipal website (26/02/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Group of the City of Jumilla, states the following
  • Antonio Verdú, official historian of Jumilla, present the conference "What do we know Teatro Vico?" (25/02/2014)
    The conference will take place on Thursday, February 27, at 20.00 am at the Cultural Hall CajaMurcia
  • The writer Maria Serralba presented in Jumilla his novel, "The God of light" (25/02/2014)
    The event is organized by the Public Library and will be held at the Centro Sociocultural Roque Baños, on Wednesday, February 26 at 20:00
  • The regular February plenary session concludes with the abandonment of the same group of the opposition (25/02/2014)
    As reported in the regular full-February, the report Intervention concluded that the level of expenditure goes punctuated with income level, ensuring stability in the municipal accounts
  • The Templars Jumilla Association will participate in the XVI National Conference of Social Area Prison Pastoral Spanish (25/02/2014)

  • The child activity "Bicholandia Carnavalera" about the children of Jumilla the complex biology of butterflies (24/02/2014)
    More than twenty children participated in the activity that took place last Saturday at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences "Jerome Molina "
  • The Carnival Gala I Jumilla Teatro Vico full of color and joy (24/02/2014)
    More than 400 people attended the Gala I Carnival dances in which they lived, the performance of a joke and the crowning of the Carnival I Musa Jumilla
  • The Ministry of Education makes Jumilla over 1000 students without the aid of books (24/02/2014)

  • The Department of Equality prepares a week full of activities to mark World Women's Day (24/02/2014)
    Cartoon Competitions, workshops, exhibitions, film, storytelling and a day of living are those activities that occur in Jumilla from 4 to 14 March on the occasion of Women's Day
  • The Local Police renew his uniform Jumilla full (24/02/2014)
    Hacienda reports the debt relief providers Jumilla City Council about 30,000 euros as of today
  • Services initiated the refurbishment of the stairs del Rey Don Pedro (24/02/2014)
    El Rey Don Pedro garden closed during the morning of the next day to undertake work in Risk Woodland
  • The Department of Equality adds to Equal Pay Day (22/02/2014)
    Women in Spain earn on average 16.33% less per hour than 2011 men, and the gender pay gap in Spain is 17.8%, one and a half above the average of the European Union
  • Sports reports of the suspension of swimming lessons on Monday and Tuesday on the grounds of repairs (22/02/2014)
    free bathroom for the pool will remain open, but will not be available in the locker room hot water showers
  • Cayetano Smith highlights the efforts of women in the Easter Jumilla along its evolution (21/02/2014)
    During the conference, Cayetano Smith stressed the important role of women within the wide range of trades and professions that have traditionally occupied within Easter township
  • The staff of the Local Police Jumilla participate in a workshop on noise control (21/02/2014)
    The Technical Environment Service has developed two measurement protocols, which agents should apply when performing the noise control
  • Ronda de Poniente John Paul II will have over 200 trees to provide better shaded area (21/02/2014)
    Planting has been carried out tresbolillos to achieve in a few years, a tunnel of trees and has been funded by the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura
  • Request for recognition with the Gold Medal of the Region of Murcia D. Roque Baños (21/02/2014)

  • The City reports the special hours for the closure of premises during Carnival 2014 (20/02/2014)
    During the day, Friday, February 28, Saturday, March 1 and Tuesday, March 4, will be extended by two hours hours closure of nightspots
  • More than 50 companies and organizations I participate in the Web site "Ciudad de Jumilla" (20/02/2014)
    companies, organizations and institutions interested in participating should register their webs before next Monday 24 February at the mail
  • The City drives along with 4 Legs and veterinary locality a campaign for animal identification (20/02/2014)
    During the months of March to June, the start of the microchip for pets who do not yet have, will have a reduced price within Campaign
  • The "Bicholandia Carnavalera" will be the next child activity Ethnographic Museum (20/02/2014)
    Children participating will create a costume butterfly or insect they prefer, after learning the secrets contained in his biology
  • Cultural Days of the Knights Templar in the penitentiaries of Jumilla Murcia (20/02/2014)

  • Ana Milán and Fernando Guillén Cuervo arrive on Saturday Vico Theater with "The Diary of Adam and Eve" (19/02/2014)
    One of the most anticipated works in the first quarter comes this weekend at Teatro Vico, with Ana Milán and Fernando Guillén Cuervo as protagonists
  • The City Council presented the Community memories for rural roads under five by more than 450,000 euros (19/02/2014)
    Performances are financed under Regional Rural Roads Plan, where 100% of the funding will be provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water
  • Antonio Valero: "Carnival 2014 will mark a before and after in our city" (19/02/2014)
    The First Gala, the Carnival Parade II and the coronation of Musa I, big bets Department of Festivities for Carnival of Jumilla 2014
  • Four cooperatives alumni / ae of the municipality involved in the HUB and programs EME Region (19/02/2014)
    The coordinator of both projects visited two schools that are participating with four cooperatives that marketed the products they buy, or they same manufacture
  • The mayor returns to suffer at their home vandalized (18/02/2014)
    As stated by the mayor, "such attacks have political significance" that will not stop Bury
  • In the next week they could start work on stabilization of the facade in the "Yellow House" (18/02/2014)
    The Local Government has today approved the Basic and Execution Project interim structure stabilization of the facade of the building, which budget execution amounts to 12,066 euros
  • Cayetano morning Herrero offer a conference on women in Easter Jumilla (18/02/2014)
    The conference is organized by the Department of Culture and will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Roque Baños Sociocultural Centre at 20.00
  • Juan Guardiola, Bodegas BSI, will be the new president of the Jumilla Wine Route (18/02/2014)
    Pedro Piqueras leaves the presidency of the Jumilla Wine Route in the hands of Juan Guardiola, who will head the new board of Route
  • Over 80 people enjoyed the activity "Tales of love, love in the story" in the Archaeological Museum (17/02/2014)
    Thalia Theater group was responsible for giving life to one of the most representative stories love story, rescuing texts as Gypsy Ballads, Eros and Psyche or Captain
  • Youth Jumilla learn the difference between what is love and what is the occasion of Valentine (17/02/2014)
    More than 130 students participated in the campaign that the Department of Equality has developed in the four secondary schools of municipality in order to prevent toxic relationships
  • In short it can initiate the process for the implementation of six projects funded municipal Leader Focus (17/02/2014)
    The Board approves the creation of credit which is discharged as income, the grant of more than EUR 467 602 for implementation of the six investment projects submitted
  • "Lies and smoke mayor's visit last week Valcarcel" (14/02/2014)
    Press Release Municipal Socialist Group in the Hon.
  • The regional deputy Ana Guijarro in Jumilla includes proposals for the new Law on the Protection and Defense of Animals (14/02/2014)
    The Association moved 4Patas different initiatives, some pioneers, who can join this new law
  • Liquidation of Jumilla Office Expands Services (14/02/2014)
    Jumilla is one of the seven municipalities that may make filling out tax forms in the field of taxes transferred
  • Security Councilmember reports on progress in the transfer of land for the construction of a comprehensive security center (14/02/2014)
    The Information Commission works was informed at its meeting yesterday of all details
  • The Conservatory of Music of Jumilla organized the First Course French Horn, Trumpet and Assembly Metal (14/02/2014)
    The course will be taught by faculty of the Conservatory of Music "Oscar Esplá" Alicante, José Antonio Antolin Polo and José Javier Pastor for 7, 8 and 9 March
  • The mayor reported the legality of the pivots located at Calle del Solar Baron (14/02/2014)
    This is the conclusion of the report of the Technical Planning in stating that there is no breach of regulations about accessibility
  • The Jumilla Wine Route on I will promote Tourism Fair of the Region of Murcia (14/02/2014)
    The meeting will be held from February 28 to March 3 in the Auditorium and Congress Centre 'Víctor Villegas' and will feature workshops, presentations, competition and exhibitors
  • This Saturday arrives at Teatro Vico, the children's musical "The Wizard of Oz" (13/02/2014)
    Dorothy's adventures in Oz will come to earth under the direction of Jumilla César Oliva Bernal
  • Jumilla and gastronomy tour of Spain through the mayor Cooking Channel host (13/02/2014)
    Enrique Jimenez teaches one of the hallmarks of Jumilla, such as cheese and wine, and adds value to the cuisine of the town through one of the most traditional recipes, gazpacho Jumillano
  • The Social Services Center will have a free mediation (13/02/2014)
    Mayor and Councillor for Social Policy signed an agreement by which the City will provide a free mediation for poor families of the village
  • The Department of Equality is preparing a campaign to prevent toxic relationships for Feb. 14 (13/02/2014)
    The campaign, called "It's love or not love," will run through different activities: a reflective panel, the distribution of leaflets and the wedge issue in the Municipal Issuer
  • Reopened the call for aid Approach LEADER (13/02/2014)
    Fit to be eligible all those interested / as in projects focused on the processing and / or marketing in agri-food sectors to improve their competitiveness and efficiency
  • The Department of Finance reported periods voluntarily to pay municipal taxes in 2014 (12/02/2014)
    The garbage fee back to half-yearly, ie, two receipts are issued annually, and not three, as in the previous year
  • The Youth Council organized several trips for 2014 (12/02/2014)
    Mojacar and Granada are the two destinations planned from the Youth Council for 2014
  • The Cooking Channel will be filming tomorrow in Jumilla space program "Today Mayor kitchen" (11/02/2014)
    Recording recipe with the mayor be held tomorrow, Wednesday, at 12.30, opposite the Teatro Vico, which will be located where the caravan giant famous "fried egg"
  • The City Council commissioned the project to enable new traffic on Calle La Labor (11/02/2014)
    The expert report determined the necessary measures to ensure safety in the building known as the "Yellow House"
  • They Approved the final granting of aid for public entities Approach LEADER (11/02/2014)
    More than 500,000 euros of investment, spread over six projects will be conducted in the town
  • The Director General of Vocational Training visit several centers Jumilla (10/02/2014)
    During the visit got some needs that AMPAS, management teams and municipal authorities handed him about extending the offer of vocational training in the town
  • David DeMaria Vico captive in the more than 500 concertgoers (10/02/2014)
    The Jerez composer wasted energy on Vico Theatre in presenting his latest work "Other Lives"
  • The water trajectory municipality, collected in the book "Historical Irrigation Jumilla" (10/02/2014)
    The unpublished manuscript includes research on natural irrigation systems in the municipality of Jumilla
  • The board initiates the contract specifications for the installation of an indoor pool in climatizadora (10/02/2014)
    The Committee shall determine the bid submitted by Vodafone as the most advantageous for the service of the City of Jumilla Telecommunications
  • David DeMaria visit tomorrow Vico Theatre with his latest work "Other Lives" (07/02/2014)
    About 500 people already have your ticket for one of the UK's most successful songwriters, David DeMaria Jerez
  • The City will develop a course funded by the SEF Sumillería (07/02/2014)
    The City has 82,875 euros to develop a course of directed Sumillería 15 people and with a professional certificate is obtained Level 3
  • The City Council last various improvement works at the Civic Center "The Alpicoz" (07/02/2014)
    Among the reforms include the painted corridors, repair of moisture and other arrangements that have allowed the location of various musical groups in the center
  • The next child activity will be devoted to "Íbero Courage" (06/02/2014)
    Children of Jumilla learn the various types of weapons that these soldiers made and used, and then draw their own panoply íbera a falcata and shield
  • The Socialist Party urges local groups to demand the mayor to cede land for Jumilla Security Center (06/02/2014)
    Congressman Francisco Abellan said the local police should have adequate facilities to develop their work and not keep paying very expensive to rent Jumillano
  • The Archaeological Museum will celebrate Valentine's Day with the activity "Stories of Love, Love in History" (06/02/2014)
    The Thalia Group will be responsible for driving and give life to the work, which will be set with romantic elements, funny and curious historical accounts Love
  • The Mayor and spokesmen for the three municipal groups have visited the facilities of the municipal landfill (06/02/2014)
    Mayor anticipates that efforts to obtain the necessary remodeling silver treatment funding progressing well
  • The Templars of Jumilla released their annual review (06/02/2014)

  • The Department of Works and Urban climate control several rooms of the Conservatory of Music (05/02/2014)
    The actions have had a cost of almost 6,000 euros, and have been undertaken with municipal funds to meet the needs requested by management Conservatory
  • The People's University starts new semester courses (05/02/2014)
    At the moment it has seats on Bobbins, Ceramic Guide Jumilla, Personal Image, Furniture Restoration and the Tapestry and Macramé
  • Friday Theater Teatro Vico with "Brief Encounter" by David Lean (05/02/2014)

  • The Mayor opens the Employment and Training Workshop that will employ 19 people in the municipality (05/02/2014)
    15 students will be trained in the workshop of Employment and Training, dedicated to the Local Tourism Promotion and Visitor information
  • The Mayor meets with Valcárcel for pooling the needs that Jumilla (05/02/2014)
    The works of the landfill, highway Carche, the CIAR and the new school were some of the topics discussed at the meeting
  • Jumilla hosts the first of two tests DUWHITE CUP (04/02/2014)
    More than 200 athletes participated in the competition by scoring well in the Regional Duathlon Championship for Clubs
  • The Board approves nearly two dozen major and minor licenses work (04/02/2014)
    The City initiated a subsidiary of the necessary actions in the so-called "Yellow House" in the Constitution Square
  • The Carnival Gala I will be one of the great innovations of the Department of Festivities for Carnival 2014 (04/02/2014)
    Choosing the Carnival Musa and the performance of a Chirigota be other initiatives this year
  • Created commission for obtaining the title of National Tourist Interest in Harvest Festival (03/02/2014)
    The City Council and the Federation of Peñas constitute the organizing committee examining the case, which could be completed before Easter
  • Vicente Canicio host a conference on restoration and cleaning Altarpiece of the Church of Santiago (03/02/2014)
    It is framed within the 2nd Edition of the Lecture: "Look what our with own eyes," and will take place at the Centro Sociocultural Roque Baños , on Wednesday, February 5, at 20.00
  • Hypnos 2013 Awards, nine songs to the social commitment Jumilla (03/02/2014)
    Juan Francisco Gea, Margarita Abellan, ASEVIN, Emilio Serrano, Doña Anita, AFAD, Arjuna, Jumilla Red Cross and 4 feet have been honored this year with the highest badge awarded the City

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