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  • The call for aid Leader Focus Reopens (30/04/2014)
    It is measure 123: Adding value to agricultural products, for which there will be 545,293 euros
  • Celebration and the Brotherhood of the Nazarene continues the tradition of the May Crosses in Jumilla (30/04/2014)
    The Jumillano Association Friends of Music will perform a concert in Plaza de Arriba centered zarzuela pieces and pasodobles
  • Thirty classic Porsches come together this afternoon in Jumilla in the parade of French Porsche Club (30/04/2014)
    cars arrive in Jumilla at 17.30, and after a brief visit to the Castle, will travel part of the urban municipality ending with an exhibition at the Market
  • Association Cristianaos Moors and unveils the winners of the poster and book cover charges festive and 2014 (30/04/2014)
    The designs of the students of IES Archbishop Lozano, Ana María and Celia Verdú Soriano, illustrate the poster and book Moors and Christians Fiestas 2014
  • School of Jumilla learn the importance and impact of joining the European citizenship (30/04/2014)
    The CEO of Citizenship, EU and Foreign CARM visit Jumilla in the "I, European Citizen"
  • This weekend will take place in the town XI Local Crafts Festival City Jumilla 2014 (29/04/2014)
    The Show will begin on Friday, May 2, at 18.00 hours and will be open throughout the weekend morning and afternoon at Central Market
  • The campaign "I Europe" morning visit Jumilla (29/04/2014)
    Township Schools throughout the morning visit the mobile classroom in the Paseo Poeta Lorenzo Guardiola, and Archbishop Lozano talk will be offered, "Meet the EU, know your Free "
  • Green United Left criticizes removing greenery in Jumilla (29/04/2014)
    As reported by IU-Green, green area of ​​Hoya sports center, located opposite the entrance to the swimming pool has been removed
  • The Children's Theatre "The Sleeping Beauty" hits Jumilla hand Thursday the company Thespis (29/04/2014)
    It is one of the most successful performances this season, big winner in programming the Romea Theatre Murcia, during this Christmas
  • The full approve the basis of subsidies for pensioners and unemployed people entering the group of large families (29/04/2014)
    The Plenary agreed to have credit to meet the payment of more than 47,000 euros for the occupation of lands made in 2008
  • The cultural association The Encebras climbs back on stage at the Teatro Vico with the play "The Milling Arcos" (28/04/2014)

  • Over 180 local boards of AECC, throughout the region, met in Jumilla are given to celebrate its 44th Regional Assembly (28/04/2014)
    Mayor Jumilla, Enrique Jiménez received the representatives of the various participants in the Town Hall Meetings Jumilla prior to the holding of the Assembly
  • The World Champion Jose David Gomez, the V blocks Murcia Tour Master held this weekend in Jumilla (28/04/2014)
    The organization stresses the willingness of the City of Jumilla, and especially the Department of Sports, to develop and coordinate evidence of these characteristics
  • Jumilla renews agreement with municipalities integrated into the 4D-Rock Art project in its second phase (28/04/2014)
    Jumilla City Council formalized an agreement with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, for the experiments of university students
  • Alberto Garre visit Jumilla in what has been one of the first official visit as president of the Autonomous Community of Murcia (25/04/2014)
    Jumilla Mayor has transmitted the main needs of the municipality, including highlighted Carche highway, the new education center or adequacy Regional Wine Museum
  • The writer Claudio Cerda in Jumilla presents his latest novel, "A worse world" (25/04/2014)
    be in a meeting organized by the Municipal Library, which took place on Wednesday, May 7, at the Roque Baños Sociocultural Center
  • The Spanish Association Against Cancer celebrates its 44 regional Assembly in Jumilla (25/04/2014)
    The Assembly will take place in the Teatro Vico, and she will be assisted by the 180 boards across the Region
  • The Youth Council reports the "Erasmus +" Program (25/04/2014)
    Actions in the field of youth, education and sports, as well as the role of new tools are some of the issues to be discussed
  • Children from Jumilla commemorate World Book Day with "Teachers who have" activity (24/04/2014)
    Dozens of children involved in child activity stories "organized by Equality held on 23 April, World Book Day
  • Jumilla this weekend hosts a new edition of the Tour of Murcia Master (24/04/2014)
    A total of 18 teams from across the Spanish geography will be competing in the Vuelta Murcia Master V, which will run on 26 and 27 April in three stages by the municipality
  • The Templars of Jumilla chartered a minibus to reward the efforts of Prisoners of Fine Arts & Crafts (24/04/2014)

  • IU-Greens moved 17 issues Jumilla President CARM (24/04/2014)

  • Visit "forced and unproductive" the new president of the CCAA Alberto Garre the town of Jumilla, according to the PSOE (24/04/2014)

  • Service program resumes performances at the village and municipal facilities (24/04/2014)
    At the end of the month could be completed the last phase of remodeling stairways del Rey Don Pedro, with the integral action is completed that Services has developed this town garden
  • The registration period is extended for the course to be taught at Sumillería Jumilla (23/04/2014)
    15 unemployed people will benefit from the course, which will obtain a professional certificate level 3
  • Children of the village enjoying the Easter holidays in school holiday CAI (23/04/2014)
    The school will run until next Friday, April 25, and are participating in it about twenty children between 3 and 8 years
  • Cinema Club Interior and the Department of Equality project Friday "Soul Rebel" at the Teatro Vico (23/04/2014)
    The projection will start at 20.00 hours and the pass will be free while tickets
  • IU-Greens PP claims to retrieve field patrols of the local police (23/04/2014)

  • Dozens of children spend during these holidays, for Child Trafficking Center (23/04/2014)
    The Center will be open for free access during the holidays "White Week" until Friday 25 April from 10.00 to 13.30 hours for free
  • The Gathering and Procession of the Risen Christ end the Holy Week in Jumilla (22/04/2014)

  • Equality held tomorrow Book Day with children's storytelling in the Municipal Library (22/04/2014)
    Tomorrow Wednesday, April 23, in the Children's Library will be the "Teachers who have" activities aimed at children of all ages
  • El Teatro Vico starts a new quarter full of activity (22/04/2014)
    The State Performing Arts Program Platea, within which lies the Teatro Vico, brings three works Jumilla premier
  • Environment and spread over nearly 600 Aertamur funnels in an awareness campaign about recycling oils (22/04/2014)
    Jumilla City Council and the Association of Oil Household Murcia sign an agreement to promote the recycling of cooking oil in the town
  • Jumilla live in silent procession of the Holy Burial (19/04/2014)
    Yesterday took place, one of the most traditional processions of Holy Week in Jumilla, the procession of the Holy Burial
  • Jumilla streets come alive to commemorate the Passion of Christ (18/04/2014)
    The city is preparing to live the most representative jumillana Holy Week processions
  • The Local Police launches uniformity Jumilla (16/04/2014)
    With the new model of consistency, the local police of the City of Jumilla, conforms to that used in other municipalities of the Region of Murcia
  • The Children's Center will remain open to traffic during the holiday repositories of the "White Night" (16/04/2014)
    Children between 5 and 11 years may enter the Park Road, from Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 April, in time 10.00 to 13.30 for free
  • Jumilla continues you moving to consolidate its distinction as Entrepreneur Municipality (16/04/2014)
    Among the initiatives to be implemented in the municipality, are those of the Cheque Advisor, Check Incuba, Business Promotion and Human Capital Plan and others on which it is working
  • Catalan businessman and jumillanas associations, Barcelona endow the permanent headquarters of the Prisoners of Fine Arts & Crafts (16/04/2014)

  • Culture and Tourism enables Tourist Information Points during the days of Holy Week (16/04/2014)
    Both points will remain open Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10.30 to 14.00, the located in the Garden of King Don Pedro, and 11.00 14.00, situated at the Teatro Vico
  • The bulk of Holy Week starts this afternoon jumillana with Arrest (16/04/2014)
    The Passion Week of Jumilla live from today their grades days processions "Prendido Jesus," "From Bitterness", "Del Calvario" "Entombment", "Redemption" and "Risen"
  • The smallest city draw their drums to the streets against hunger (15/04/2014)
    VI Tamborada Child Solidarity "drum pattern Against Hunger" gathers around 500 kilos of food to charity Caritas Jumilla
  • The City will provide the service for the completion of income tax (15/04/2014)
    The service will be free and will be provided at the Town Hall from Tuesday and Thursday from 10.00 to 14.00, after obligatory quote
  • The Fourth Solidarity March 4 Paws will take place on April 27 (15/04/2014)
    Departure is at 08:30 hours the Municipal Animal Shelter, and this year the route will pass through Los Hermanillos where a member of Stipa explain the natural environment Onsite
  • The Department of Equality celebrated World Book Day with children's storytelling and film session (15/04/2014)
    On Wednesday, April 23, in the Children's Library will be the activity "Teachers who have" and Friday at 20:00 in Teatro Vico The screening of the film "Soul Rebel"
  • Rui Cabaco: "This is definitely the best solution has been since its inception Marroc Change" (14/04/2014)

  • The Wine Miniferia Easter breaks records for participation (14/04/2014)
    More than 1,500 glasses were distributed on the morning of Saturday Miniferia organized by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Jumilla
  • The Christ tied to the column is already in Jumilla (14/04/2014)
    Hundreds of Jumillano Jumillano accompany Christ at the Column in its descent from the Monastery of Santa to the parish church of Santiago
  • Agents of the Local Police will handle the Jumilla Service Emergency Calling 112 (14/04/2014)
    Approved the award of a grant of 6,000 euros for hospice Santa Teresa Jornet
  • This Saturday took place the Third Meeting of Crafts Easter frete the Teatro Vico (11/04/2014)
    The shows will run throughout the day on Saturday from 11.00 to 22.00 at the door of Teatro Vico, and will feature more twenty craftsmen
  • The City reports the special dates in public spaces and municipal services for Holy Week (11/04/2014)
    schedules garbage collection and city bus also modified during the holidays
  • Jumilla begins his Passion Week 2014 (11/04/2014)
    The Easter concert of Ajam, processions, and liturgical tamboradas activity Jumilla mark in their first days of Holy Week
  • Agents of the Local Police Jumilla reduced to four men after a raid and steal home (11/04/2014)
    While trying to escape, the agents were able to reduce them, and now are in custody
  • ... (11/04/2014)

  • Garden landscapers last roundabout of San Agustin (10/04/2014)
    This week will also proceed with the planting of over 500 seasonal flowering plants, to be placed in the gardens of King Don Pedro and the Frogs and some specific pots City
  • The City reports the new closing time for nightclubs at Easter (10/04/2014)
    From 10 to 20 April, the pubs in town will have a time limit on the approved schedule and special bars will close at 7.00 pm on 18, 19 and 20 April
  • The Ethnography Museum hosts the exhibition of miniatures "Word of God" (10/04/2014)
    Under the title "The Word of God" Brothers Simon de Yecla, Jumilla presented in a variety of the work on miniatures, jewelry, imagery and liturgical furniture
  • ... (10/04/2014)

  • The Municipal Public Library organizes a children BOOKMARK Building Workshop for Easter holidays (09/04/2014)
    The workshop will be free and dedicated to all the schools of the town, from six years
  • Jumilla welcomes the start, this weekend, the Maroc Challenge Spring 2014 Edition (09/04/2014)
    More than 130 amateur teams will travel from 12 to 18 April nearly 2,000 kilometers of tracks, roads and Moroccan deserts
  • Celebrations drives I Photography Contest and tamboradas Instagram Easter 2014 (09/04/2014)
    The participants must upload their images to Instagram with the hashtag # ssjumilla2014 from Good Friday until Easter Sunday on any subject of Holy Week
  • A team of TVE makes a report on the development of children's activities in the museums of the municipality (08/04/2014)
    The report will be broadcast on TVE 2 in space "Report" within 3 weeks, and in this case will focus on children's activities developed by House Museum to the Department of Culture
  • Agriculture and Forestry last design of the path connecting the "Roalico" with Santa Ana del Monte (08/04/2014)
    The path parallel to ascend the road to Santa Ana from "The Roalico" to Santa Ana la Vieja, and will feature informative signage
  • The Mayor presides over the award of the Ruta de la Tapa "Wine And Cheese tastes Kiss" (08/04/2014)
    This edition of the awards went to Brewery 'Roalico "Best Cover Tabled, Bar" Chaparral "to cover Best paired with Carchelo and Wine Café "Pius XII" as Best Cover
  • IU-Greens warning of the problems of the new telecommunications law (08/04/2014)

  • 55 fixed panels inform parking bans during Easter 2014 (08/04/2014)
    From Good Friday to Easter Sunday, the neighbors / as and visitors will have a forecast of zones and allowable deviation schedules regarding processions, transfers and you tamboradas
  • The Department of Celebration presents the new special illumination of the Holy Week (08/04/2014)
    24 new made in LED luminous arcs, between the Plaza of the Constitution and the door was premiered Teatro Vico, and the city lights and Teatro Vico
  • The Regional Blood Donation Center began its campaign of blood donation in Jumilla (07/04/2014)
    Councillor for Health, Almudena Martinez encourages Jumillano Jumillano to once again participate in the campaign which will take place on Tuesday 8, 15, 22 and April 29
  • The Second Half Festrijump left as victors in Jumilla Raul Martinez and Mabel Gallardo (07/04/2014)
    More than 250 troops from Local Police, Civil Guard, Civil Defense and Red Cross Jumilla and Hellin, plus sports Jumilla volunteers watched over the safety of Test
  • The Arm closed down the exhibition of old costumes (07/04/2014)
    that this month has hosted the Ethnographic Museum
  • The Ministry of Education funded with 80,200 euros of the school year the Municipal Conservatory of Music (07/04/2014)
    The 44 Roman bronze coins treasure found in cave Peliciego will be exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Murcia, in the exhibition "Treasury matter, law and form "
  • Jumilla City Council receives the crier of Easter 2014, Francisco Martinez Abellan (07/04/2014)
    The Mayor congratulated the preacher, being chosen to kick off the Easter Jumilla this year
  • Pupils and students of the Conservatory of Murcia Dance Theatre dance in Vico benefit of Jumilla Red Cross (04/04/2014)
    Mozart's Requiem, the Solidarity Gala Dance, child activity "Coming the Arm" or triathlon Half Festrijump, activities will be offered this weekend Jumilla
  • On April 25 Youth started the course "Know Your Heritage" for which there are still places (04/04/2014)
    The course will run on Fridays from 9.30 to 12.30, from 25 April to 9 May, and will be taught by the Ana López tourist guide
  • Photographers Easter Jumilla reflected his impressions in the documentary Young Sandra Gómez Guardiola (04/04/2014)
    Yesterday documentary in which the love of photography jumillana Holy Week, in the voice of the characters is collected is presented, photographers / as
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Agriculture and Forestry rehabilitation presented Fountain Fence (04/04/2014)
    The project has acted on the wall of the seventeenth century that protected the natural spring which supplied the village of Jumilla from time Iberian
  • The Templars of Jumilla choose the job of a prison inmate in Murcia II to illustrate the central theme of your poster (04/04/2014)
    Ads of the cultural events
  • The municipal website and provides the link to point attention to the entrepreneur (03/04/2014)
    Through this online platform, entrepreneurs interested in starting a business, may do so by saving time and travel costs from the portal "Create your business online "
  • The City of Jumilla informs the public exhibition period of the electorate (03/04/2014)
    Playlists will be exposed to the public from April 7 to 14 in the city of Jumilla, deadline for filing claims against possible incorrect data
  • A young jumillana collected in a documentary photography hobby to Easter in Jumilla (03/04/2014)
    The presentation of the documentary will take place this afternoon at 20.00 hours in the Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences "Jerónimo Molina"
  • Guillermo José Francisco Peña Paterna and disclosed in Jumilla tradition that unites people drum Spain (03/04/2014)
    Jumilla Yesterday took place in the conference, "The drum on Easter: History and Tradition" in which he also revealed some curiosities World Drum in the Peninsula
  • Aguas de Jumilla invest 300,000 euros in 2016 to improve the routing network of municipal waters (02/04/2014)
    The mayor and the manager of the entity have investments Aguas de Jumilla made in the years to optimize service and improve water quality
  • There are still places for the CAI school holiday offer at Easter (02/04/2014)
    The school will be held from 14 to 25 April, and will be aimed at children / as between 3 and 8 years.
  • The Mozart Requiem at Teatro Vico arrives to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Passage of Our Lady of Sorrows (02/04/2014)
    Symphony Orchestra accompanied by the Coral UCAM Discantus be performing this work in the next Friday Teatro Vico, 4 April
  • IU-green Jumilla: "The legacy of PP in Murcia: the Community's deficit" (02/04/2014)

  • The Milanos Street is now open to traffic (02/04/2014)
    Yesterday finalized the works that the Department of Works and Urban Development has done in this way the municipality
  • The GPP achieved the support of the whole House to the application for a declaration of National Tourist Interest in Jumilla Grape Harvest (02/04/2014)
    Full approves also boost the record award the Gold Medal of the Region of Murcia for the party
  • The Socialist Party welcomes the unanimous vote of the Assembly to support the Harvest Festival Jumilla (02/04/2014)
    Congressman Francisco Abellan noted that this recognition is reflected in the support for this celebration of National Tourist Interest is declared, as well as be granted the Gold Medal of the Region of Murcia
  • The traditional "Sunday Bread" this year was held at the Castle of Jumilla (01/04/2014)
    About thirty people, including adults and children, children enjoyed activity "Hornazo Games History"
  • Youth and Trade are launched the campaign "If you are young, your merchandise also" (01/04/2014)
    With the campaign is intended to expand the number of services and facilities where the youth of the town to benefit from the Youth Card discounts
  • Enrique Jimenez signing the agreement by which the health center of Jumilla is integrated within the 'Set Program' (01/04/2014)
    The Minister of Health and Social Policy stresses the importance of practicing some form of physical activity to prevent or deal with certain diseases chronic
  • Adolfo Suárez will name the Liberty Avenue (01/04/2014)
    The March plenary session unanimously adopted the Municipal Plan Truancy and Dropout Prevention School and adherence to the proposed declaration of Intangible Cultural Asset of Interest "The Arm"

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