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Jumilla News - November 2008

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  • "The premiere of Phantom of the third have been successful in every way," says Eugenio Santos (25/11/2008)
    already are making efforts to present this work in the capital of Spain
  • More than a hundred people visited Jumilla by the meeting of caravans (25/11/2008)
    In total there were 37 vehicles attended this 'kedada' in the city
  • The Community will invest 15.6 million euros in improving the secondary road network in the Highlands (24/11/2008)
    The goal is to promote communications to facilitate the connection between the urban and more remote districts, benefiting 60,000 people
  • In Jumilla and works the figure of 'youth correspondent ", a service for young people (24/11/2008)
    This person is Jose Javier Soriano and serve as contact between the groups and youth institutions and Jumilla
  • In the first quarter of 2009 will begin to operate the shelter for immigrant women in Jumilla (24/11/2008)
    May inhabit immigrant women in need on a temporary basis and within a maximum period of 3 months
  • The audience Victor Villegas de Murcia will host the awards ceremony the social commitment of FAMDIF (24/11/2008)
    will be on Wednesday 26 November and this year they are awarded the municipality of Jumilla and joint company Aguas de Jumilla
  • The party council successfully assessed the presence of Jumilla in Alicante fair 'Expofiesta', visited by over 20,000 people (24/11/2008)
    Jumilla's booth showed up different groups as the Association de la Fuente del Pino, the Federation Peñas and Moors Partnership
  • More than 60 people attended the Fourth Meeting held in Jumilla Emergency (24/11/2008)
    Representatives of all groups of emergencies and health and concluded with the need for quarterly meetings to coordinate
  • Jumilla could host the next year, a gathering of bands in the region (24/11/2008)
    This moved him representatives of the two bands of Jumilla in a recent meeting with local authorities
  • The "Caravan of Peace" will be in Jumilla on Wednesday November 26 (24/11/2008)
    A activity, which will cover all municipalities in the region and it is aimed to raise awareness and disseminate the values of peace
  • Ends action performed on the floors of Jumilla MOPU by a grant from the Ministry (24/11/2008)
    With this intervention, the amount of 60,000 euros has been, there has been another aspect to the buildings in the neighborhood of Los Angeles
  • Jumilla Mundical celebrate the Day against Gender Violence with a concentration silent (21/11/2008)
    will be on 25 November at 19:30
  • The council has signed an agreement with Red Cross for coverage of sports activities (21/11/2008)
    The goal is to increase safety and prevention in sports
  • Jumillano Athletes will be awarded in the First Sports Gala to be held on December 19 (21/11/2008)
    Organized by the Department of Sports, will present awards in six categories
  • The municipality of Jumilla led a working group at the annual meeting of the Red Point SME (21/11/2008)
    This working group addressed the issue of network consulting to small and medium enterprises and start-up entrepreneurs
  • The Brotherhood of Blood Drums Christ holds a meeting to elect new board (21/11/2008)
    This group has also made public the basis for the II Posters
  • Adopted by a memory for maintaining public spaces hiring unemployed workers (20/11/2008)
    was one of the issues addressed in the Local Government Board this week
  • Jumilla she starred in the X Meeting of Food Quality in the Region of Murcia (20/11/2008)
    One of the prizes awarded in the act of 'Best Innovation and Investment' was for the winery Jumillano Juan Gil
  • Start the tender dossier for the construction of a pavilion with showers and laundry (19/11/2008)
    be located in the courtyard of the House of Reception of Immigrants which is due to be launched next year, although it would be totally independent
  • This weekend opens the zarzuela El Fantasma de la Tercia with music and lyrics by Julian Santos Ana Maria Tomás (19/11/2008)
    Quotations are Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 at 21:00 pm in the Theatre Vico
  • The Murcia Triathlon awarded to the Sports Council for their advocacy work (19/11/2008)
    "This is a recognition of the support of grassroots sport and, above all, the triathlon," said José Luis Monreal said
  • The Civil Protection group celebrated the Fourth Conference on Emergency Services in Jumilla (19/11/2008)
    will take place on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 and involved the City, the Consortium for Fire, Red Cross, Local Police, Guardia Civil, Health Management Altiplano, Murcia Health Service and 1-1-2
  • More than 200 people attended the gala IV Jumillano trade (18/11/2008)
    in which prizes were awarded to Barbara Gonzalez, Jorge Navarro Pastor and Pepita
  • Jumillano Association Friends of Music celebrates the events in honor of Saint Cecilia (18/11/2008)
    XXVI are part of the Music Week 'Santa Cecilia 2008'
  • It will carry out several actions at the junction of Avenida Avenue Levante Murcia (18/11/2008)
    has approved logging of trees in that area due to falling branches that "endangered the safety of vehicles and pedestrians "
  • The Municipal Sports Pavilion Jumilla already has a semi-automatic defibrillator (18/11/2008)
    This is the first to be installed, but the Sports Council intends to acquire additional facilities for other sports
  • New lighting is installed in the Garden of the sidewalk (18/11/2008)
    This is a more effective fitting and more resistant to possible acts of vandalism
  • More than 30 campers will gather this weekend in Jumilla (18/11/2008)
    will be located in Santa Ana del monte and visitors, about 90 people including adults and children with different activities in town
  • Jumilla hosts the final round of the cup from the Murcia region of mountain races 2008 (18/11/2008)
    Under the name Mountain Trail II Monastrell is organized by the Group of Mountain City Hinneni
  • The Department of Social Policy will conduct a health and hygiene course aimed at immigrants (18/11/2008)
    will take place on 19 and 20 November at 19:30 to 22:00 hours in the classroom training of Red Cross Jumilla
  • On the occasion of International Day of Children's Rights has organized several activities (18/11/2008)
    This day is celebrated on Thursday 20 November and will be conducting entertainment activities in the Paseo Poet Lorenzo Guardiola
  • Central Jumillano Cheese Company Montesinos has organized a conference on orthomolecular medicine to be held in Murcia (18/11/2008)
    will take place on Friday 21 November in the classroom culture of CAM in Murcia and will be attended by leading specialists
  • The Councillor of Tourism attends the presentation of the new website and the new catalog of "Wine routes in Spain ' (17/11/2008)
    The wine tourism project, created by ACEVIN belongs and Jumilla Wine Route has renewed all its promotional material
  • On Friday inaugurated the 'amazing' exhibition will d `or Pedro Noguera (17/11/2008)
    The ceremony was attended Youth Councilman José Luis Monreal and the sample may contemplate until 28 November
  • Jumil is represented in the Spanish Confederation of Trade (17/11/2008)
    The new board is part of the Jumillano Gustavo Lopez, representing the Association of Dealers in Jumilla
  • The Ethnographic Museum hosted a conference on climate change (17/11/2008)
    Hosted by Professor of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid Javier Martín
  • On 10th December, a group of women attending the program on Channel 7 featuring Irma Soriano (17/11/2008)
    Anyone interested in attending should register at the Department of Women located on the second floor of City Hall
  • Found outstanding form of bunches of grapes in the archaeological site of Coimbra del Barranco Width (14/11/2008)
    This finding raises the Jumilla wine-making tradition dating back to 2,300 years.
  • Jumilla X had hosted the Inauguration Ceremony of the Brotherhood of the Kingdom of the Monastrell (14/11/2008)
    At the event, were invested three Jumillano: Guzman Ortuño, Francisco Guirao and Fermin Soriano.
  • After a few days, is totally positive balance of the third week Gourmet Wine Route (14/11/2008)
    The Councillor of Tourism pointed out that "has been increasing number of people who have come out that Jumillano.
  • Rehabilitated Alcoholics Association held in the Seventh Regional Meeting Jumilla (14/11/2008)
    patients and relatives attended by groups of Murcia, Valencia and Yecla among other places
  • Awarded the work of renovation of the Plaza of the costs and environment (14/11/2008)
    was one of the resolutions of the Board and Bureau of Local Employment of the week
  • The Works Department officials, along with the councilman of Staff, accepted the award for 'Municipal Urban Management' (11/11/2008)
    The event was held last Saturday at the Ministry of Public Works and Planning
  • The candidates to Miss Murcia were 'shopping' for Jumilla (11/11/2008)
    Also visited the Central Quesera Montesinos and Bodegas San Isidro
  • A total of 27 program activities are workshops, courses and trips for the Youth Council (09/11/2008)
    Some of the most important news is a course of 'Monitor Free Time', another on 'How to Live in values' and' Relaxation Workshop ', among others
  • Ildefonso Jimenez congratulates merchants will be awarded at the Gala IV Jumillano Trade (09/11/2008)
    Organized by the Association of Traders of Jumilla and to be held on 15 November
  • The MARM includes routes Jumilla and Bullas wines in a book that contains 19 routes from the major wine regions of the Spanish geography (07/11/2008)
    Through its pages you will find a different Spain in the image projected and because it teaches to enjoy a new concept of tourism based on the culture of wine
  • Agriculture is developing a draft zoning vines in the area of Jumilla (07/11/2008)
    seeks a better understanding of the potential of wine production areas, with the expected restructuring of the sector
  • The Wine Cellar, the wine guru Stephen Tanzer, qualified with 88, 90 and 91 points three wines 'Silvano García' (07/11/2008)
    From hold notes, "These awards attest to the good condition that involves not only the winery but all the wines in the DO Jumilla framed "
  • President of the sommeliers in Spain is committed to combine tradition and trends in gastronomy Jumillano (07/11/2008)
    Juan Muñoz Ramos gave a lecture at Jumilla as one of the activities of the Third Food Week held in the city
  • Jumilla City Council is working on a project to restore the environment of the castle (06/11/2008)
    is being drafted to be submitted to the Ministry of Public Administration to request aid from the ERDF
  • The People's Race II 'Jumillano Christmas' will be held on Saturday 27 December (06/11/2008)
    test account, this year, with several changes: the output is from the door of Vico Theatre and increases travel for both women and men
  • Ends vintage in Casa de la Ermita with a 'grape quality higher than previous vintages' (06/11/2008)
    This has been possible, according to reports from Casa de la Ermita, "thanks to a favorable climate for vineyards'
  • The Department of Women will offer several courses, including one on 'Healthy Ageing' (06/11/2008)
    Organised by that council and the Institute of Women of the Region of Murcia, in collaboration with the CAM and Cajamurcia
  • The starting November 10 after school activities for children about Romanians and Bulgarians (05/11/2008)
    In addition, since last October, will develop other extracurricular activities to support immigrant children in general in the Barrio de los Angeles
  • Next week begins in Jumilla literacy workshop for immigrant women (05/11/2008)
    Organized by the Department of Social Policy in order for women to learn the language as a means of social integration
  • Javier Martín, a professor at the Complutense de Madrid, will host a conference on climate change (05/11/2008)
    This talk will be Thursday 13 November at the Ethnographic Museum and replaces one that had been scheduled and could be made
  • On Saturday, the candidates visit Miss Jumilla Murcia (05/11/2008)
    Jumilla is represented by Yoana Jiménez Ródenas
  • From 14 to November 28 can be seen in Jumilla exposure 'contain d `or' by Pedro Noguera (05/11/2008)
    will be exposed in the room Cajamurcia and will be open during office hours 18:30 to 20:30 from Monday to Friday
  • President of the Spanish Union of Sommeliers offers a conference today in Jumilla (05/11/2008)
    Organized by the Department of Culture and within the activities scheduled to mark the third week Gastronomy 'Wine Route'
  • Ya know the provisional list of people allowed to occupy social housing pottery (04/11/2008)
    Applicants have a maximum of 20 days to make the arguments they deem appropriate
  • The Department of Works, with his council, Francisco Abellán, collected the Award for 'Municipal Urban Management' (04/11/2008)
    The event will take place on Friday, November 7, so that the Public Works Department, to assist the delivery , will stop serving at 11:30
  • Jumilla Fair will release Love and rural prints exhibition at the Institute of Alicante, IFA 2008 (04/11/2008)
    This national event is held over the next 21, 22 and 23 November
  • Forty people attended the 'school family' that started on Monday October 27 (04/11/2008)
    The councilman of Social Policy considers it very important "to know the problems that families can be found and solutions"
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Social Policy attend the ceremony for the grant of the Plan of Care for Immigrants (04/11/2008)
    In a ceremony held at Molina del Segura, was presented with a certificate information of the amount that corresponds to Jumilla amounted to 197,000 euros
  • The House approved, unanimously, the appointment of Roque Baños as Jumilla Favorite Son (03/11/2008)
    also approved a motion by the PSOE on the establishment of a station high speed train in the environment of Venta del Olivo
  • The City Council revokes the award to the company that would build the Center for Child Care (03/11/2008)
    According to the Mayor "the contract was very close, the company wanted to outsource and also has not met the deadlines for starting construction "

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