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  • Valcárcel has shown his true colors and has uncovered the hidden agenda of PP (31/03/2011)

  • Programmed training activities for members of the wine route for 12, 13, 14 and 15 April (30/03/2011)
    Within the project 'Towards a model of competitiveness, sustainability and governance in Rural Areas: Land socially responsible wine tourism'
  • Roque Baños address the Jumilla Symphony Orchestra in a concert for the Cancer Association (30/03/2011)
    The date is Sunday April 3 at 20:00 pm in the Theatre Vico.
  • Association of Alzheimer Famliares screens the film "Bicycle Spoon apple ' (30/03/2011)
    is a documentary film which can be seen on Friday April 8 at 19:30 hours in the classroom culture of CAM Jumilla
  • Jumilla is at the forefront of new technologies, the project network 'Wi fi' carried out Plan E (29/03/2011)
    This project is free internet access in public areas and buildings of the town and, as director of works, "Jumilla is compared to cities like Madrid or Barcelona
  • The Department of Social Policy Launches 'School of 2011 families' with young people of 13-17 years (29/03/2011)
    is to be developed, since 30 March, for several weeks in April and May, with the help of program Family and Social Services Association ALFA
  • Velodrome opened the stockade named Jumillano rider Bernardo González (29/03/2011)
    The ceremony was attended by his parents, who received a memory box, and the mayor and CEO of Sports, among others
  • In the castle open Easter every day except Good Friday and Easter Sunday (29/03/2011)
    The schedule will be every morning from 10:00 to 14:00 hours and will service bus
  • The association Jumilla '4 legs' part in the manifestation of Murcia against animal abuse (29/03/2011)
    concentration was held simultaneously in 55 Spanish cities
  • Volunteers Jumilla Red Cross Youth have organized a workshop on drug information (29/03/2011)
    also report that there are places available for the Toy Library to develop
  • A total of 18 children participated in an activity at the Museo de Semana Santa (29/03/2011)
    consisted of the preparation of a Roman town with cardboard and small responded very well
  • It was unanimously approved all the items discussed at the March regular full (29/03/2011)
    Between them, the PSOE a motion to call for expedited procedures in the case of assault on the City Council and Greens on one of IU Local Council Jobs
  • Next Saturday marks the Competition III Bugle and Drum Band 'Ciudad de Jumilla " (29/03/2011)
    take place at the Teatro Vico, from 18:00 pm to be when you start the parade
  • A champion and three podiums in the School of Chess Jumilla Coimbra (29/03/2011)
    A total of 21 boys and 5 girls participated in the regional championship played in Lorca age, with greatest hits
  • The renowned neurosurgeon Miguel Marín Padilla be named honorary chairman of the DO Jumilla (28/03/2011)
    Over the conclusion of the XVII Quality Wine Competition held over the next 7 to 8 April
  • On a site map will reflect the key activities undertaken in Jumilla in the last decade (28/03/2011)
    It is a tool that is activated at the official website and has been presented by the Mayor and Speaker
  • Was adopted to recognize, with an 'Honorable Mention', the Central Board of the Brotherhood of Holy Week (28/03/2011)
    was one of the themes of the Local Board this week, which also approved the use of thyme and rosemary public forests
  • Approved, unanimously in committee, the rules of operation of the local radio station (25/03/2011)
    Now you go to final approval by the full month of March and after its publication in the BORM, as indicated by Councilwoman Yolanda Fernández
  • John Thomas, Sgt Fire: "As citizens we have in our power to prevent its development and spread of fire" (25/03/2011)
    is a premise of the talks offered throughout the month of March on 'Self-fire' and ended yesterday
  • Peñalver velodrome opened 'La Estacada "Jumilla (25/03/2011)
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism invests in the remodeling of facilities around 400,000 euros
  • Enabled a multipurpose classroom and a classroom study and free internet access in the municipal house of culture (25/03/2011)
    Thanks to another project implemented with funds from Plan E 2010, which has invested 178,500 euros
  • The multinational mineralia Jumilla built in a silica sand plant with an investment of five million Eure (25/03/2011)
    The project, which has been submitted by the company, Councillor for Industry and the Director General of Industry, generate 25 direct jobs and nearly 100 indirect
  • Jesus Sanchez, candidate for mayor by the PSOE: "We will work to achieve a social pact for Jumilla" (24/03/2011)
    was in the HOSTS program, 'I have a question ...' where further stated that "our goal is to continue to be government majority, because we have shown that we are able to do so "
  • The exhibition 'esmagi color' can be seen in the municipal ethnographic museum until April 30th (23/03/2011)
    was inaugurated yesterday, covers a total of 20 frames and according to the author, "each is a gem that left available of the beholder "
  • Jumilla has been present at the 'Mostra Cultural Diversity' of Terrassa (23/03/2011)
    city was invited, by the city of Terrassa, to represent the Region of Murcia, with other cities in Andalusia, Galicia, Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha, Morocco, Senegal Aragon
  • Emotional instrument of appointment as Honorary Nazarene 2011, Vicente graying graying (23/03/2011)
    All attendees recognized the great contribution of Vicente graying graying at Easter Jumilla
  • The Tenders Committee approved the start of record for the supply of lots for the food bank (22/03/2011)
    must be a minimum of 1,000 lots valued at 30 euros each, according to the government team spokesman Jesus Sanchez
  • A total of 37 French students have been in Jumilla and were turned away at City Hall (22/03/2011)
    This morning I visited the town hall and have been received by the first Deputy Mayor Jesus Sanchez
  • Music and open house this weekend at the Theater of Jumilla Vico (22/03/2011)
    On Saturday March 26 concert under the name 'Jumillano Passion' and the Sunday celebration of International Theatre Day with open house
  • This morning, after the approval of the court, we proceeded to access the 'Yellow House' (22/03/2011)
    will now continue to work to stabilize the facade, the interior, and the withdrawal of the protection fence area
  • Today and works in Albany Street Martinez, the new social services center Jumilla (21/03/2011)
    was inaugurated on Friday by the Mayor and Councilwoman Francisco Abellán Social Policy Mariana Gomez
  • ... (21/03/2011)

  • On April opens the municipal nursery and care center for children 'array' (21/03/2011)
    was inaugurated on Friday by Mayor Francisco Abellán and the Councillor for Education and Children Fuensanta Olivares, among others
  • Agriculture released an adult female owl in Jumilla after passing through the center of the Valley (20/03/2011)
    The director general of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity said: "This is one of the most affected by electrocution on power lines in the Region "
  • The Community spends nearly € 200,000 in the rehabilitation of the Museum of Jumilla Jerónimo Molina (18/03/2011)
    The proceedings have been conducted on the second floor in the attic and roof of the building
  • The Ethnographic Museum and Natural Sciences reopens with an exhibition entomological (18/03/2011)
    The ceremony was attended by the Mayor, the Director General of Tourism and Francisco González, who has donated his collection to the museum entomology
  • The association held a workshop STIPA building roof-tent with the Santa Ana school (17/03/2011)
    In all four tiles have been drawn-nest with the necessary characteristics to serve as a breeding place for this bird of prey
  • Downtown Santa Ana Jumilla concluded organizes third race together for the March 25 (17/03/2011)
    are added and World Water Day and in solidarity with UNICEF
  • The writer Maria Helena Simon says that "equality between human beings must be shown" (17/03/2011)
    gave a talk and presented his book 'The equality is also learned.
  • The Councillor for Tourism attended the National Assembly held in Logroño ACEVIN (16/03/2011)
    The Jumilla Wine Route, won the final certification for the next two years, as confirmed Juana Guardiola
  • The PP candidate in the mayoral Jumilla, Enrique Jimenez, was subjected to questions from the citizens (16/03/2011)
    In one of the programs organized by ACOG, under the title 'I have a question .... "
  • Started the procedure for opening a new pharmacy in the fourth district (16/03/2011)
    After the closing of the pharmacy in that area, in September 2007 unanimously approved a motion requesting a new, supported by nearly 3,000 signatures
  • The Municipal Group PSOE a motion to designate a street with the name 'Clara Campoamor' (16/03/2011)
    "In recognition of his role in the fight for equality", they argue in the text of the proposal
  • Held a number of outstanding events of Holy Week 2011 and the 600 anniversary (16/03/2011)
    It has opened an exhibition of medals from all over Spain, was presented the book, was made the opening of Lent and a concert took place, including
  • A home contest and a gymkhana karts included in the program en100de the night of this year (15/03/2011)
    The activities have been submitted by the councilman of Youth José Luis Monreal and two members of the program covers and Paquita María José Mateo
  • Jumilla Public Library participates in the 'what do you know, come to the library and tell' (15/03/2011)
    It is a project for sharing knowledge among users.
  • The Local Board approved the request of Stipa to perform some environmental actions in the Carche (15/03/2011)
    Although, according to hue, the spokesman of the government team, the final approval by the Directorate General of Natural Heritage
  • The court authorizes the municipality of Murcia at the entrance to the yellow house to continue the work of fastening the front (15/03/2011)
    The local authority had to file a complaint with the denial by the owners let the property
  • Submission draft of the future museum to be a reality came along 2012 (15/03/2011)
    Thanks to a grant of € 650,000 Leader Approach.
  • Rehabilitated the building of the old school de la Fuente del Pino which becomes local social (11/03/2011)
    Opened by Mayor Francisco Abellán, will host the Neighborhood Association, the Association of Rural Women and Seniors Club
  • With representation 'tales of Miss ana' was made smaller to reflect the Equality (11/03/2011)
    was one of the activities organized to mark International Women's Day held on March 8
  • Open Enrolment for harvesters over the 40th edition of the harvest festival (10/03/2011)
    Ends, for seniors on June 10 and for children on 18 June
  • The IES Infanta Elena has participated for the first time in the regional championship guidance (10/03/2011)
    What has been done with two regional children, one male and one female, obtaining an excellent result
  • 'Radiant wine' by Francisco José Lencina, is the poster announcing the contest winner Quality Wines (10/03/2011)
    In this first issue there have been a total of 39 papers from different parts of the Spanish geography
  • The critical government team again, "lack of coverage of institutional acts, by the regional television channel 7" (09/03/2011)

  • José Antonio Perez said in 'I have a question for ... "that" Today, IU Greens pact does not provide any government " (09/03/2011)
    was the first candidate for mayor has responded to questions from citizens in the space organized by ACOG, will on Monday 14 Enrique Jiménez del PP and Monday 21, Jesus Sanchez de PSOE
  • A study reveals that the reclaimed water treatment plant Jumilla are suitable for irrigation of crops (08/03/2011)
    This is illustrated in a study conducted by researchers at the CEBAS-CSIC and the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena and presented on Friday
  • Eight artists participated in the 'Contest outdoor painting' held at the Fox Charzo (08/03/2011)
    The organization decided to give four awards and the winners were Nuria Jiménez, Minerva Lopez, Miguel Angel Lozano and Lali Martinez
  • The Governing Council publicly commended two police officers for their quick action in a burning house (08/03/2011)
    Yeray Agents are Bas and Jaime Molina Reina Fernandez and his intervention prevented more serious consequences
  • As of March 21 can submit applications to the food bank municipal (08/03/2011)
    Those interested can obtain more information on the Center for Social Services or the General Register of the City
  • With an information booth have started the commemoration of March 8, International Women's day (08/03/2011)
    The information booth has been installed in the Market and has attracted the interest of all persons who have been there
  • Start the Vico Theatre program also unveils the new air conditioning (08/03/2011)
    The show was Kaleidoscope 'of the' Youth Ballet Nazarinna ', with music by the Symphony Orchestra of Jumilla and collaboration of the Municipal School of Dance
  • A group of Norwegian students were received in the municipality of Jumilla (08/03/2011)
    belong to an exchange organized by the Institute of Secondary Education Infanta Elena
  • Dissolved the Commonwealth tourism consortium of Northeast Region of Murcia, Jumilla owned (08/03/2011)
    As confirmed by the Councillor for Tourism Juana Guardiola after the conclusion of an extraordinary plenary session in yesterday
  • Vico Theatre reopens its doors after a thorough restoration by 1% cultural (04/03/2011)
    The works have had a total cost of 700,000 euros, 75% financed by the Ministries of Development and Culture and the remaining 25% of the City
  • The delegate of the Government and the Mayor of Jumilla inaugurate the expansion of the School of Music (04/03/2011)
    From this day the Conservatory will have its own auditorium, thanks to this work, financed entirely by the Plan E, amounting to 568,000 euros
  • Municipal Dance School will collaborate with the 'Young Ballet Nazarinna' in the second act of 'Nutcracker' (03/03/2011)
    The performances will take place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March at the Theatre
  • The irrigation community of Jumilla has tomorrow a report on use of treated water (03/03/2011)

  • The council's service area has three vehicles for different tasks (03/03/2011)
    Mayor Francisco Abellán and Councilman Antonio Martínez Services have indicated that currently the fleet now has more than 30 vehicles
  • Drums Association Cristo de la Sangre de Jumilla participate in the II Moncada Day Drum (03/03/2011)
    Will the next day 26 and those interested in attending should register at Trade Gaspar, street Canalejas
  • On Sunday March 6 will be a 'quick Painting Competition' in the Charco del Zorro (02/03/2011)
    Organized by the People's University 'Ana Herrero Tomás' in the commemoration of its 25th anniversary
  • On Friday, Vico Jumilla Teatro reopens after rehabilitation carried out in the building (02/03/2011)
    The program opens the weekend with the show 'Dance Kaleidoscope', the Youth Ballet Nazarinna, who is accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra Jumilla
  • From 5 to 8 March, 2011 Carnival Jumilla lives with different activities (02/03/2011)
    Organized by the Neighborhood Association of Calvary Street and with the collaboration of the Department of Festivities
  • March 8 is International Women's Day and on this occasion the council has organized several activities (02/03/2011)
    will install an information stand, there will be a storyteller, the projection of a film, a cultural visit and a talk and presentation of a Book
  • The association Jumilla 4 legs of the campaign launches 'Adopt a barking' (02/03/2011)
    sponsorship fee is five euros per month and the money will help dog health care
  • Delivered Young Artist Awards in the categories of literature, music, art and photography (01/03/2011)
    In this issue of the notice have been presented over 200 papers
  • The Brotherhood of the Scroll presented next Sunday Bugle and Drum Band Ecce Homo Jumilla (01/03/2011)
    is comprised of 52 members and management is run by Daniel Thomas, with the support of Joachim Yelo, musical director
  • 'Special' Saturday's concert offered by the traditional music group 'Mayorala' (01/03/2011)
    is one of the activities that are taking place to mark the 25th anniversary of the People's University 'Ana Herrero Tomás'
  • The mayoral candidates will be subject to questions of citizens' I have a question for ... " (01/03/2011)
    Appointments are on Mondays 7, 14 and 21 March, with candidates from IU-Greens, PP and PSOE, respectively
  • Paralyzed the work of securing the facade of the so-called Yellow House (01/03/2011)

  • Francisco Abellán: "Valcárcel lies all Jumillano" (01/03/2011)
    During his visit to Jumilla Valcarcel said, according to journalists who "the mayor has never been to San Esteban", which showed Abellán is not true
  • The initial approval of the Plan of Protection of the Historic (PEPCHA) does not get the support of the Whole (01/03/2011)
    was one of the regular full items which unanimously passed two motions, one PP and one of IU Green

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