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Jumilla News - December 2013

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  • Jumilla, one of the 15 municipalities of the Region which will have mixed actions employment and training (30/12/2013)
    Beneficiaries will receive a professional qualification in areas such as plumbing, hospitality and social care
  • Templar Claymore with golden ribbon for the Valencian company Ramafrut SL (28/12/2013)
    High distinction Jumillano association has awarded in its ten years of existence
  • The City of Jumilla, recognized with an award for his support of Murcia Cheese DOP (27/12/2013)
    Jumilla Mayor council collect the trophy in the Ministry of Agriculture and Water on Monday, during "The Day of Cheese Murcia "
  • Mayor formalizes two agreements, with Jumilla Red Cross Nursing Home, more than 26,000 euros (27/12/2013)
    The agreements have allowed the maintenance of the nursing Jumilla this year, and the preventive and lifesaving emergency of sports events organized in this 2013
  • The new Infant School Jumilla could be completed in the coming days (27/12/2013)
    The Mayor and Councillor for Education visits the center, the Community has funded with a budget of more than half a million euros
  • Jumilla dismisses the year with humor and supportive sport (27/12/2013)
    The Christmas Market II, Race and the Fourth People's Solidarity Night Monologues Nonaino players last weekend in Jumilla 2013
  • Tomorrow, continue the free sample products in the markets of Central and San Juan (27/12/2013)

  • Humor in Vico Theatre to see the year (26/12/2013)
    On Saturday, December 28th, the Fourth Night of Monologues Nonaino blocks Teatro Vico in a special innocent by Juan Muñoz, Roberto Gontán and Hilario Jumillano Simon
  • The children's play "The Cat and the swallow" dismisses this programming Vico 2013 (26/12/2013)
    Ribalta Theatre Company will stage based on the story of Jorge Amado, on Sunday, December 29th at 18.30 at the Teatro work Vico
  • Lorenzo Vilas and Consuelo Arias received the appointment of the Municipal Museum Socium "Jerónimo Molina" (23/12/2013)
    With this recognition, the Department of Tourism publicly highlighted the work of these two researchers for over 25 years to put the value of wealth geological Jumilla
  • Continues to Focus processing aid Leader (23/12/2013)
    The Board of the Association for Regional Development of Northeast Region provisionally approved "Support for the creation and development of micro enterprises" opting to 7 jumillanas companies
  • Jumilla enjoy a weekend full of activities on the occasion of Christmas (23/12/2013)
    The X Local Crafts Festival ends another year, with a significant influx of public participation and good craftsmen
  • The Board approves grants until June bonobús amounting to 40,000 euros (23/12/2013)
    267 male / female students will benefit from Jumilla transport aid to the Department of Education to offer mobility of students Murcia, Yecla and Valencia
  • This afternoon visit Santa Claus accompanied by Peppa Pig Jumilla, Fanboy and Chum Chum (23/12/2013)
    Activities began this morning with a children's workshop in Barrio San Anton which was attended by about 150 boys and girls
  • The City reports the special dates in public spaces and municipal services for Christmas (20/12/2013)
    schedules garbage collection and city bus also modified during the holidays
  • Part of the unpublished work of Miracle sees the light on the anniversary of his birth (20/12/2013)
    The Department of Culture pays homage to one of the most prominent literary figures of Jumilla, Ernesto Miracle, with a recital which included unpublished poems author
  • Their Majesties the Kings Magi visiting children IAC (20/12/2013)
    More than 40 children / as this Christmas participate in extracurricular activities offered by Equality, "Christmas Kitchen" and "Kitchen of Kings"
  • The trade campaigners shopping tomorrow municipal markets offer free tastings of products (20/12/2013)

  • Craft, concerts, children's workshops and carols fill the Christmas weekend in Jumilla (20/12/2013)
    Throughout the weekend the city will host various activities for all ages on the occasion of Christmas
  • The council Public Safety participates in the Governing Council of the Regional School of Local Police Community (19/12/2013)
    update rules, the area of ​​traffic and the operational and police intervention constitute the core contents of the needs for training of troops
  • The First Competition of Painting and Drawing "How do you see your police ends with a participation of more than 300 works submitted (19/12/2013)
    The mayor and councilors of local police and Agriculture were delivered to the winners of the diploma whose works exhibited at the offices of the Local Police Jumilla
  • Jumilla recognizes sporting values ​​with V Sports Gala 2013 (19/12/2013)
    The Jumilla Hinneni Group, the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Protected Origin Jumilla Jumilla Festrijump the First Half Antonio Toral and Perez have been the winners in this 2013
  • Children of Jumilla fired the year with various children's activities (18/12/2013)

  • Social Policy reports the terms of renewal of various social benefits (18/12/2013)
    The Department opens deadlines for renewals Dependency benefits, Social Hydrotherapy service, bonuses and municipal water and waste
  • Open Letter to the Mayor of Jumilla (18/12/2013)
    "Where are Balsalobre, Saorín, Marhuenda, Sebastian, Gea, Medina"
  • Lorenzo Vilas and Consuelo Arias SOCIVM receive the distinction of the Municipal Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences (18/12/2013)
    The Department of Culture recognizes this gesture their contribution to the research and dissemination of geological heritage of Jumilla, especially the de la Hoya Sima
  • Jumilla pastry tradition shows that the municipality is still alive (18/12/2013)
    ! Workshop "Take Mantecao, and I conclude Sweet Christmas Fair being a successful venture, demonstrating that in Jumilla sweet tradition survives generations
  • "This Christmas ... If you drink and drink and drink again, like fish in the river, not drive!" (18/12/2013)
    Health, Public Safety and Social Policy are launching a campaign to encourage responsible drinking this holiday season
  • Lolo Suazo march yielded Montesinos Jumilla (17/12/2013)

  • A visiting group of 50 jumillanas Sangonera a workshop on the use of healthy plants (17/12/2013)
    The workshop was organized by the Department of Equality and the attendees learned among other things, natural traditional uses of plants and their properties
  • This weekend, the Central Market hosts the X Local Crafts Festival "Ciudad de Jumilla" (17/12/2013)
    A total of 24 artisans exhibit their products at the shows that took place on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 December within the Central Market
  • One of the best examples of poetry in Jumilla, Ernesto Miracle, will be honored on Thursday (17/12/2013)
    The event will take place on Thursday, December 19, at 20.00 in the Cultural Hall CajaMurcia, and he presented the book "Poetry Anthology" with unpublished poems Miracle
  • Nine municipal drivers exceed the training of professional competence (17/12/2013)
    Various municipal employees are updating their professional skills through various refresher courses
  • The City of Jumilla honors José Antonio Thomas, one of the fathers of photography Township (16/12/2013)
    All Images and pictures for José Antonio remain in the custody of the City of Jumilla, thus, serve as knowledge to history and cultural town
  • Jumilla, Cehegín, Puerto Lumbreras and Molina pooled first impressions of the Entrepreneur program Municipality (16/12/2013)
    Map of the Human Capital of the Region, the simplification of procedures at the start of business, or the business transfer program were some of the issues worked at meeting
  • In Jumilla this is Christmas (16/12/2013)
    With the concert "Illuminate Christmas" and the official start ignition lights give the activities planned for this Easter in Jumilla
  • Celebration, Children and Youth Christmas present activities for the little ones at Christmas 2013 (16/12/2013)
    The parade Welcome to Papa Noel, the Chimes Child Solidarity and the Three Majesties The Magi from the East to make this smaller players Christmas
  • Councilman Social Policy realize matters agreed today by the Local Government (16/12/2013)
    The Board approves various aids for the promotion of school sport, and renew the agreement with the Nursing Home among other matters agreed today
  • Jumillano Templars, a national exhibition in Barcelona closed its annual cycle of activities (15/12/2013)
    The event was organized by l'Association Cultural Jumillana collaboration with the Barcelona City Council and the help of "la Caixa" Poble sec
  • Sports offer more than thirty courses in the heated pool for the next quarter (13/12/2013)
    35 courses of two hours a week in the levels of beginner, advanced beginner, advanced, swimming for babies and a special course for seniors will the offered
  • Angel Francisco Cutillas and Sebastian Martinez will appoint two sections of the Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences of Jumilla (13/12/2013)
    These days, these two important partners of the Museum, have received recognition for their work and effort in the natural sciences Jumilla
  • The staged reading of "The Enrobinao" closes the activities of Immigrant Accommodation 2013 (13/12/2013)
    The Cultural Association Hypnos made the read stage adaptation of "The Knight in Rusty Armour" tomorrow in the social premises of the Barrio de Santiago
  • Rafael Álvarez "El Brujo" visit Jumilla on Sunday with "Shakespeare's Women" (13/12/2013)
    The Vico receives the work of "El Brujo" in the year of its 130th anniversary, with "Shakespeare's Women", a look at the equality gender
  • The Wine Interpretation Centre hosts its first exhibition "Wine in Art" (13/12/2013)
    Jumilla Mayor opened the exhibition with which the Centre's activity around the painting and wine starts
  • Jumilla prepare for Christmas (13/12/2013)
    The official lighting of the Christmas lights, the X Festival of Carols Cruz de Piedra, R Sweet Christmas Fair and Christmas Proclamation XV some of the activities will be hosting this weekend Jumilla week
  • ... (12/12/2013)

  • The JCHSS, Aspajunide, Songs and Dances and the Federation of Peñas join in the "Week Solidarity Blue" (12/12/2013)
    During the week 16 to 21 December, will install a collection point for food that will go to Caritas Jumilla and will conclude on December 21 with a sample of Carols
  • El Teatro Vico receives Christmas with the XI Festival of Carols Cruz de Piedra (12/12/2013)
    The festival will feature the participation of children / Center as "Masvida" of Aspajunide, Education Center Santa Ana, the Municipal Choir School Music, and alumni / ae of the College Cruz de Piedra
  • Press release on the opening and use of Wine Interpretation Centre (12/12/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group disagrees Jumilla and disagreement with the opening and use of Wine Interpretation Centre for an exhibition of artists from Molina de Segura
  • The City Council will receive a grant of 70,000 euros to equip the new Early Childhood Center (11/12/2013)
    The Board renews contracts for telecare services, meals on wheels service for dependents, and home care on weekends and holidays from 2014
  • One of the most famous photographers of Jumilla, José Antonio Tomás, this Friday will receive a tribute to his work (11/12/2013)
    The permanent exhibition of his photographs will open on Friday, December 13th at 20.00 pm in the Museum of Ethnography Science and Nature Jerónimo Molina
  • The pastry ovens Jumilla and go out in the first Fair "Sweet Christmas" (11/12/2013)
    On Sunday, December 15, a total of 7 jumillanos stores showcase their products and offer free tastings at the first exhibition dedicated to the sweet in Jumilla
  • The Department of Markets launches campaign "Christmas Shopping? Markets In your city" (11/12/2013)

  • On Wednesday sport long dress in V Jumillano Sports Gala 2013 (11/12/2013)
    The Jumilla Hinneni Group, the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Protected Origin Jumilla Jumilla Festrijump the First Half 2013 and Antonio Perez Toral will be the winners of This fifth edition
  • Morning on the Wine Interpretation Centre painting exhibition "Wine in Art" will open (11/12/2013)
    The exhibition is part of the Artists Association of Molina de Segura, in which 16 artists participated, with nearly 40 works and It will run until January 24th
  • The Soga Pillao and sack races consoles are imposed on child activity "Popular Games" (10/12/2013)
    Twenty rescue children traditional games to find another way to play it is now possible without technology
  • Course participants "Volunteer Deportivo" receive their diplomas (10/12/2013)
    35 volunteers exceeded the course promoted a pioneer in Spain by the Councils of Citizen Sports and Security
  • The heated pool starts its activity (10/12/2013)
    Since Monday, Jumilla heated pool is at full capacity, and it is expected that on Monday the deadline for registration for the various courses offered by Sports for 2014 begins
  • The Templars of Jumilla Christmas greetings (07/12/2013)
    For the temple of
  • The Prisoners of Fine Arts and Crafts will have five national awards in species (05/12/2013)
    Jumillano Templars appreciate the effort, the use of recyclable materials, zero cost, those who respect the environment, and the report of the management
  • The departments of Communication and New Technologies I collaborate with Web site "Ciudad de Jumilla" (05/12/2013)
    companies, organizations and institutions interested in participating should register their webs before December 20 in the mail info @ innovationevents
  • The Council organizes a course for obtaining food handler card (05/12/2013)
    Registrations must be formalized before 17 December in the City, and the course will be held that day from 18:00 to 22:00 hours in the Sociocultural Roque Bathrooms
  • The Municipal Auditorium Christmas receives a total of 8 performances between auditions and concerts (05/12/2013)
    For the entire month of December, alumni / ae of the Municipal School of Music and the Conservatory of Jumilla, will be playing with different instruments
  • ... (05/12/2013)

  • Magical night for sport in Jumillano Sports Merit Awards 2013 (05/12/2013)
    The CFS Montesinos Sports Merit Award of the Region of Murcia is carried by his great campaign and start climbing season in the First Division
  • Public Safety reports the special opening hours of entertainment for this bridge and Christmas (04/12/2013)
    5 to 8 and 12 to Jan. 4 may extend the closing time in an hour.
  • Equality organized a trip to the shop Sangonera "Using plants and good environmental practices at home" (04/12/2013)

  • The City will develop an employment workshop that will employ 19 people for a year (04/12/2013)
    More than 200,000 euros paid for the training of 15 students / as in Local Tourism Promotion and Visitor information
  • Public Library Municipal launches children's workshop "Draw Christmas and decorate the tree in the Library" (04/12/2013)
    The activity will take place in the Library on 23 to January 3 and will be aimed at children / as from 6 years
  • Children / as Jumilla change consoles by the English bird in the road "Popular Games" (03/12/2013)
    The event will take place on Saturday, at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences of Jumilla and will be aimed at children / as between 5 and 12
  • Legalizing municipal landfill Jumilla begin this week (03/12/2013)
    The community will invest more than 2 million euros for sealing vessels 1,2 and 3 and for the construction of the fourth glass
  • The council Public Safety presents the recruitment campaign volunteer for Civil Protection Jumilla (03/12/2013)
    The campaign is aimed at people aged 18 to 65, and all those / as interested / as must formalize their entry through a form Register General
  • Celebrations Councilman presents XXX Calanda the Exaltation of the Drum and Bass Drum will host Jumilla 2015 (03/12/2013)
    The National Consortium of National Conference of Exaltation Drum and Bass Drum meets in Calanda start organizing the next edition scheduled for 20, 21 and 22 March
  • This evening will take place in Cajamurcia, the workshop "The importance of choosing gender-neutral toys" (02/12/2013)
    Equal campaign launched "Pink or blue, why choose?" Responsible choice for toy this Christmas
  • The cultural agenda of this week starts tomorrow with the documentary film "Venezuela Entomological Expedition '97" (02/12/2013)
    The screening will take place on Tuesday, at 20.00, at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences Jerónimo Molina
  • The municipal budget for 2014 will have half a million euros for investments (02/12/2013)
    Strengthening social policies, employment and investment in public roads are the main lines marking budgets 2014
  • The team spokesman government anticipates that the indoor pool is open after the December (02/12/2013)
    The Governing Board approved a protocol for street vehicles and demountable facilities in Jumilla

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