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  • During the month of August they could finish the construction of the vessel Four municipal landfill (31/07/2014)
    Mayor visits the site, which as highlighted good progress, so in addition, the sealing of the vessels 1, 2 and 3 could be completed ahead of schedule
  • Dozens of children from Jumilla dismiss the various playgrounds and summer schools with lunch, games and award diplomas (31/07/2014)
    More than 700 children have participated this July, in the various playgrounds and summer schools organized the Ayuntamientopara this summer 2014
  • The Road Demarcation starts the process to improve access to the place de la Hoya Torres (30/07/2014)
    Mayor confirms the intention of the Government Delegate, to start work as soon as possible in order to facilitate as far as possible , agricultural tasks specific to these dates
  • The City reinforces operating public safety during the Fair and Festivals in August (30/07/2014)
    Representatives of the groups festive and local security bodies meet to prepare the preventive security of the Fair and Festivals in August
  • On Thursday, film session at the Teatro Vico with a classic "The Lady of the Camellias" (30/07/2014)
    The screening will start at 22.00, and as always, will be free access, while tickets
  • Children's Summer Workshop 2014 of the Municipal School of Music finish the course with a final concert (30/07/2014)
    Councillor for Education visit the workshop that took place throughout the month of July, in the Municipal School of Music and in which they have participated 30 boy and girls
  • Andrew and Ana Belén Garrigós Mico, winners of the fourth edition of the "10 miles Jumilla City" (29/07/2014)
    247 athletes participated in the trial, which ended with two new records in the winning times in both the men and the Female
  • The House approved a joint motion to support agricultural organizations to damage from drought (29/07/2014)
    The Department of Finance receives the congratulations of the whole, by the presentation of the General Account of 2013, where the document is reflected positive municipal accounts
  • The City Council formalized the agreement with the DGT by which information can be updated registration certificate from Jumilla (29/07/2014)
    The agreement will allow the change of address of the registration certificate and driving avoiding the shift in Provincial Traffic Murcia
  • The City Council authorizes the Templars Jumilla rocket fire (29/07/2014)
    The Templar Guard XII also commemorate the Virgin's death Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Order
  • The Templars of Jumilla in the medieval market Daroca (29/07/2014)

  • The Department of Finance reports the voluntary period for payment of property tax and trade tax for the year 2014 (28/07/2014)
    The voluntary payment period of the receipts for the year 2014 began on July 20 and end on December 1, 2014
  • The Patron Saint of Jumilla and is in the parish of San Juan to start the Fair and Festival 2014 (28/07/2014)
    The Mayor, councilors of the municipal corporation and representatives of local groups festive accompanied the patron in his transfer to the Church San Juan
  • The Region will invest half a million euros in a sewage collector in the industrial area of ​​Romerales (28/07/2014)
    The Procurement continues to advance recruitment files for training the UP, the climate in the Interpretation Centre Wine and Interpretation Centre Marquis of Villena
  • The Community and City of Jumilla work against the underground economy (27/07/2014)
    The Director General of Labour and the Councillor of Finance this week analyzed the agreement provides reciprocal communication pathways with which to detect undeclared activities defraudatorio mood
  • The Department of Health in addition to awareness campaigns on the importance of protecting the skin from the sun (25/07/2014)
    Working to prevent, avoid excessive exposure, use appropriate sunscreen and protective clothing are effective measures to avoid the development of skin cancer
  • Jumilla: Above the Virgin Templar Guard (25/07/2014)

  • Associations and groups festive start out with programming Fair and Festival 2014 this weekend with various events (25/07/2014)
    The Federation of Clubs, the Association of Moors and Christians, and the patroness, Our Lady of the Assumption will be some of the protagonists of the cultural agenda of the weekend
  • Sports Councilman presents sports programming to the Fair and Festivals in August 2014 (25/07/2014)
    The cronoescalada "The Assault on Fortress" I Chatico Extreme Race, presented as new programming, which will include about thirty tests and tournaments
  • Youth organized for this weekend leisure day with consoles "Compete and Share" (24/07/2014)
    Leisure The day is free and will take place on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 July 19.00 to 1.00 pm in the Garden of Don King Pedro
  • El Castillo de Jumilla is the goal I cronoescalada "The Assault on Fortress" (24/07/2014)
    The time trial can be made on mountain bike, running or in combination, and have a length of 1000 meters, with a vertical drop of 128 meters height
  • The Mayor and the Minister of Public Works valued various issues related to improving infrastructure Jumilla (24/07/2014)
    The Community 990.0000 invest about EUR 28 roads with a total of 270 kilometers, of which 40% belong to the municipality of Jumilla
  • Children of the summer playgrounds organized by the City made a day of living (23/07/2014)
    All children who are part of this year's program playgrounds of the Department of Social Policy, gathered in the garden of Don King Pedro for a day of living
  • 4 Legs Jumilla Health and organize a meeting with the residents of Santa Ana for possible solutions against uncontrolled proliferation of cats in the area (23/07/2014)
    The meeting will take place on Friday, July 25 at 20.30, near the convent Santa Ana, to which are invited all residents of the area
  • The wines of Jumilla cross borders through an interview to be aired on a Chinese television (23/07/2014)
    Managers of GDTV channel, Guangdong Province of China, visit Jumilla to shoot a documentary on the DOP and Jumilla Wine Route for
  • Working The CEO presides in Jumilla the monitoring committee of the convention against illegal economy (23/07/2014)
    Jumilla is part of the Regional Plan Against Irregular Economy launched by the Community to pursue behaviors that violate the rights of workers
  • The Minister Manuel Campos received the Mayor of Jumilla (23/07/2014)

  • The Mayor meets with elected officials of the Permanent Board of the Central Board of brotherhoods Easter Jumilla (22/07/2014)
    Enrique Jiménez: "We are already working with the JCHSS on various projects that enhance the splendor of the processions and events that make Easter Jumilla "
  • From archaeologists museum guides, this weekend children's activities continue at the Museum of Ethnography (22/07/2014)
    After being archaeologists for a day, this Saturday, children of Jumilla, become museum guides in Children event organized by La Casa del Museo and the Department of Culture
  • The jumillana traditional cuisine, star of the Night II held in Jumilla Artisan Gourmet (22/07/2014)
    About 50 people enjoyed Saturday Night Gastronomic, an event that gathers every year dozens of onlookers jumillana typical kitchen
  • This weekend takes place in the town the fourth edition of the "10 miles Jumilla City" (22/07/2014)
    Entries can be formalized until next Thursday, July 24, at 14:00 in and
  • Health and Citizenship begin preparations for the Second Exhibition of Health and Sports to be held this fall (21/07/2014)
    It has opened a registration period for those companies, associations, groups, clubs and schools interested in participating submit your request, throughout the month of July
  • Children of the Summer School of the CAI made a workshop on the responsibility of household chores (21/07/2014)
    During the workshop recreational activities that the division of responsibilities and chores family is favored in order to achieve coexistence be made effective equality in
  • Public Safety teaches an introductory course for twenty volunteers of Civil Defence (21/07/2014)
    The aspiring individuals must pass six months of practices that will be trained to act in various preventive and emergency cases
  • The Governing Board made the award of the refurbishment of the squares of the Cañada del Trigo and Torre del Rico (21/07/2014)
    The Feast of the Exaltation of the wine will be held at this time on Wednesday, August 13
  • The Templars in Jumilla expon home province Daroca (20/07/2014)
    Town Hall correctional facility, painters, and Templar association, formed a common front against social exclusion of prisoners
  • Equality, Health and the local board of the AECC meet to prepare the program of November (18/07/2014)
    The Local Board reported AECC psychology service providing for those affected and their families
  • El Teatro Vico, Square Top and Jumilla Museums are filled with activity Cultural Agenda of the next quarter (18/07/2014)
    Theater Teatro Vico, various children's activities in museums and top performances in the Plaza and the Castle and make up program of the cultural agenda the coming weeks
  • The Department of Services performs various works to remove architectural barriers in municipal buildings (17/07/2014)
    This morning the refurbishment of the building entrance of the local police and infant school classrooms of the Assumption, which will add to already start made in the CEIP San Francisco
  • The Municipal Councillor responsible for Housing remember to leave animals can be punished with fines of between 3,000 and 15,000 euros (17/07/2014)
    The Humane Jumilla 4 Legs attends an average of one case of abandonment in the town newspaper
  • The City invests more than 16,000 euros in the tourist town signaling (17/07/2014)
    More than 115 tourist signs will be replaced in the coming weeks Jumilla, between establishments associated with the Wine Route, monuments and entrances to the city
  • Children of Jumilla get into the skin of archaeologists to assess respect for the heritage (16/07/2014)
    The Department of Culture and the House Museum, organized for this summer, a full program of workshops to promote local culture among children in Jumilla
  • Finish the remodeling of the stairs from the Garden of King Don Pedro (16/07/2014)
    Besides replacing steps have been incorporated security features, such as a wrought iron railing to facilitate pedestrian traffic
  • This weekend we celebrate the Gourmet Night II "Artisan House" (16/07/2014)
    The event will take place on Saturday, July 19, at 21:00 pm in the Artisan's House, and the entry will be priced 12 euros, can be purchased at Casa Canales
  • The Department of Agriculture will allocate more than 374,000 euros to the improvement of rural roads and mountains (15/07/2014)
    Among the measures are going to hire 16 people for conditioning mountains, and will act on three rural municipal roads Jumilla
  • Celebrations Councilman meets with owners of "bars" to finalize details of the Fair and Festival August (15/07/2014)
    This time, the opening of "bars" will be Thursday, August 14, taking advantage of the holiday on Friday 15 , day of the patron
  • Culture and Film Club Interior retake cycle classic cinema this summer at the Teatro Vico (15/07/2014)
    All summer screen at the Teatro Vico cycle movies, big titles of cinema, which will begin on Thursday with the film "To be or not "
  • IU-Greens criticized the draft interpretation center Marquis of Villena (15/07/2014)

  • The Department of Equality and places the II meeting of the Bank of Jumilla Reviews (15/07/2014)
    Equality Councillor meets with representatives of women's associations in the municipality, to prepare the calendar of activities of the last half of the year
  • The City and the DGT sign an agreement which will update information of the registration certificate from Jumilla (14/07/2014)
    The Local Government approves an agreement with the change of address of the registration certificate shall be enabled and avoiding driving displacement and the Provincial Traffic in Murcia
  • The People's University hosts two workshops and Laughter Therapy Laughter Yoga in the coming weekends (14/07/2014)
    Titled "Energy Shot with nights to laugh," an expert instructor in the area of ​​humor therapy, work in workshops promoting positivity in daily, applied to everyday life
  • A Jumillano trade exhibits in its showcase work by prisoners in Campos del Rio (Murcia II) and Sangonera la Verde (Murcia I) (12/07/2014)
    The Templars of Jumilla, promoter activity, reaching an agreement with the optical company that is in favor of joining the fight against social exclusion of prisoners
  • The counselor emphasizes Industry and Tourism in Jumilla, the great tourism potential of the Wine Route in the set of destinations in the Region of Murcia (11/07/2014)
    The counselor meets with the mayor and the Board of the Jumilla Wine Route for assess possible approach to working with you to further enhance wine tourism in Jumilla
  • Council starts the dossier for the management of Municipal Nursery School Education Jumilla (11/07/2014)
    Companies interested in educational management center must submit their bids within fifteen days after its publication in the BORM
  • The Local Employment Council meets to evaluate employment policies in the city (11/07/2014)
    Planned offer SEF 2014, the Business Transfer Program or the National Youth Guarantee Plan were some of the proposals considered by the Council
  • Jumilla City Council participates in the campaign on the control DGT BAC and drugs among drivers (11/07/2014)
    14 to July 20 controls as a preventive measure will be increased to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol
  • The Chief Provincial Traffic visit Jumilla to assess the implementation of the campaigns undertaken by the DGT in the town (10/07/2014)
    The Chief Provincial Traffic meets with the Mayor and the Councillor for Public Safety to pool various issues related to Jumilla road safety
  • The Municipal School Board approved the school calendar for the 2014-2015 course (10/07/2014)

  • Today the expansion works are started on Calle San Agustin that will service the Municipal Nursery School (10/07/2014)
    The budget execution is 60,000 euros and the execution time is one month
  • This weekend children Jumilla become "Young Archaeologists' for a day (09/07/2014)
    Infant activity took place on Saturday, July 11, at 11.00 pm in the John Paul II Poniente Ronda where it takes the "excavation" and removal of parts and in the Museum of Archaeology
  • The Youth Council of Jumilla joins the National Youth Guarantee Plan to promote active employment policies (09/07/2014)
    Youth Councilman meets with the Minister of the Presidency and pooling Job Plan for Youth Employment Guarantee
  • The council is executing works in schools teaching the municipality (09/07/2014)
    The performances are focusing on remodeling and maintenance items, such as painting, masonry, carpentry and plumbing, which will be developed throughout the summer
  • Edit Jumilla Templar poster xii Templar guard virgin (08/07/2014)
    "Blue Templar" work by a Spanish prisoner in jail, illustrated poster blues
  • "When you take your dog, do not get the mask" (08/07/2014)
    Environmental Services and promoted an awareness campaign aimed at pet owners to collect droppings public roads
  • The Point of Care for Women Victims of Domestic Violence resumed its activity (08/07/2014)
    Councillor for Equality reports Jumilla continuity Point Specialized Care for Women Victims of Domestic Violence
  • The City Council will have a machine for the payment of fees and municipal taxes (08/07/2014)
    Hacienda incorporate a cashier for payment of rates and taxes so that citizens can make this income in the city of Jumilla own without having to go through the entity bank
  • Local police reported a possible scam using the name for it Aspajunide (08/07/2014)
    Apparently a group of people would be using the name of the Association for metallic money will not come after the entity
  • The Low Brass closes its third year, leaving behind a great weekend of performances in Jumilla (07/07/2014)
    17 students participated in the third edition of one of the most important festivals on the national calendar metal tuba and wind euphonium
  • Youth organizes Segura decrease in the activities planned for summer 2014 (07/07/2014)
    The activity includes the round trip, lunch and the opportunity to test the "zorb ball" and "roller ball" activities included in the package will have a special price of 12 euros
  • More than 130 children from the village are already enjoying the summer playgrounds organized by the Department of Social Policy (07/07/2014)
    Councillor for Social Policy visits the summer playgrounds that the City has launched
  • Are underway six projects implemented within the City program aids Approach Leader (07/07/2014)
    The government team spokesman reported matters agreed by the Procurement and Local Government
  • The day center for people suffering from Alzheimer "Marín Padilla" has a date of opening (04/07/2014)
    Aspajunide receives Community Released pair starting the activity, so in October could be running the center will feature 40 beds, Unit 7 which
  • Four students of IES Archbishop Lozano yesterday participated in the tests Extraordinary Awards School of the Ministry of Education (04/07/2014)
    testing, to all eligible students with a mean score of 8.75 on, were held yesterday in Murcia with a participation of 603 students, four of them jumillanos
  • The musical "Today I can not lift" the Jumilla Low Brass and theater work "The Trial" appointments required of culture this weekend (04/07/2014)
    The agenda for the weekend in Jumilla, Culture highlights the musical benefit of Arjuna, the Festival of metal wind-largest in the region and the Thalia Theatre Group with his "The Judgement"
  • The Community confirms that there are no authorizations for the use of "fracking" in Jumilla (04/07/2014)
    The Mayor and Director General of Industry, Energy and Mines meet to discuss various issues related to the exploitation of forests in Jumilla
  • The Municipal School of Early Childhood Education course starts in September (03/07/2014)
    The deadline is open for children aged between 1 and 3 years, and requests can be formalized in the Department of Education
  • The Children's Traffic Centre will be open throughout the month of July for repositories (03/07/2014)
    Children between 5 and 11 years may enter the Park Road from 10.00 to 13.30 hours for free
  • IU-Green arrangement and requires cleaning Botanical Garden Estacada (03/07/2014)

  • Industry and the City of Jumilla collaborate to identify exploitable mineral resources (03/07/2014)
    The Director General of Industry, Energy and Mines and the mayor of Jumilla meet to discuss technical cooperation in various aspects of the land and resources Jumilla
  • The Mayor visits the works have already started in the Garden of Frogs (02/07/2014)
    For security reasons, we have proceeded to the substitution of various plant elements of the square, which will be replenished once the project is completed
  • The musical "Today I can not lift" returns this weekend to Vico benefit of Arjuna (02/07/2014)
    Student IES Infanta Elena represent new musical at the Teatro Vico, whose proceeds will go to the Association of Rehabilitated Alcoholics Jumilla
  • United Left-Greens propose measures to prevent actions such as the Garden of the Frogs repeat (02/07/2014)

  • More than fifty children participate in this year's Campus Football "Ciudad de Jumilla" (02/07/2014)
    Councillor for Sports visits the campus, in which during the month July 51 will be participating local children
  • The Local Board of Public Safety confirms the reduction of crime in the town in recent months (02/07/2014)
    Responsible for Local Police and Civil Guard in Jumilla highlight the downward trend of crimes reflecting the effective coordination between the two bodies in the town
  • The Town Garden Services and reassure the public about the actions that are taking place in the Garden of Frogs (02/07/2014)
    Juan Manuel Abellan argues that the proceedings are being developed under the technical services, and regrets the lack of interest project by the opposition groups
  • Blue Templar, illustrated poster ad XII Templar Guard the Virgin patroness of Jumilla (02/07/2014)
    The Templars of the town had to choose between thirty prisoners work by participating in the Phoenix Project Fine Arts and Crafts
  • The House relaxes the rules of the Business Incubator to promote the installation of a larger number of entrepreneurs (01/07/2014)
    The City advances in processing facilities to recover the bus station to its original state, and approves the final termination of contract management
  • "Against the privatization of garbage and cleaning varies" (01/07/2014)
    IU-Greens urges citizens that adds to the arguments against privatization of garbage
  • Health warns of health risk when purchasing sunglasses not approved (01/07/2014)
    The Department of Health reminds the importance of acquiring this kind of protection, at authorized establishments, such as optical
  • The Low Brass Jumilla is becoming one of the most important festivals of the national wind-metal (01/07/2014)
    The festival takes international with the participation of teachers and Thierry Thibault David Thornton, important musicians in some of the most prestigious schools in Europe

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