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Jumilla News - August 2014

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  • Services last works on the removal of architectural barriers in municipal buildings (29/08/2014)
    The Chief of the local police and schools San Francisco and Asuncion are some of the buildings where the stairs were replaced by access ramps step
  • IU-Green cleaning demands forgotten by the Department of Services areas (29/08/2014)

  • Pensioners, large families and long-term unemployed people can now qualify for subsidies driven by the City (29/08/2014)
    Applications must be submitted on the General Register of the City until October 1
  • On Monday begins the registration period of the courses and workshops at the VHS 2014-2015 (28/08/2014)
    At the moment there are 261 enrollees may enroll according to the schedule after the draw, taking as the starting number 099, from which registrations will begin
  • Strong Jumilla leaves a positive balance in the control and prevention of narcotics during the Fair 2014 (28/08/2014)
    Councillor for Public Safety announced that for the fall, Jumilla could have a permanent canine unit specialized in drug screening
  • IU-Green defends the democratic election of mayors (27/08/2014)

  • Jumilla refinance debt Provider Payment Plan (27/08/2014)
    With this operation, the current loan will be canceled with significant savings for municipal coffers in bank interest
  • Jumilla has been one of the 37 municipalities that designed this course your own school calendar (27/08/2014)
    The Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities has allowed this course adapt the school calendar of the municipalities in order to improve service to students and families
  • This Thursday Vico returns cinema theater with the classic "Lilies of the Valley" (27/08/2014)
    Admission will be free as usual and screening will take place on Thursday at 22.00 pm in the Teatro Vico
  • The Federation of Peñas dismisses the Harvest Festival with Great Wine Parade and thousands of people on the street (26/08/2014)
    90 people participated in the preventive control is set by the City and ended without remarkable altercations
  • The descent of the patron and the fireworks end the Fair and Festivals of Jumilla 2014 (26/08/2014)
    The show makes Jumilla, very positive figures about the participation of local people and visitors in the various events that make up the program Fair and Festivals in August
  • Fangoria, Nancys Blondes, Miss Caffeina or Great Anthology of Zarzuela ready to leave the high performances of the Fair and Festivals of Jumilla (26/08/2014)
    Thousands of people have enjoyed during these days of the various actions that have been part of the coordinated program by Celebration for the August Fair and Festivals
  • The full vote today the possibility of refinancing the loan payment to suppliers (26/08/2014)
    With the measure promoted by the Ministry of Finance, local councils will be allowed to refinance the debt with other banks which have a lower interest rate and better banking conditions
  • Enrique Jiménez: "It was the most participatory exhibition of recent years" (26/08/2014)
    Mayor greatly appreciates the Fair and Festivals in August 2014, noting especially the large influx of people to the various acts of programming
  • Effective Plan Infomur control an outbreak of forest fire in the Sierra de los Gavilanes (24/08/2014)

  • The Offering and First Grape Mosto brings the past alive in the present culture of wine in Jumilla (22/08/2014)
    Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Manuel Marcos Sánchez, attended yesterday's offering and Grape Mosto Prime Pisa to "Niñico of Grapes"
  • Traditional Parade gets the popular culture of the Harvest Festival (22/08/2014)
    19 clubs participated this time in the parade that passed through the center of town and highlighting the large crowds on city streets
  • Councillor for Public Safety reported preventive safety because of the Great Parade of Wine (22/08/2014)
    Jumilla awaits the visit of thousands of people to enjoy the Great Wine Parade, for which the Department has already prepared the usual preventive Security
  • Culture and Tourism finished remodeling the whole tourist sign of the municipality (21/08/2014)
    The City invests more than 16,000 euros in the renovation of 115 tourist signs Township
  • Three schools in Jumilla join the initiative '+ Languages' for bilingual education (20/08/2014)
    The Stone Cross CC, CC St Anta and CEIP Our Lady of the Assumption, join the project in its initial phase, so students will study at least one subject in English
  • The Governing Board approved a grant to FAMP to create the book bank (20/08/2014)
    The grant of 15,000 euros will allow 550 families to benefit from the book bank
  • The Children Wine Parade takes to the streets hundreds of people (20/08/2014)
    Pra enjoy Fantasy Harvest Festival
  • Open the deadline to qualify for grants to pensioners, large families and long-term unemployed (19/08/2014)
    Applications must be submitted to the General Register of the City accompanied by proper documentation until October 1
  • Citizen Security prohibits installation of grab bars around the route of the Grand Parade of Wine (19/08/2014)
    People who breach the rules by installing bars on the streets along which the Grand Parade, may be liable to fines of up to 1,500 €
  • Nancys Fangoria Blondes and visit Jumilla on Friday with a big concert in the Fair and Festivals in August (19/08/2014)
    Advance tickets can be purchased until next Thursday, August 20, at the Roque Baños Sociocultural, Intersport Jumilla and internet at TicketMaster, Ticketea, Stand Ticket
  • The Harvest Festival in Requena and Jumilla are twinned as a sign of support for the National Interest of the party jumillana (18/08/2014)
    The City hosts the official twinning ceremony between Harvest Festival Requena and Jumilla
  • Hundreds clothing to Jumilla patron, the Virgin of the Assumption, in the day of his feast (16/08/2014)
    The municipal groups festive, municipal associations and devotees of the Virgin, the patroness corporation accompanied in procession on its honor
  • Traditionalists, Jumillano Templars kept their patron (16/08/2014)

  • The Local Police will Jumilla for this Fair and Festivals, with a canine unit specialized in the detection of narcotics (14/08/2014)
    "Strong" start operating tomorrow and has been trained in sports mode for detection missions fragrances
  • This afternoon Parties Jumilla 2014 and officially opened the Fair (14/08/2014)
    will With the imposition of festive scarf and rocket launch announcer at 20.30 in the municipality of Jumilla, checking out the August Fair and Festivals
  • Glass containers of Jumilla dress fatigues to raise awareness about the importance of recycling (13/08/2014)
    Ecovidrio installed a total of six containers at the main points of the Fair and Festival, in order to facilitate the recycling of glass these days
  • Jumilla is preparing for the Fair and Festivals in August 2014 (13/08/2014)
    Services staff is developing several actions to tune all preparations prior to the inauguration will take place on Thursday, August 14
  • Jumillana Company puts its showcase available to prisoners (13/08/2014)

  • The heated pool will have a biomass boiler which will deliver significant financial savings in the maintenance of facilities (12/08/2014)
    As approved by the Local Government Board, the City asfaltará child playground CEIP San Francisco, a demand for the center, which will completed before the start of course
  • Culture and Tourism enables various Tourist Information Points during the Fair and Festivals in August (12/08/2014)
    In the Office of Tourism, the Teatro Vico, Museums, Artisan House, and the Castillo de Jumilla, provide detailed information about the Fair and Festivals in August and tourist attractions of the town
  • I Chatico The Extreme Race, a success for both the audience and the participants of the test (11/08/2014)
    153 athletes participated this weekend in the first steeplechase in Jumilla, organized by the Sports Council and the Federation Supporters Clubs
  • The flags are flying at the Castle giving out the Moors and Christians in Jumilla (11/08/2014)
    With the handover of the mayor to the festive alcaidesa del Castillo Jumilla starts its Moors and Christians 2014
  • The Federation of Clubs presents Seniors and Children 43 Vendimiadores the Harvest Festival Jumilla (11/08/2014)
    Isabel and Manuel Abellán form Semitiel couple vendimiadores Children, to be completed with Naomi Martinez and José Gilar, as Major Vendimiadores 2014
  • Music Association Julian Santos liven morning the day of blood donation concert "Donating to the sound" (11/08/2014)
    Jumilla Mayor and the president of the music association "Julian Santos' make a call to encourage blood donation during the August
  • City and festive collective acts have prepared for this Fair and Festivals in August 2014 (09/08/2014)
    The events will begin this afternoon as a prelude to the Fair I Chatico Extreme Race, which takes place after "The Night of Lights and hoisted flags "in the Castle of Jumilla
  • Councillor for Culture presents the 31th National Folklore Festival "Ciudad de Jumilla" (08/08/2014)
    The Federation of Peñas and dancer Carolina jumillana Bas, awarded the prize "Evolution" of National Folklore Festival 2014
  • Over the next few weeks will be completed equipping the Municipal Nursery School and the works of St. Augustine Street (08/08/2014)
    The Mayor visits the Municipal Nursery School, where they are finalizing the details of the equipment to be put into operation next school year
  • Tonight will be the official presentation of the Fair and Festivals in August 2014 (08/08/2014)
    The event will take place at 21.00 in the Garden of King Don Pedro, will be freely accessible, and will end with a performance group Txampa
  • As a preventive measure, and exceptionally, the fireworks this year will be launched from the vicinity of the sports center (07/08/2014)
    Given the level of high alert for risk of fire, the fireworks that announced the end of festivities, is It launched this year at the Sports City, as prevention
  • Services undertakes a comprehensive action on nearly fifty banks in the city (07/08/2014)
    The Department of Services initiates an action project to repair and replace the wooden benches in the gardens, parks, and public spaces in the city
  • Celebrations Councilman presents programming Fair and Festivals in August 2014 (06/08/2014)
    Fangoria and Nancys Blondes, Dani Romero and Jose Rico, "The great anthology of zarzuela" Miss Baby Caffeine and Arizona, big bets for Jubilee this fair 2014
  • More than 450 people have participated in activities organized by Youth for Youth Summer 2014 (06/08/2014)
    The Party of consoles "Compete and share" and declining Segura, meet dozens of young people around the activities of Youth, will continue with the courses and workshops offered by the Department
  • The City will receive 15,000 euros to implement the Plan of Action against Child Poverty (06/08/2014)
    The autonomous distributed among the municipalities in the region, 805,928 euros, to start with this plan intended to meet the basic needs of families with young people up to 16 years
  • Over 550 students will benefit from the Bank of Books (05/08/2014)
    The Department of Education and the Federation of Associations of Parents of Jumilla initiate procedures for the creation of the book bank
  • The City Council request the revision of the assessed values ​​of those sectors that do not have approved urban development (05/08/2014)
    The arguments to the draft collection and cleaning the mayor stated "the intention is to collect all those contributions that are feasible, and that have the support of the municipal officers "
  • The Civil Guard detained three members of a criminal group dedicated to the removal of fruit in Jumilla (05/08/2014)
    They attributed the authorship of the alleged theft of four tons of pears on farms in the Highlands
  • The food journalist Ismael Galiana will be responsible for performing the gloss of the Exaltation of Wine 2014 (05/08/2014)
    Ticket sales will take place on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 August at 20.00 at the Roque Baños Cultural Center at the price of 20 euros and a maximum of two tickets per person
  • The Julian Santos celebrates XVII Festival of Bands with a significant number of people and a brilliant performance of "Societat Unio Musical de Biar" (04/08/2014)
    The formation jumillana celebrates its 25th anniversary with a new edition of the festival, this time to outdoor square up in the presence of tens of Jumillano Jumillano
  • The English teacher, Harold James Plaskett is the third consecutive year with Night Chess Tournament III "Castillo de Jumilla" (04/08/2014)
    With a 65 chess players, chess tournament Night "Ciudad de Jumilla" has been attended Players of Murcia, Valencia and Castilla La Mancha
  • The Association recognizes Artisans Artisan María Moreno as Honorary 2013 (04/08/2014)
    "Mari's wool", is recognized as the first Honorary Artisan Jumilla, for his life and involvement in the Association of Artisans
  • The autonomous agreement increases the contribution to basic benefits of Social Services (04/08/2014)
    The Local Government approves a municipal guide to the practical application of non-sexist language in the municipality of Jumilla
  • The town of Jumilla guardian of tradition, honored his patron in the Templar Guard XII to the Virgin (03/08/2014)
    With the flag of Spain at the feet of the Virgin, the event defends and vindicates the historical and cultural heritage Jumillano
  • POSE: "Another year on white with PP governments to Jumilla and Murcia" (03/08/2014)

  • The Blood Donation Center takes Jumilla summer campaign under the slogan 'Donating to the sound' (02/08/2014)
    The donation session August 12 will be accompanied by the musical association "Julian Santos'
  • Templar Guard in Jumilla, wine and sequillos for pilgrims (01/08/2014)
    Flags and shields, placed face down, in protest against the City
  • The third promotion CAI Graduates (01/08/2014)
    Children's Centre Child Care finish classes and held a graduation party for students who leave the center
  • El Castillo, the Artisan's House and Square Top, featured spots on the cultural agenda of the weekend (01/08/2014)
    Jumilla This weekend hosts the XVII Festival of Bands "Julian Santos," the Chess Tournament III Nocturne "Castle Jumilla "and the appointment of" Artisan Honor 2014 "
  • Services advances the actions planned in schools and refinishing streets ahead of the Fair and Festivals in August (01/08/2014)
    The Assumption College is running a major work with the construction of ramps for access to child, and are also repainting the main roads of the town
  • The "Equality in the Waves" program dismisses the season with a positive balance after their 10 months in antenna (01/08/2014)
    The Department of Equality takes stock of the program issuing the local radio station, on specific health issues, leisure, associations or Culture and bouncing the season until September
  • A picture of the Virgin patron chair the Templar Guard jumillana XII (01/08/2014)
    In the absence of good material recumbent statue, flags and coats will be shown upside down

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