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  • The town council decreed three days of official mourning and the suspension of the show scheduled for tonight (31/07/2008)
    As a sign of mourning for the tragic incident in which this morning killed three people
  • The Mayor will proclaim the festivities of the Canada del Trigo (30/07/2008)
    The event is this Sunday August 3rd, from 12:00 in School
  • Devices for the health and safety be strengthened for the fair and festivities in August 2008 (30/07/2008)
    The most important preventive is the Wine Parade on Saturday which will gather a team of about 100 people
  • The bullfighter Damaso Gonzalez present the fair and festivals August 2008 Jumilla (30/07/2008)
    Will this Thursday, July 31 during a gala to be held on the terraces of Pius XII Hall starting at 21:30
  • In 2009, work began on the new velodrome and athletics track (29/07/2008)
    It was the commitment made between the general director of Sports and Councilman Antonio Peñalver Sports José Luis Monreal at a meeting held recently
  • On Friday August 1st prizes are awarded 'Seven Days' (29/07/2008)
    The appointment will be at the Teatro Vico from half past eight pm
  • 'Painting on fabrics' workshop is being conducted in the village of La Torre del Rico (29/07/2008)
    Participants 15 women and is an activity organized by the parish together with the Federation of Rural Women Ademur 'La Jara'
  • Involving three vehicles in a road accident at the Santa Ana (29/07/2008)
    Event The result was several injured, two of whom remain hospitalized, and two vehicles that have been labeled 'total loss'
  • Death of a man aged 37 from a heart attack while he was swimming in public swimming pools (29/07/2008)
    The incident occurred last Saturday and the person was accompanied by his son
  • A Brazilian man was arrested for an alleged crime of a serious disturbance of public order (29/07/2008)
    The incident occurred last Saturday night and apparently, the prisoner, after an argument, pulled a gun and threatened people who were in the place
  • Approved the draft of the new Center for Social Services, Women, Employment and Youth (29/07/2008)
    was one of the resolutions adopted at the Annual Local Government last week
  • A total of seventeen workshops are the offer of the People's University for the academic year 2008/2009 (29/07/2008)
    New developments this year are workshops 'Floral Art', 'Laughter Therapy' and 'Parchwork' Fuensanta reported Olivares
  • The Minister of Health is committed to start in 2009 the construction of the new Comprehensive Health Center Jumilla (29/07/2008)
    This was stated Councilman Jumilla Health, following a meeting held recently
  • Approved project proposals for works and services plan 2009 in the amount of 590,000 euros (28/07/2008)
    was one of the topics discussed at the last Commission of Development, Construction, Planning and Environment
  • "The most important industrial fire occurred in the region last year," said Benito Mercader (28/07/2008)
    On the origin of the fire is under investigation but appears to have been fortuitous and the extinction of that was spent fifteen hours
  • The City of Jumilla has a deposit of more than 4 million in Treasury (28/07/2008)
    Of this amount, "more than two million euros related to a loan and the remaining equity," according to the mayor
  • A fire at a pallet factory has sown confusion in Jumilla (25/07/2008)
    The origin of the fire was accidental and at this time, although the fire is under control is not yet extinct
  • Twenty-six women in the Fuente del Pino had participated in a course of 'painting on glass' (23/07/2008)
    The initiative of the Association of Rural Women in the hamlet and has the support of Fademur.Ademur La Jara and the council of Women
  • Great acceptance in the third round of the series 'Music in wines' (23/07/2008)
    The last weekend was played, Bodegas y Bodegas Silvano Garcia Carche Finance.
  • Made about 80 jobs in the craft shops decorated (22/07/2008)
    30 people have participated have decorated different utensils will be exhibited at the Artisan's House until 2 August
  • Before the weekend is going to produce change in the street address Cánovas (22/07/2008)
    Today Tuesday begin the work and actions to adapt the signals and information necessary for this modification
  • Submission 'Jumilla Cross City' which reaches its XXX Edition (21/07/2008)
    Held on 15 August this year, the circuit includes a journey through the Barrio de San Juan, as well as through the passage of Santa Rita
  • On Tuesday the deadline for registration for the tennis tournament XII 'Ciudad de Jumilla' (21/07/2008)
    The tournament begins July 24 and ends with the closing and awards ceremony on 12 August
  • 282,740 euros for Primary Care in Jumilla (18/07/2008)

  • Local and Regional Administrations start working for the implementation of Digital Power Plan (18/07/2008)
    On Tuesday, the council met Jesus Sanchez New Technologies and the secretary of Audiovisual and Digital Content José María Salinas
  • The Socialist Party calls for the resignation of John Calabuig as by the Central Board of the Brotherhood of Holy Week (17/07/2008)
    Calabuig is also a municipal councilor of the PP group and, as Jesus Sanchez, "is not defending the interests of the council in that group"
  • Ya know the name of Major Grape and Children who will represent the federation of clubs (16/07/2008)
    The Grape Mayor is Maria Isabel Palao and Child Carmen Maria Bledsoe
  • The Department of Celebration provides grants to groups in the amount of 111,700 euros (15/07/2008)
    have been judged on the Information Committee of Finance, Budget and Celebrations and approved by the Local Board
  • The City Council will sign an agreement to care for women victims of gender violence (15/07/2008)
    was one of the resolutions of the local board, which also approved a grant request to the Regional Governments to put the Mercado del Barrio San Juan
  • On August 3 VI celebrates the Templar Guard in honor of the patron (14/07/2008)
    In this symbolic act carried out different actions throughout the night
  • The trade association has launched a campaign to promote shopping in the summer (14/07/2008)
    The Councillor for this area greatly appreciates this type of actions that encourage trade buying in Jumilla
  • Bodegas Pedro Luis Martinez and Casa de la Ermita welcomed last weekend between wines Music " (14/07/2008)
    The upcoming concerts will be at Bodegas Silvano Garcia and Carche Finance
  • Jumillano Association Friends of Music participates in a competition of bands in Minglanilla (14/07/2008)

  • The Managing Director of the Institute of Housing and visited ground vivendas of pottery (12/07/2008)
    In this meeting, policy makers also spoke about various projects related to housing in the neighborhood of Los Angeles and the transfer of land to build housing for young people
  • Part of the representation, Jumilla, the Cantigas de Santa Maria could be included in a CD (11/07/2008)
    In this work, which took place in the Plaza de Arriba, attended by about a hundred people
  • The Department of Women II Launches Campaign "Equality begins at home" (11/07/2008)
    Children's Competition II includes drawing on the division of housework
  • The musical association "Julian Santos' is carrying out a 'musical Camping' (11/07/2008)
    It is an activity that began on day 10, extends to 13 and is being developed in the Sierra del Carche
  • A Murcia won the photography contest "Jumilla City Half Marathon ' (10/07/2008)
    The author is Ruben Lopez, the picture is called' The horizon is our 'and be the poster for the next edition of the Marathon
  • The managing director of the Institute of Housing and Lands visit 10 houses of public promotion intended to rent in Jumilla (10/07/2008)
    Brown, accompanied by the mayor of the municipality, said that this action represents an investment of over € 900,000
  • Approved the contest of ideas for the rehabilitation of public space in the Church of El Salvador (10/07/2008)
    He was one of the issues raised in the Committee shall also be awarded where the work of the Center for Child Care to the company Impamar
  • Granted collective sports subsidies worth over 70,000 euros (10/07/2008)
    was one of the resolutions passed this week in the Local Government Board
  • Delivered awards 'Golden Boot' trophy and prizes regularity Quesera Montesinos (09/07/2008)
    The event, held in the classroom culture of Caja Murcia, was well attended public
  • A jar of the Iberian world and a butterfly are the parts of the summer of municipal museums (09/07/2008)
    These pieces have been presented recently by the Councillor for Culture and museum directors and actors are these months
  • On July 15 the deadline for submitting applications for social housing street pottery (09/07/2008)
    will be completed in late July and are aimed at people with difficulties
  • Complete successfully block parties Jumillano of San Fermin (09/07/2008)
    The president of the Neighborhood Association, Juanita Perez thanked "all the neighbors participating in the events"
  • Submitted Rural Women's Association de la Fuente del Pino (09/07/2008)
    It is envisaged the establishment of other associations in other districts of Jumilla, said Councilwoman Women
  • More than 500 children are participating in the summer playgrounds developed in Jumilla (09/07/2008)
    The goal of these playgrounds is that children occupy a part of their free time, "educationally, while fun," said Councilwoman Social Policy
  • It is operating the plant construction waste located in the Marble Range (08/07/2008)
    The hours are Monday through Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00 in the morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday 15:30 to 19:30 hours
  • From Social Services to alert the population of a possible scam that is occurring (08/07/2008)
    Apparently, some guy is pretending to be staff of the Centre of Social Services to visit homes and solicit private information from tenants
  • The City Council will lease 10,000 square meters for the construction of a public school dual-line (08/07/2008)
    This was a point raised at the June regular full and left a proposal by the Councillor for Education and a motion for the municipal group of PP
  • Jumilla hosts for the first time, the performance of 'The Cantigas de Santa Maria del Rey Alfonso X' (08/07/2008)
    The event is this Thursday July 10 at eleven o'clock at night in the Plaza de Arriba
  • Start the series 'Music from wine' which continues next weekend with concerts at other wineries (08/07/2008)
    at the opening of this activity was presented with the Gold Badge 'Jumilla Wine Route' to José Luis Casado
  • Submitted Jumilla Cultural Agenda for this summer (08/07/2008)
    Cycle Stresses 'Music from Wine', the activities of the Festival in August and in September a conference presenter 2 News, Mara Torres and a course at the University of Mar
  • The City Council requested the Judiciary to expedite the trial record, followed by the 19-J (07/07/2008)
    He was one of the resolutions adopted at the last Local Board where he also started the recruitment file for a monument to the Festival of Folklore
  • The Extraordinary Plenary discussed the ruling on a bureaucratization process carried out in 2001 (07/07/2008)
    The sentence declares the invalidity of the appointment of several officials, and this has sent a report to the Superior Court of Justice detailing the situation specific to each of the 45 workers affected
  • The Ministry of Public Administration with a grant of 405,000 euros for the construction of the building for groups (04/07/2008)
    grant is higher than those granted in Spain within the program 'local government projects involving civil society'
  • The City Council has almost 7,000 square feet of subsidized housing for young people (04/07/2008)
    These sites will be offered to the Institute for Housing and Land in the Region for the development, construction and rehabilitation of housing
  • Opened, by the mayor and the president of the CHS, the left side of the Rambla del Jewish Jumilla (04/07/2008)
    The area has been refurbished and has enabled a promenade and a bike lane.
  • 'The illusion of all' slogan chosen for the upcoming holidays August Jumilla (03/07/2008)
    They have several new features, including its own logo and also the council of Celebration will officially publish a book
  • The musical 'El Oso de la Casa Azul' reaches Jumilla Friday July 4 (03/07/2008)
    This activity is organized by the Department of Sports and will be held in the Municipal Pavilion of Sports
  • This Friday is delivery of the 'golden boot' players from various clubs of Jumilla (03/07/2008)
    The event, sponsored by Seven Days Jumilla, is celebrated in the classroom culture of Caja Murcia, at 20:30
  • Positive results of the Office of Youth Housing Jumilla (03/07/2008)
    It became operational in March 2007 after more than a year have received more than fifty questions
  • In September the project will be completed service area 'Jumilla Marble Range' (02/07/2008)
    will cost 90,000 euros and was one of the issues addressed in the Board of Directors of the industrial estates
  • Several reforms improve the service of the municipal swimming sports (02/07/2008)
    Also security has increased, with the installation of surveillance cameras and hiring private security
  • The Mayor of Jumilla criticized the document that sets guidelines for planning of the Shire Highlands (01/07/2008)
    Abellán believes "is a fad that the Regional Government without this council and untreated in a serious way the real problems of each municipality "
  • Jumilla hosted the XXI Annual Meeting of the Network of Emergency Action (01/07/2008)
    Coinciding with this visit, the corporation offered an official reception which was attended by the delegate of the Government
  • In Jumilla wine culture and music come together in the series 'Music in wines' (01/07/2008)
    A program of actions that are going to develop in the cellars of the Wine Route, which begins Saturday July 5
  • The City will acquire 23 video surveillance cameras to be installed in different buildings (01/07/2008)
    He was one of the agreements of the local board held last week
  • Personal Councilwoman clarifies doubts on the Public Employment Offer 2008 (01/07/2008)
    Yolanda Fernandez said any definitive information about places and will be available on the website of the municipality in
  • El Barrio de San Fermin festivities Jumilla in honor of the patron (01/07/2008)
    The activities take place on 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of this month of July
  • Closing of Successful Training Workshop Dependent Sitting (01/07/2008)
    45 people who attended showed great interest in this type of activities that will be repeated in the future, according to the councilman of Social Policy
  • The company Aguas de Jumilla yields a profit of 234,341 euros that will be reinvested in service improvements (01/07/2008)
    He was one of the topics discussed at the recent meeting of the Board of Directors

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