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Jumilla News - November 2009

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  • Despite the rain, the intercultural encounter "The World In Your Place" received great public attendance (30/11/2009)
    Walk was developed in the poet Lorenzo Guardiola, although the food had to be moved to a room at the Home for the Elderly .
  • Signed an agreement with the University of Valencia for Erasmus scholarships to students from Jumilla (30/11/2009)
    was one of the resolutions of the local board where they have also approved the foundation of new job opportunities for Library and Archives Assistant .
  • The delegate of the government and the Mayor of Jumilla inaugurate three new works of Plan E (27/11/2009)
    These three projects have involved an investment of 1,138,750 euros and are the rehabilitation of the Casa de Cultura, the Animal Shelter and industrial buildings.
  • The Government Delegate and the Mayor of Jumilla inaugurate several works of Local Investment Fund (27/11/2009)
    The three works have opened an investment by the Government of Spain of EUR 1,138,570
  • The next weekend we celebrate the children's folklore v shows groups of Almansa, Monovar, Alhama, Cieza, Molina, Lorca, Jumilla and Yecla (25/11/2009)
    The activities will be from 28 to 29 November and is sponsored by the Department of Culture Hall
  • Mayor CCAA requires the same consideration for the conservation of buildings and cultural attractions (24/11/2009)
    Abellán has made these statements comparing the treatment of the Ministry of Culture in the House of Molina and San Esteban findings.
  • Jumilla the campaign concludes in prevention of breast cancer with the execution of more than 1600 mammograms (24/11/2009)
    The Department of Health sent letters to 2097 women aged 50 to 69 years, of which 1615 were performed mammography, the latter to 605 results were sent to their homes and of these 21 required additional studies
  • On Friday November 27 will have a talk about natural medicine (24/11/2009)
    Organized by the Platform for the Defence and Public Health Improving the Altiplano, in collaboration with the Department of Health will be at 20:00 am in Caja Murcia
  • The Department of gardens will make explosions with cannon to try to ward off the plague of birds (24/11/2009)
    This project will begin tomorrow, Wednesday 25 November and will be from 16:30 to 18:30 hours in the gardens of Caracol and Don King Pedro, as apologizing for the inconvenience
  • On the occasion of World AIDS Day will be conducting an information campaign about measures to prevent transmission (24/11/2009)
    Organized from the Youth Council of the City along with the Youth Council of the Region of Murcia
  • Jumilla will celebrate the 31 anniversary of the Spanish Constitution with several activities (24/11/2009)
    Under the 'Know your council', it will conduct a full child, an act of 'majority age' and a few open houses.
  • The Department of Social Policy has called the I recognize the solidarity (24/11/2009)
    Applications may be submitted until December 15 at the Center for Social Services or the Office of Immigrant
  • A total of 170 players participated in the latest round of Regional Chess Championship held in Jumilla (24/11/2009)
    took place in the living room of Bodegas San Isidro Gemina and involving a total of 42 teams
  • More than 120 young people from six towns in the region participated in the meeting of the program Nueve.e (23/11/2009)
    took place last Saturday in Jumilla throughout the day and developed various activities proposed by the young
  • An audiovisual project and an exhibition of photographs intended to raise awareness about gender violence (23/11/2009)
    The exhibition contains photographs of women that reflect the impotence Jumillano to this problem and the film, the effects that cause violence on children who witness this abuse
  • The Local Government Board approves six disciplinary proceedings in accordance with Law 1 / 92 (23/11/2009)
    Of these, five are classified as serious, one for illegal possession of narcotics and a minor one for not following the mandates of law enforcement officers.
  • The council's sports are a little tribute on the XXV Anniversary of the Country "La Hoya" (23/11/2009)
    also held a meeting with veterans of Jumilla and Murcia selection of veterans with the goalless draw result.
  • The municipal groups presented a joint proposal on the Spanish agricultural sector crisis (20/11/2009)
    This will be addressed at the next plenary session and asked the government to start negotiating table to get fair prices for goods
  • A total of 72 works have been submitted to XXXI literary prize 'Ciudad de Jumilla "The jury chair Lorenzo Silva, Premio Nadal 2000 (20/11/2009)
    The provenance of these works is of most Spanish regions and countries such as Germany and Holland
  • Closing of a course of 'cultural Entertainer of the Third Age' with the participation of 15 young people (20/11/2009)
    The course began in early November and lasted for 60 hours
  • Birth of a project to create a new "Brotherhood of the Save the body of Christ ' (19/11/2009)
    processionary image on Saturday afternoon and as reported by Herrero Cayetano" and have the Statutes approved by the diocese "
  • The Jumilla Merchants Association received a grant to establish the brand 'Sol Murcia' (19/11/2009)
    This initiative is part of the Plan to Promote Retail Distribution Sector of the Region of Murcia 2008-2010
  • The Federation of Peñas announces a competition to find the poster for the Harvest Festival 2010 (19/11/2009)
    Those interested can submit their work until 19 January and must be delivered to the headquarters of the federation, in Plaza Constitución s / n
  • About 150 athletes will participate in the I Duatlóon Cross 'City of Jumilla' held on Sunday (18/11/2009)
    The start of the test is scheduled at 10 am and will last approximately four hours
  • In Jumilla vaccination campaign against influenza A is developing normally and there are sufficient doses (18/11/2009)
    As confirmed by the coordinator of Vicente Health Center for Health Serna Councilman José Luis Monreal at a meeting held recently
  • With a craft have started the program activities of immigrants (18/11/2009)
    are included in this program but are aimed at the general public.
  • About 6,000 tapas menu and almost 2,000 have been served in the IV Food Week Jumilla Wine Route (18/11/2009)
    Most involved in this activity, have described it as 'success' and have agreed that an increasing number visitors
  • With puppet theater will mark the International Day for the Rights of Children (17/11/2009)
    will be on Friday November 20 at 17:30 hours in the classroom culture CAM
  • About 200 children celebrated the day of reception in classrooms with different activities (17/11/2009)
    By celebrating this day is to "promote coexistence, integration and exchange between students of different schools"
  • On Thursday 19 November, inaugurated at the Artisan's House, an exhibition on 'Doll House' (17/11/2009)
    Its author is Francisco graying graying to offer then a talk on "The work of miniature houses."
  • Full approved twenty amendments to the budgets of the Autonomous Region in 2010 (17/11/2009)
    Presented by the PSOE and IU-LV, will be transferred to the parliamentary groups for the discussion during the Regional Assembly
  • The ma for the Defense and Improvement of Public Health Altiplano give a talk on natural medicine (17/11/2009)
    With the collaboration of the Department of Health and the Association AFEMY Jumilla fibromyalgia and will be on Friday November 27 at Caja Murcia
  • The mayor thanked the municipality of Jumilla is Hellín that the people invited to the Exaltation of the Drum (17/11/2009)
    As stated in a press conference on the agreements of the local board which also approved grants to cultural groups
  • A photo exhibition of women Jumillano part of activities against Gender Violence (17/11/2009)
    Contributors 10 women who have lent their image to "attempt to reflect the pain and anger they may feel battered women"
  • Emilio Perez gets another podium weekend (16/11/2009)
  • The City Council will give the Ministry the land for future educational infrastructure in Jumilla (16/11/2009)
    This was decided, the municipal groups and the educational community in a meeting at which it was reported the availability of 10,000 square meters for that purpose
  • Jumilla Intur will attend the International Tourism Fair of Spain's most important interior (16/11/2009)

  • At the end of this November will be conducting a basic course on volunteering (16/11/2009)
    Those interested should contact the Social Services Centre in Calle Ramón y Cajal, 8 and fill out a registration form
  • The church of San José welcomes, until 27 November, the curious exhibition 'Nature mutant' (16/11/2009)
    The author is José Francisco Martínez Jiménez and she collected works of photography, sculpture and videos
  • Jumilla has begun in a social skills course attended by 16 people (16/11/2009)
    The objective is to promote social skills acquisition and employment of a group of risk and social exclusion
  • Jumilla hosts, this Saturday 21 November, a regional gathering of students in the program Nueve.e (16/11/2009)
    be a total of 120 young people from the Union Institute, Archena, Abanilla, Eagles, and Jumilla Alguazas
  • Finish weatherization work of the doctor in the neighborhood of San Juan (13/11/2009)
    Health Councilman José Luis Monreal has indicated that the cost has been assumed by the City, "although the room is used by the Health Service of Murcia"
  • The Jumillano Eduardo Manuel Gea Martinez wins the contest poster for Christmas this year (13/11/2009)
    In total 45 papers were submitted from various parts of the region and other parts of Spain and Navarra
  • Official Program acts "santa cecilia 2009" - Jumilla (12/11/2009)

  • The Jumilla CF offered in a simple ceremony, the Federation Cup to City Council (12/11/2009)
    The mayor and the president said in their statements, which must aspire to achieve promotion to Segunda B "because the team deserves it and also Jumilla "
  • This Friday opens November 13 in the chapel of San José, the exhibition 'Nature mutant' (12/11/2009)
    The opening is at 18:00 pm, the exhibition will remain until 27 November and will be open Tuesday through Sunday, from 17:00 to 19:30
  • Jumilla will be the people invited on national days of Exaltation XXV Drum Hellín 2010 (12/11/2009)
    This conference will be held in March, namely 12, 13 and 14
  • The cover of Vico Theatre will rehabilitate under the cultural program from 1% of the Ministry of Development (12/11/2009)
    The period of execution of the works is ten months, and after signing the agreement before the end of the year, work commence in early 2010
  • The program of reception and care of immigrants includes a meeting, workshops, films, competitions and exhibitions (11/11/2009)
    Most are aimed at the general population within the integration policies developed by this council.
  • Three competitions will take place during the week Intercultural (11/11/2009)
    Poster Competition, a contest drawing and logo contest
  • On Sunday November 15 is celebrated Monastell III Trail Mountain, organized by the Group Hinneni (11/11/2009)
    This test has the support of the Department of Sports and is included in the Cup Murcia Region Mountain Races
  • Jumilla participates in a food fair held in Alicante until 11 November (10/11/2009)
    through the departments of Agriculture and Tourism and with the regulator of wine, pears and cheese
  • A friendly meeting with veterans of Jumilla Murcia and mark the Silver Jubilee of the field 'La Hoya' (10/11/2009)
    The game will take place on Friday 20 November from 19:30, as confirmed by Councilman José Luis Monreal Sports
  • Granted, provisionally, the construction of the new athletics track of the municipal sports 'La Hoya' (10/11/2009)
    In the press conference of the Local Board, the Mayor has reviewed the budgets of the Autonomous Community and the items concerning the town of Jumilla
  • The autumn festivals of 2010 will be from 12 to 22, as adopted, unanimously, Celebration City Council (10/11/2009)
    This council met last week with the assistance of about 30 people, including local groups and representatives of groups and associations Jumillano
  • On Sunday November 15 marks the Third Meeting of crews and craft shows (10/11/2009)
    Square will be on top after 11 am and are part of the Gastronomic Week activities being held Jumilla
  • Jumilla acoje for the first time, the final Regional Championship Chess Team (09/11/2009)
    The event brings together 42 teams, with about 170 players and will develop in the breeding room Bodegas San Isidro
  • Francisco Abellán states that "Valcarcel again renege on its commitments, leaving the highway selling olive-jumilla for 2014" (09/11/2009)
    As the Mayor of Jumilla "President of the Autonomous Communities do not meet the commitments signed with the Ministry of Development in that this stretch of motorway had to bid before Venta del Olivo-Caravaca "
  • Four writers recited some of his poems in literary prize winners 'Ciudad de Jumilla' (09/11/2009)
    The councilman of Culture announced in his speech, the president of the jury for the next edition which will be the Nadal Prize in 2000, Lorenzo Silva
  • About a thousand people participated in the third day of coexistence on Saturday in Santa Ana (09/11/2009)
    Organized by the FAMP in collaboration with the Department of Social Policy, under the Drug Addiction Prevention Plan
  • 12,000 euros for the anthropological study of the necropolis of the Via Santa Maria de Jumilla (06/11/2009)

  • It seeks assistance from the Jumillano and Jumillano to submit proposals for Hypnos Awards (06/11/2009)
    The deadline for proposals close on December 30 this year at 14:00.
  • The Federation Rocks of the Harvest Festival created a working committee and various committees (06/11/2009)
    These working groups will discuss various aspects of the holiday as the Grand Parade of Wine.
  • Abellán, "Jumilla and Yecla must join together to raise a common strategy in the region" (06/11/2009)
    Jumilla Mayor expressed his support for the claims of Juan Miguel Benedito Regional Government criticized for its lack of investment into the city
  • Development has earmarked more than 533,000 euros to cover replacing Vico in Jumilla Teatro (04/11/2009)

  • On Friday, November 6 some of the literary prize winners will offer a poetry (03/11/2009)
    is a framed activity 'November Cultural' and will take place in the classroom culture of CAM at 20:30
  • Provisionally awarded work on the new Road Safety Centre amounting to 318,754 euros (03/11/2009)
    was one of the themes of the Bureau of Contracting and Local Board, which also has granted an extension to the works of the road to Santa Ana
  • The mayor, the project manager and members of the media, visited the collective center (02/11/2009)
    The purpose of the visit is to learn what the local media members and their proposals
  • The Platform for the Defence and Public Health Improving the Altiplano requests the establishment of a local board of health (02/11/2009)
    This demand was made during a ceremony in which he gave a talk the prestigious Vidal psychiatrist Diego José Palao

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