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  • The mayor and council reduces the salary released in response to municipal austerity plan (30/06/2010)
    yesterday approved the budget amendment to address this reduction is 6% in response to marked by the FEMP
  • Five hundred free sterilization and microchipping at half price to combat the drop in Jumilla (30/06/2010)
    A team of German veterinary spend several weeks in Jumilla for these sterilizations, both dogs and cats
  • José García Martínez proclaim the XXXIX issue of the Harvest Festival in Jumilla (30/06/2010)
    The appointment will be on Thursday 15 July in the CAM and previously Plácido Guardiola will present the official journal of the Party
  • The municipal school football and soccer Jumilla merge base bringing together about 200 players (30/06/2010)
    It is now called 'Escuela Municipal Jumilla Grassroots' and will feature two teams in each of the categories, from Benjamin to youth
  • The municipality of Jumilla, in collaboration with the Abraham Project, promotes the recycling of clothing, footwear and toys (30/06/2010)
    Merchants can apply in the Service Environment, cardboard boxes to help in this collection
  • Inauguration of the I sample of the work done by students craft workshops (30/06/2010)
    This exhibition features over fifty works of 32 students, is located in the Artisan's House and can be seen until 30 July
  • The Association of Merchants and EMCF suggest postponing the VAT rise on the occasion of the sales period (30/06/2010)
    According to reports from the Merchants Association Expoboda in Jumilla
  • The health authorities confirmed an outbreak of measles in Jumilla concluded (29/06/2010)
    The Health Center's coordinator, Dr. José Casas states that "since 6 weeks is not declared any new case, so we can confirm that the outbreak Measles terminating "
  • The mayor insists that Jumilla be included in the Commonwealth of Channels Taibilla (29/06/2010)
    So I went to the president of the Segura basin with which held a meeting to discuss the Altiplano minitrasvase del Segura
  • Abellán: "The Court of Auditors may investigate the accounts of the regional television 7 Region de Murcia" (29/06/2010)
    Following the acceptance by the Joint Commission for relations with the ECA, a proposal by Senator Francisco Abellán socialist
  • The council calls on Valcárcel a solution to the declaration of ruin records of various properties (29/06/2010)
    was one of the issues which the Local Board also approved municipal land offer the company Hispania Racing Team to be installed in Jumilla
  • The Community Irrigation Miraflores could use water from the sewage treatment plant (29/06/2010)
    So it moved Jumilla mayor and the president of Miraflores, the president of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura (CHS)
  • The municipality of Jumilla is threatening the works for the new school in the municipality (29/06/2010)
    Before the announcement of the Autonomous Community of up to three years to defer payment of the works in 22 schools in the region
  • El Castillo had hosted the Fourth Meeting of Choirs' Ciudad de Jumilla " (28/06/2010)
    Polyphonic Choir participated in Sax Alicante San Blas, Coral Estella Maris Björk San Javier Murcia and hosts the Coral Jumillano Canticorum
  • The Castle hosts, this Saturday, June 26, the fourth meeting of corals' Ciudad de Jumilla " (25/06/2010)
    Organized by the Coral Canticorum and sponsored by the Department of Culture, the event is from 21:00 pm
  • On Tuesday 29 June, opens an exhibition of works in a crafts courses (25/06/2010)
    The opening will be at 19:30 pm in the Artisan's House, on Calle del Rico, No. 12
  • A total of 32 unemployed participate in workshops to use thanks to a grant of EUR 691,249 SEF (23/06/2010)
    The arrangements for these workshops will Painting, Geriatrics and home help, and will begin on October 1, 2010
  • The Department of Services installed a fence round the playground of the West (23/06/2010)
    At the request of parents of children playing area of Jumilla
  • The regional president greets members of the Central Board of the Brotherhood of Holy Week Jumilla (23/06/2010)

  • Benjamin Love Presents 'Murcia, Legend and Mystery' which has already reached its fourth edition (23/06/2010)
    It's a popular publication that collects stories of the region, including several of Jumilla and came after a visit from author to Thriving Jumillano Muñoz
  • José María Fernández de Vinotería The Kirin, voted "Pisaor of Honour 2010 ' (23/06/2010)
    From the Federation of Peñas also reports that the Child of the Grapes will return next Saturday from Jumilla Monasterio de Santa Ana
  • La Peña organizes the ditch Futsal Tournament VIII 'Harvest Festival' (23/06/2010)
    The deadline for registration ends on Sunday 27 June
  • Municipal Public Library informs DST (21/06/2010)
    Both the children's room as the adults will be closed from 9 to 22 August
  • Emotional act Hypnos Awards in its 2009 session (21/06/2010)
    took place last Friday in the courtyard of the castle of Jumilla, with the assistance of about 200 people
  • Approved the acceptance of two grants to the conservatory and the home care program (21/06/2010)
    Were any of the items discussed at the Local Board this week, which announced agreements Mayor Francisco Abellán
  • The beginning next July 1 the summer playgrounds for children between 5 and 12 years (21/06/2010)
    Entries must be made 24 to 28 June in the Social Services Center located at street corner Canalejas Dionisio Guardiola
  • Submission blog 'Agenda Jumilla' created by the Department of Citizenship (21/06/2010)
    According to the council in this area Ildefonso Jimenez "The goal is to keep citizens informed through social networks and internet"
  • The book 'Murcia, legend and mystery' includes references to Jumilla, Santa Ana and abduction (18/06/2010)
    will be presented by its author Benjamin Love, on Monday 21 June at 20:30 in classroom culture CAM
  • It will ask the Health Service of Murcia to finance the ambulance, as it does in other municipalities (18/06/2010)
    The socialist municipal group has filed a motion denouncing the Cooperation Agreement signed with the SMS in 2007 and had a duration of 4 years to review its contents
  • The Municipal Group PSOE will ask the Regional Government to propose that the 7RM director is appointed by the Regional Assembly (17/06/2010)
    They do this by a motion which will be discussed in the next plenary session in June
  • Francisco Pardo gave a talk on 'the art of wine making throughout history' (17/06/2010)
    It was another of the acts included in the cultural program being developed by the Federation of Peñas Harvest Festival
  • Consuelo Jiménez de Cisneros has been presented in Jumilla, his book "That light, sonnets, those shadows & 24 ' (17/06/2010)
    The writer praised the initiative of' Library presents'," to be a varied program, with different genres and many authors "
  • Dance, theater, flamenco, juggling and acrobatics come together this Saturday at the Castillo de Jumilla with 'kooks' (16/06/2010)
    The event is from 22:00 hours and the work is of the Andalusian company Albadulake
  • An exhibition gathers more than a hundred workshops conducted in the People's University of Jumilla (16/06/2010)
    The exhibition was inaugurated on Monday and can be seen in the classroom culture of the CAM until 24 June
  • Emiliano Hernández, "Jumilla is the head of the old wine" (16/06/2010)
    ICV president gave a talk yesterday in the Cultural Week of the Federation of Peñas Harvest Festival
  • Self-employed and SMEs can apply today's new direct lending ICO (16/06/2010)
    As reported by the Socialist Senator Francisco Abellán "These loans are intended to finance business investment and liquidity needs"
  • ASAJA Murcia premiere facilities in the Sociocultural Centre Roque Baños de Jumilla (15/06/2010)

  • The socialist municipal group presented a motion in support of self-employed workers in the region (15/06/2010)
    In the Region of Murcia autonomous over 155,000 will benefit from the bill approved on the initiative of the Government of Zapatero
  • Culture Minister opens in Jumilla Socio Cultural Center Roque Baños (15/06/2010)

  • Culture Minister Socio Cultural Center opens Roque Baños (15/06/2010)
    At the event were the Mayor of Jumilla Francisco Abellán, the Government Delegate Rafael Gonzalez and Roque Baños itself, among others
  • The municipality of Jumilla back to win the trial of the pastor (14/06/2010)
    As the Supreme Court annulled the decision process of Santa Ana del Monte Jumilla Golf
  • Francisco Olivares Jiménez, has been named as 'Farmer of the Year 2010' (14/06/2010)
    It was the act which started the Cultural Week of the 39 Harvest Festival and also presented the activities of this year
  • The local police arrested a man on suspicion of theft of cable in different areas of Jumilla (11/06/2010)
    The man was caught "red handed" while attempting to steal cable lighting in the industrial area of the Cerro del Castillo
  • More than fifty people attended the III Jornada Jumilla Communication dedicated to journalism and political corruption " (10/06/2010)

  • The Department of Commerce announced that the Fair Outlet will be open to all traders (10/06/2010)
    This statement is the result of the information published by Expoboda after a meeting with the director general of Commerce
  • Jumilla Mayor meets June 24 with the head of the Demarcation of Roads to discuss various issues relating to the highway (10/06/2010)

  • The Merchants Association ExpoBoda Jumilla regrets the attitude of councilman of Commerce to organize the fair I Outlet (10/06/2010)

  • Submitted a complaint to the Ombudsman is to "discriminatory treatment" to the town of Jumilla in Murcia 7 (08/06/2010)
    was one of the topics discussed at the Local Board this week which also approved the filing of a complaint by the failure of DTT
  • Thanks to restoration work has recovered the last floor of the Museum of Ethnography (08/06/2010)
    Work completed in the month of June and have a cost of 194,800 euros made by the Commonwealth Travel Services of the Northeast (120,000) and the rest part of the Ministry of Culture
  • Jumilla Castle will be the stage for a dance theater Varuma vertical (08/06/2010)
    will be on Saturday June 12 from 22:00 pm and tickets are priced at 5 euros
  • Francisco Abellán gave the council a total of fifteen pictures for the social center Roque Baños (07/06/2010)
    Jumilla mayor has already given his other paintings that can be seen on the premises of the Municipal House of Culture
  • This Friday will be held the appointment of the farmer of the year and the presentation of the 39 events harvest festival (07/06/2010)
    The distinction was awarded to the person of Francisco Olivares grower and the act will be developed from the castle from 20:30 pm
  • A total of 16 students attended in Jumilla, a monitor during football (07/06/2010)
    The course of the Football Federation of the Region of Murcia, takes place in the classroom to the heated pool and lasts until late June
  • The Socialist Municipal Group presented a motion to ask the CCAA program dotacioens keep active employment policy (07/06/2010)
    About The agreement will make the transfer to the President and the spokespersons of the parliamentary groups of the Regional Assembly
  • The school Prince Philip has won the first prize bio + local + life on one of their categories (07/06/2010)
    The prize was a visit to the Central Solar Photovoltaic Renewable Clerk, and Charcas Bitter Celia Mines
  • The Federation of Peñas presents the cultural week of the 39th celebration of the harvest and the instrument of appointment of a farmer of the Year (04/06/2010)
    This act, with the collaboration of the Institute for Wine Culture will be held on Friday 11 June at 20:30
  • This weekend there will be new activities 'X Street' (04/06/2010)
    A program of the Department of Culture, which highlights the performance, on Sunday June 6, classroom Theatre institutes, at 12:30 at the door Informajoven Center
  • Developed several activities to commemorate the World Environment Day (04/06/2010)
    were held on Thursday 3 June, with a conference of the Association four legs, Juncellus, and Escribano Hinneni Renewable Group and the award of the First Competition '+ BIO LIFE + '
  • Assigned for 32 municipal local associations and groups that have applied in response to the ordinance (03/06/2010)
    These allocations have been approved in full and as of June 15 beneficiaries will be able to use them
  • The council will submit a complaint about the failure to broadcast DTT (03/06/2010)
    This was confirmed by Councilman Jesus Sanchez New Technologies added "the council is not responsible, whatsoever, of this fault, either in repair "
  • Adopted by a vote of the PSOE in urging the governments of Murcia and Spain who undertake law reform local finances (02/06/2010)
    He was one of the topics covered in the middle where he also passed a motion of the PSOE to Jumilla included in the Commonwealth Taibilla Channel
  • On Friday June 4 Jumilla are held in the "Third Conference on Communication" (02/06/2010)
    The appointment will be at 19:00 hours in the CAM and this year is dedicated to 'journalism and political corruption'
  • Presented the book "A Brief History of the Region of Murcia" Juan González Castaño (02/06/2010)
    It's other activities included in the Series 'The Library Presents'
  • More than 5,000 people have visited the castle Jumilla which has submitted its cultural programming (02/06/2010)
    It has also unveiled the promotional campaign was launched on the strength and includes a spot in theaters Murcia
  • On Saturday 5 June, will be a concert under the "En100de the Night" (01/06/2010)
    The appointment will be at 21:00 hours 'Skatepark' at Ronda Poniente and there will be displays of skateboarding and graffiti
  • You can submit pre-registrations for swimming lessons in the summer pool (01/06/2010)
    June 15 will conduct the draw for the formalization of the inscriptions.
  • From 5 to 23 June, the poet Lorenzo Paseo Guardiola Book Fair hosts the Old and Used (01/06/2010)
    Organized by the Department of Culture, through the Public Library, in collaboration with Ramón Urbano Libros
  • The Civil Guard, a clandestine laboratory cutting cocaine (01/06/2010)
    two people have been detained as suspects of a crime against public health

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