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  • El Roque Baños hosts the conference "The drum on Easter: History and Tradition" (31/03/2014)
    Official Chronicler of the National Conference of Exaltation of Drum and Bass and a former professor at Dartmouth College (USA) will be responsible for driving the paper devoted to the drum
  • The departments of Services Celebrations & Traffic final details of the preventive security for Easter 2014 (31/03/2014)
    Routes, road closures, signage, street cleaning and lighting, were some of the topics during the meeting concretized
  • Students of the Conservatory of Music "Julian Santos" features music teaching value of the municipality (31/03/2014)
    Alumni / ae 1 and 6 during the Orchestra of the Conservatory, along with performances by pianists Mary and Amaya Gilar Goicoechea completed the intense concert program
  • The Board initiated the contract dossier Sommelier Course which will be held in the town (31/03/2014)
    The course is designed for 15 people of the town you can get an certificadote professionalism Sumillería level 3, and the registration period is open until next Friday, April 11
  • Three students from various educational center of the town, made his internship at the City (28/03/2014)
    Mayor and Councilman of Internal Affairs and staff welcome the three students who will attend a total of 380 hours of practice in various services City of Jumilla
  • Cinema, theater and concerts height will be featured acts of the cultural agenda of the weekend in Jumilla (28/03/2014)
    The film "Remember," the concert of the Conservatory orchestra and band, the X Anniversary Guarafía, "Sunday Panes "in the Castle, and the book" Conversations with Mom "with culture unmissable
  • On Tuesday the registration period opens for the new school year at the CAI "Arsenal" Jumilla (28/03/2014)
    From 1 April to Wednesday, April 16, may submit applications for the registration of alumni / ae for the 2014/2015 course at the Center for Child Care
  • The artistic and culinary talent of young and is awarded in the activities of the First Week of Queso de Murcia Jumilla (28/03/2014)
    The First Week of cheese ends in Jumilla with a success of participation, both in competition jumillanas pies, as in the drawing, in which more than 400 students
  • Gea Rovira extending their knowledge about Christ at the Column, this time, from his historical literature (28/03/2014)
    The Mayor and the Councillor for Culture, highlight its extensive experience in the world of letters and thank the ongoing collaboration with the City of Jumilla on culture
  • Councilman Education encourages schools in the municipality, to participate in the 'ControlaTIC' program (27/03/2014)
    It is an initiative promoted by the Community to promote safe and responsible use of new technologies among students 11 to 14 years
  • Tomorrow Friday the deadline for registration to course funded by the SEF Sumillería opens (27/03/2014)
    15 unemployed people will benefit from the course, which will obtain a professional certificate level 3
  • Tomorrow Friday at the Teatro Vico, film session to "remember" the master Alfred Hitchcock (27/03/2014)

  • The Board of Free Internet access is already up (27/03/2014)
    All persons of the town you need access to internet may do so free of charge from Monday to Saturday at different times in the House of Culture Don Jose Yague
  • The Community launched in Jumilla advisory service 'Find Your Place' to encourage investment in industrial land (27/03/2014)
    It's a service that facilitates the search for industrial land available in the region through an online real estate stock www.encuentratusitio . com
  • The Winemaking Laboratory Jumilla gets the ENAC accreditation certifies, at the international level, the quality of wines from Murcia (27/03/2014)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water along with the mayor, has the accreditation to act as a seal of quality assurance and impact in foreign sales of wines from the region
  • On Thursday Jumilla activities are initiated on the occasion of the Week of Cheese (26/03/2014)
    On Thursday, March 27, Jumilla held as a competition patties with cheese and a cooking show by Juan Antonio Pellicer
  • Juan and María Galiana Echanove stop in Jumilla with the play "Conversations with Mom" (26/03/2014)
    The performance will take place this Sunday, at 20.30, and tickets can be purchased at the box office of Teatro Vico, Wednesday and Friday from 18.00 to 20.00
  • Gea Rovira conference held tomorrow "My historical literature on Christ at the Column" (26/03/2014)
    The conference will take place tomorrow at 20.00 hours CajaMurcia, and in it the rapporteur will provide little known and unpublished data on the experiences of Brotherhood and Holy Week
  • Diabetes, Parkinson's disease or Crohn might have originated in Neanderthals (26/03/2014)
    Professor Sebastian José Carrión Jumilla offered a conference on the ecological and evolutionary context Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens connection with
  • The Guarafía celebrates its tenth anniversary with a gala at the Teatro Vico full of surprises (25/03/2014)
    During the evening will be granted for the first time in the town, the "bio-inspiration" award to persons or entities engaged in the environment
  • Children of Jumilla held this year on Sunday Breads Castillo (25/03/2014)
    a series of workshops and sports activities for both children and for parents to accompany, ending with a great hot chocolate will be developed
  • The Municipal Auditorium Music hosts numerous auditions to mark the completion of the 2nd assessment center (25/03/2014)
    On Friday, March 28, at Bodegas BSI, will take place the concert of the orchestra and band Conservatory, which will be accompanied by the performance of the piano soloists Amaya and María Goicoechea Gilar
  • Equality reports of the conference for the social inclusion of women victims of violence organized by OMEP (25/03/2014)
    The origin and consequences of violence, social and professional integration of victims, and measures and incentives to recruitment will be some of the issues exposed during the days
  • The City initiated efforts to address failures in issuing some TV channels in the town (25/03/2014)
    Last week, the Department was contacted maintenance company to service, Abertis, to demand the immediate solution
  • One hundred purple robes Calanda accompany the presentation of the National Conference of Drum and Bass Drum Jumilla 2015 (24/03/2014)
    The Mayor and Councilman Celebration presented in Calanda, the XXX National Conference of Drum and Bass drum, which will host the year Jumilla next
  • The City of Jumilla launches advisory service "Find Your Place" aimed at the business sector in the region (24/03/2014)
    It is put together the business sector looking location for your business, with owners who advertise their available spaces, INFO and through the City of Jumilla
  • The City Council approved major works with licensing enforcement budgets exceeding 3 ½ million euros (24/03/2014)
    The Governing Board adds to mourn the death yesterday of former President Adolfo Suarez
  • Tomorrow will be a conference "The Neanderthals scene ecological context of evolution and extinction." (24/03/2014)
    The conference will be led by José Sebastián Jumillano Carrión García, Professor of Evolution at the University of Murcia
  • The Music of Julian Santos, Bugles and Drums, Featured weekend appointments at the Teatro Vico (21/03/2014)
    The XX Homage to the Flag of the Musical Association Julian Santos, and the sixth edition of the Bugle and Drum Contest "City of Jumilla ", are all to complete the deal by Teatro Vico
  • And Traffic Services beginning with repainting and replacement of the horizontal and vertical signaling municipality (21/03/2014)
    The performances are included in the signaling improvements in the village, provided by the departments and Traffic Services 2014
  • Laughs to celebrate Father's Day in the CAI (21/03/2014)
    About twenty people, young and old, celebrate Father's Day with laughter therapy workshop organized by the Department of Fair CAI
  • The Classroom Free Internet access will be launched this Thursday (21/03/2014)
    The classroom will have 15 computers, which will be freely accessible to all people in the town who need this service, Monday through Saturday at the House of Culture Don Jose Yague
  • Tonight Calanda be presented at the National Conference XXX Drum and Bass Drum Jumilla 2015 (21/03/2014)
    Jumilla Mayor, Councilman Celebration Association Drums and Blood of Christ, will be representing our county in Calanda for this weekend week
  • Children of Jumilla learn the importance of volcanology with the next child activity (20/03/2014)
    will take place on Saturday, March 21, at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences Jerónimo Molina, and will begin at 11:00
  • The City teaches various modules to students of equal employment workshop and working group social inclusion (20/03/2014)
    sex-gender theory and its influence on gender stereotypes, coeducation, causes and prevention of violence against women and employment discrimination are some of the concepts worked
  • The Mayor will visit some of the works that are running in public places of the municipality (20/03/2014)
    Part of the stairs del Rey Don Pedro, the scaffolding of the House of Molina, or Multipurpose Room of the Museum of Ethnography are some actions completed
  • The wines of Jumilla undergo the opinion of review in the twentieth Quality Contest Jumilla Wines (20/03/2014)
    The days have started tasting this morning, for the first time in the Interpretation Centre Jumilla Wine
  • Jumilla celebrates the week with a contest Cheese pies with cheese and a cooking show by Juan Antonio Pellicer (18/03/2014)
    From 24 to 28 March, in the main growing cities of cheese in the Region, the Week will be held from Queso de Murcia in order to advertise and promote the consumption of this food
  • The Mayor welcomes runners of infant Minicopa of Spain 2014 (18/03/2014)
    Children's CFS Montesinos were received yesterday by authorities as genuine winners, family, supporters and players of the first team after his second place in Logroño
  • Thirty students and French students visit Jumilla in an exchange program with IES Archbishop Lozano (18/03/2014)
    For one week, students will visit Murcia, Cartagena, Cieza and the most representative sites of Jumilla
  • XX Contest Opens Jumilla Wine Quality international tasting (18/03/2014)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the president of the Jumilla present the new edition of this wine, which is celebrated on 20 and 21 March
  • The Arm defend their declared of Intangible Cultural Heritage through an antique costumes (17/03/2014)
    About 25 costumes, some of the nineteenth century, and a total of 17 panels illustrating the history of the Arm of Jumilla, in the exhibition which houses the Museum of Ethnography until April 6
  • The Holy Week is felt in Jumilla with the appointment of the Nazarene of Honor and the Proclamation of the tamboradas 2014 (17/03/2014)
    Antonio Verdú was named Nazarene Honor, Francisco Abellan Drummer of Honor and the mayor of Calanda, commissioned to proclaim the Tambordas 2014
  • IU-Green explains the overall economic situation of the City: You need 7.6 million euros (17/03/2014)

  • The mayor reported the positive evolution of annual registered unemployment in Jumilla (17/03/2014)
    Jumilla is located at number 12 of the 45 municipalities in the region, the best year performance has experienced unemployment in the past year
  • Equality Celebrates Father's Day with laughter therapy workshop for parents with children (17/03/2014)
    The workshop will be free for children from 4 years and will take place on Wednesday, March 19, from 11.00 to 12.30 hrs CAI "Arsenal" Jumilla
  • The Holy Week begins to make a significant dent in the cultural agenda of the municipality (14/03/2014)
    The exhibition on ancient costumes of "Arm" from Jumilla Nazareth act of Honor 2014 tamboradas Proclamation of the highlights of the weekend
  • The Cheese RCDO Murcia organizes a drawing competition for schoolchildren in the municipality on the occasion of the Week of Cheese Region (14/03/2014)
    During the week 23 to 28 March in various cities of the Community among which includes Jumilla, is They conducted numerous activities to promote knowledge of cheeses Murcia
  • Gea Rovira discloses relevant historical data in his lecture on the Monastery of Santa Ana (14/03/2014)
    Your foundation and its times of greatest decay before its splendor, were some of the points raised by Manuel Gea Rovira in his paper on the Monastery of Sana Ana
  • Gardens reset about 250 specimens of plants and vegetation in the 14 gardens and green areas of the municipality (13/03/2014)
    Daisies, roses, lavender, or jasmine winter will be some of the replacements to be made in the gardens of the city, which 300 copies will add seasonal flowers
  • Etonografía Museum will host an exhibition on ancient costumes of the "Arm" from Jumilla (13/03/2014)
    The inauguration took place on Friday at 20:00 pm, and the exhibition will run until April 6
  • The director general in Jumilla SEF highlights significant advances in employment policies of the Region (13/03/2014)
    The mayor and the general manager of SEF visit to students who are participating in the joint employment and training program on the Local Tourism Promotion and Visitor information
  • IU-Greens calls open recruitment processes for all companies jumillanas (13/03/2014)

  • Gea Rovira addresses the light and shadow of the Convent of Sana Ana during the conference will be held tomorrow (12/03/2014)
    Titled "Convento de Santa Ana, bran and glorious," Rovira Gea reveals some of the thorniest issues from its founding to the present day
  • Equality offers a workshop to parents of Jumilla for family learning (12/03/2014)
    The workshop will be freely accessible, and will take place on Friday, March 14 at CAI, where will also feature complimentary babysitting
  • The City of Jumilla, ordered to pay 10,000 euros for organizing a conference held in 2008 the UGT (12/03/2014)
    The judgment confirms the payment obligation of the City of Jumilla, the bill for the organization of a conference of the UGT Jumilla is held in May 2008, and never made effective
  • The City of Jumilla again with closes 2013 with a surplus balance of almost 4 million (11/03/2014)
    Alicia Abellan "arrived in 2011 with a cash balance of less than EUR 4 million, and we have managed to close 2013 with 4 million euro but positive "
  • Morning Jumilla reaches the magic show "You think you're weird?" Javi Martin to benefit 4 Paws Jumilla (11/03/2014)

  • "Part to part got a Museum" musters nearly twenty schools in the Museum of Archaeology (11/03/2014)
    The next child activity will be held on Saturday, March 22, and she will learn how the earth was formed, and how a volcano is composed
  • Jumilla City Council observed a minute's silence in memory of the victims of 11-M (11/03/2014)

  • Jumilla celebrates International Women's Day with a day of living with cultural background in women's (10/03/2014)
    The Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, Plaza Arch Top or San Roque, were among the sites they visited more than 60 people participated in the "Jumilla feminine" activity
  • The Bearded Trail I end up being a success in participation and organization (10/03/2014)
    More than 500 runners participated in the test, which came out the winner in the premier class, five-time champion Spain, Raul Garcia Castan
  • PP denounce Councilman Jumilla for "flouting" of the Virgin Mary (10/03/2014)
    Seun EACA, Councilman celebrations "made fun" of the Virgin Mary during the carnivals held in the locality
  • The Templars of Jumilla sent a letter to the mayor supporting "unconditionally" Councilman Antonio Valero (09/03/2014)

  • The Templars of Jumilla edit their program of cultural performances two thousand and fourteen (08/03/2014)
    Jumillano Professor José Miguel Noguera Celdran, Cartagena Polytechnic, Lieutenant Junior Grade Diego Quevedo Carmona and Naval Museum of Cartagena close ranks with the Templar activities in the prison Murcia region II
  • Civil Guard, Civil Defence volunteers, firefighters and rescuers helicopter involved in the search for missing youth in Jumilla (08/03/2014)

  • Tovar: "It's time for a change to a listless Regional Government" (08/03/2014)
    González Tovar has made it a priority to finish off the A33 stop is two years, as well as connections to the Venta del Olivo, Fuente Álamo or Carche
  • DGT provide different material to teach road safety in schools in the municipality (07/03/2014)
    The Mayor chairs the Governing Board of the Children's Traffic Centre, which has named the center monitor, Corporal Anton Gomez, coordinator of the same unanimously
  • Music Theatre, I Bearded Trail, and Woman's Day, main activities this weekend in Jumilla (07/03/2014)
    The town offered throughout the weekend various cultural, sporting and social activities for all ages and ages
  • The Jumilla Wine Route selected as one of the twelve most visible Spain (07/03/2014)
    PREDIF selected twelve routes analyzed to guide flights in Spain Oenology Accessible to everyone
  • The CFS Montesino Jumilla involved in the campaign "out there" in the fight against gender violence (07/03/2014)
    During March, the players of the most representative clubs in the Region will wear shirts with the slogan "Out There"
  • Workshop "Speaking Equality" makes visible the importance of including gender in everyday language (07/03/2014)
    During the workshop language as thoughts builder worked with the aim of promoting the use of non-sexist language that promotes inclusive creating egalitarian societies
  • The Councillor for Culture visits the works are being completed in the Multipurpose Room of the Museum of Ethnography (07/03/2014)
    The Chamber will be reopened on Tuesday, with the exhibition of old suits "Arm", which will take place at 20.00 in the Museum of Ethnography
  • Enrique Jimenez attends the meeting of the Covenant of Mayors, which has presented the European project 'Elena' (06/03/2014)
    The regional government will help the municipalities in the region to enforce their energy efficiency projects generating investments of 40 million euros
  • The Band of Bugles and Drums "Ecce Homo" presents his new repertoire on Sunday at the Teatro Vico (06/03/2014)
    The band will present their own new marches he composed his musical director, Joaquín Fernández Yelo and new musicians who join training
  • Calabuig: "Decisions cater to reconcile the rights of workers with their obligations to serve the public" (06/03/2014)
    Personal highlights Councilman legality with which it has acted at all times in the measures taken with workers municipal and points to the dialogue as a means to resolve disputes
  • Tomorrow the repair pavement on the street Milanos start (06/03/2014)
    It is expected that the works completed before Easter, and during this time, traffic will be diverted towards Salzillo Street to end at Baron Solar
  • The Mayor confirmed that Antonio Valero will continue in his position as head of Celebration (06/03/2014)
    The mayor publicly expressed his full support to the councilman, and highlights that beyond the error, which was very great, is his "great work as councilor Celebrations Jumilla "
  • Jumillano songwriter Andrés Martínez, presents his latest album "Wherever you take the air" this Saturday at the Teatro Vico (05/03/2014)
    The concert will take place at 20.00, and tickets will cost 6 euros in armchair, 5 euros in audience and stage, and 4 euros in general
  • Over 500 "bandits athletes" participate this weekend in the Trail Bearded hosting I Jumilla (05/03/2014)
    The test took place on Sunday the Regional Park of the Sierra Carche, and it's already half thousand registered runners come 10 different regions
  • ... (05/03/2014)

  • The Local Board of Public Safety meets to bring together various topics related to the safety of the municipality (05/03/2014)
    During Holy Week the Guardia Civil stringent checks in fields, and in conjunction with the local police, conducted numerous control actions and security at the entrances of the village
  • The Socialists were pleased that finally see counseling tourism potential of promoting wine tourism (04/03/2014)

  • The City is working with a special campaign to Sunset microchip in pets (04/03/2014)
    In the next 3 months, those owners / as who want to identify their animals may do so at a reduced price of 25 euros in the three veterinary clinics the resort
  • Statement of the Personnel Board of the City of Jumilla, formed by the union representatives of the Central: CSIF, UGT, CCOO and SIME (04/03/2014)

  • The Department of Equality starts the week with the Women in Equality Drawing Competition III (04/03/2014)
    Workshops, exhibitions, cinema, storytelling and a day of living are those activities that occur in Jumilla from 4 to 14 March to mark the Day Women
  • "Part to part got a museum" will be the next child activity this weekend (04/03/2014)
    Younger know which elements make up the museum and why and how a permanent exhibition takes place
  • Conclude XVI in Madrid the national days of prison ministry with over one hundred NGOs, including the Templars of Jumilla (03/03/2014)
    More than five thousand volunteers make up the bulk of the Spanish branch of the church dedicated to the prisoner before, during and after imprisonment
  • Jumilla delivers first digital awards in its history (03/03/2014)
    ​​ Buerruezo, IES Infanta Elena, 4 Paws Jumilla, Most Appliances, the blog "Wine Know" Eco Jumilla Jumilla YoYo Montesinos and Sport, winners of the Awards I Web "Ciudad de Jumilla
  • The Second Carnival Parade brings hundreds of people to the streets to enjoy the color of this event (03/03/2014)
    Carnival Party consolidates in Jumilla with hundreds of people on the street enjoying the activities planned by Celebrations
  • Antonio Valero: "I apologize if anyone has been able to feel offended, it was not intended" (03/03/2014)
    Celebrations Councilman Antonio Valero, expressed his public apology to all those who have felt offended by his disguise
  • Contracted work remodeling Milanos Street (03/03/2014)
    Tastings twentieth Quality Contest "DOP Jumilla Wines" will be held in the Interpretation Centre Wine
  • "Not everything is in carnival" (03/03/2014)
    Note the Diocese of Cartagena
  • Roque Baños award at the International Film Music Critics Awards (01/03/2014)
    Jumilla composer gets awards for best soundtrack in the category of film fantasy, science fiction or horror and the piece for 'Evil Dead'

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