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  • The Municipal School of Music in Jumilla organized for the month of July a summer workshop (30/05/2014)
    Coordination between music and movement, introduction to violin lessons, tutoring, educational musical games, and various outdoor activities are some of the concepts that work in the shop
  • The child activity "One child, one vote" and the Book Fair Old and Used, are some of the cultural events of the weekend (30/05/2014)

  • Iberian Woman returns home (30/05/2014)
    Having roamed cities like Mula, Castellón de la Plana, Benicarlo, Girona, Murcia and Avilés, the exhibition "Views of the Iberian woman" again Jumilla
  • The School of Music and the Conservatory of Jumilla, presented the actions planned for May and June (29/05/2014)
    The students of the School of Music and the Conservatory of Jumilla, have begun auditions Prom
  • Educational Reinforcement Project powered by the Youth Council will continue next year (29/05/2014)
    The Project is aimed at children and youth at social disadvantage in order to prevent and reduce the problems of school failure in the town
  • The Local Police Jumilla, intensifies noise control in local establishments and night illegal activities (29/05/2014)
    The Councillor for Safety calls ciudanía respect Ordinance to avoid penalties for such unlawful activities
  • El Teatro Vico wants to hang the "sold out" with the musical "Today I can not lift" and Sara Escudero's monologues (28/05/2014)
    The Musical "Today I can not get up", the Master Class Jose Antonio Robles and the 5th Night of Monologues starring Sara Escudero, form the cultural Vico Theatre this weekend
  • The Department of Equality discloses the provisional list of students admitted to the CAI for the 2014-2015 course (28/05/2014)

  • The Jumilla Wine Route, one of the twelve most visited Spain (28/05/2014)
    According to the annual report ACEVIN, with over 22,800 visits the Jumilla Wine Route is located at number 12 of the most sought
  • 16 Sports offer swimming lessons for the summer season 2014 (28/05/2014)
    16 courses of one hour daily shifts of 15 days, to splash levels, beginner, advanced beginner and advanced, will be offered this summer 2014
  • Councilman Sports presents the third edition of Campus Football "Ciudad de Jumilla" (27/05/2014)
    The campus will take place between 30 June and 11 July in the municipal sports facilities, the pool of summer and Sociocultural Roque Bathrooms, Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 14.00
  • On Saturday, starts in Jumilla the concert series 'Music from Wines' 2014 (27/05/2014)
    The cycle will start with the ceremony for the Gold Badge, which this time will fall in the medical and Jumillano academic Guzman Ortuño Pacheco
  • The full approve the Ordinance Regulating prices for Children's School Education with which the municipality will (27/05/2014)
    modification unanimously general urban development plan that will allow a new street between Avenue of the Assumption was also approved Engineering and favoring the Cierva ground floor area
  • Tomorrow they start the activities organized by Equality dedicated to Health (27/05/2014)
    The physiotherapist Maco Martinez offers morning talk-shop "Caring for your body," and on Thursday, the doctors Ana Peñas and Maria Angeles Gómez, one on "Protection, food , care and education of infants "
  • The Mayor reports the results of the European elections 2014 (26/05/2014)
    6,885 people flocked yesterday to vote in Jumilla, resulting in 35% votes for the PP, PSOE and 26% to 10% "can", the big news of the 2014 elections
  • Santa María de Gracia, the Virgin of Jumillano Templar closes the culture cycle in the penitentiary at Campos del Río (26/05/2014)
    The Professor at the UMU José Miguel Noguera Celdran, and Elisa Isabel Franco, BA in History, on Friday they decommission the event
  • Enrique Jiménez: "Funding to Montesinos would be a grievance with other associations and groups not receiving aid" (26/05/2014)
    Jumilla Mayor appear before the media to report on issues related to Montesinos CFS
  • Jumilla host the Regional Assembly of the Confederation of federations of associations of parents of the Region of Murcia (26/05/2014)
    Alicia Abellan, team spokesman government, reports the arrangements approved by the Local Government Board
  • Youth organizing a free trip to Benidorm for young people between 16 and 30 years (23/05/2014)
    Councilman Young recalls advisory service scholarships, courses, exchanges, work abroad, competitions and studies provided by the Department to young municipality
  • The writer Juan María Jesús Jumilla presented in his latest novel "To touch the sky" (23/05/2014)
    Municipal Public Library has launched a new edition of the Book Fair Old and Used, taking place on the Paseo Poeta Lorenzo Guardiola from May 29 through June 15
  • The Science Museum now houses in. documentary film "Giant Crystals of Naica Cave" (23/05/2014)
    A fascinating adventure of scientific research, through a journey into the depths of the earth in search of the most beautiful treasures of the world minerals, crystals of Naica
  • The Community extends the service call to your emergency 1-1-2 in Jumilla (23/05/2014)

  • The Secretary General of the Ministry of Education visits the Prince Felipe and Infanta Elena centers (23/05/2014)
    Thereafter Manuel Marcos Sanchez has had a meeting with the directors of all schools in the municipality
  • The Mar Gómez Dance Company brings to Jumilla "For ever and a day" (21/05/2014)
    tickets have a single price of 10 euros at the door, and can be purchased on Wednesday and Friday from 18.00 to 20.00 pm in the Teatro Vico
  • Pupils and students of IES Archbishop Lozano fired the Radio Workshop "Archbishop in the Wave" with a live broadcast from the center (21/05/2014)
    Throughout the course, the two institutes of the municipality have been conducting this workshop, now in its order to the next academic year when new students resume
  • The Wine Route Jumilla in Murcia presents the series 'Music between Wines' 2014 (21/05/2014)
    The Minister of Tourism welcomes this initiative of the Wine of the town, which offer from 31 May to 19 July, concert jumillanas wineries, which also guided tours and tastings are held
  • The students Sommelier Course start training (21/05/2014)
    Councillor for Economy and Employment, Almudena Martinez, visiting members of the course, 14 people who come out with a professional certificate level 3
  • Councillor for Equality discloses the proposed activities for the months of May and June (20/05/2014)
    The month of May is dedicated to the health and June the environment with various lectures, activities and II Route "In Women "that this time will approach the Charco del Zorro
  • Education opens the Tuesday deadline to apply for a place on the Official Language Schools (20/05/2014)
    Jumilla zoom again offering official language training with a level, Intermediate 1, consolidating official language education in the municipality
  • Jumilla City Council continues to pay suppliers in terms of one week (20/05/2014)
    Alice Abellan, team spokesman government, reports the resolutions adopted by the Local Government Board
  • The Director General of Vocational Training touts the Fiestas de Santa Rita 2014 Jumilla (20/05/2014)
    On the occasion of the festival, which will be next Thursday, May 22, the City of Jumilla closed
  • Juan Carlos Ruiz highlights the wine boom in presenting the series 'Music between Wines' Jumilla (20/05/2014)
    The Minister of Tourism welcomes this initiative of The Wine Route of the resort, which offered from May 31 to July 19 concert in jumillanas wineries, which also guided tours and tastings will be made
  • The Flamenco Festival "Golden Grape" closes its 20th anniversary with a significant influx of public Vico Theatre (19/05/2014)
    The Festival celebrates its two-decade history with performances by artists like Morilito of Córdoba, Enrique Ordóñez or guest artist Jose Mendez, nephew Paquera Jerez
  • More than fifty animals involved in the Second Edition of the tick Fashion Week (19/05/2014)
    The total collection of entries, as well as the proceeds from the sale of the charity market will be destined to the care of the animals that live in the hostel Municipal
  • After the deadline for applying for financial aid materials and textbooks 2nd cycle of Pre (19/05/2014)
    as well as reuse projects elementary textbooks
  • Local Police works in the special campaign setting microchip for pets (16/05/2014)
    Animal owners may, just this month, put the microchip their pets for 25 euros in the three veterinary centers Township
  • The mayor enters into an agreement with a hospice for the year 2014 (16/05/2014)
    The agreement was signed for a sum of 6,000 euros will allow the maintenance of the nursing Jumilla this year
  • Jumilla a special campaign launched by Control Motorcycle adds DGT (16/05/2014)
    The campaign will focus on the prevention and control of non-regulation aspects overtaking ITV expiration, no helmet and speeding
  • Good movie, better theater and flamenco, as highlights of the cultural calendar this weekend in Jumilla (16/05/2014)
    "Psycho" Hitchckok, the twentieth anniversary of the Festival Flamenco "Golden Grape" and the play "I Quevedo" of Moncho Borrajo, will be featured this weekend at the Teatro Vico
  • Flamenco and bulls shake hands in the twentieth Cry "Sing, touch, and poetry" of the Grape Festival Gold Jumilla (16/05/2014)
    The Colonel MADOC, D. Tomás Julián García Sánchez, was commissioned to make this time the cry of the Festival, with a detailed tour of the flamenco art, history and lore
  • The Mayor visits cooperatives student who is participating in the HUB programs and EME Region (15/05/2014)
    Students from the IES Infanta Elena and CEIP Prince Felipe centers have launched four cooperatives in which they market the products they buy , or manufacturing
  • The Local Police Jumilla stops in the town to an individual who was in search and seizure since 2011 (15/05/2014)
    The detainee had numerous court injunctions, ordering his arrest and imprisonment for 4 years
  • The Flamenco Festival "Golden Grape" starts the events to mark its 20th anniversary with a photo exhibition and a round table (15/05/2014)
    Today Thursday at 20.30 pm in the Cultural Hall Cajamurcia, took place on XX Cry "Sing, touch, and poetry", this time by Mr. Julián García Tomás Sánchez
  • PSOE presented a motion on "Preventive measures to avoid the increase of burglaries in Jumilla" (15/05/2014)

  • The Department of Agriculture and districts strengthen their squad with four workers more for patching paved township roads (14/05/2014)
    During the next six months, a special squad will be acting in a total of 32 township roads in work preparation and patching the road
  • The BORM publishes the reopening of the aid measure 123 to Focus Leader (14/05/2014)
    It is the measure Adding value to agricultural products, to which applications may be made until next June 13
  • The exconsejero of Finance, Jose Molina, Jumilla presented in his "Citizen and Public Expenditure" (14/05/2014)
    Expenditure control, good governance and the modernization of state structures are some of the concepts that the author collected in the work that is already in the market
  • IU-Greens ask the House to defend Social Services (14/05/2014)
    IU-Greens claim that the reform of the local administration imposed by the Popular Party, involve the dismantling of social services
  • Jumilla recorded an earthquake of magnitude 2.2 on the Richter scale (14/05/2014)
    We do not personal injury or property as a result of the earthquake is known, although members of the local police in Jumilla are inspecting the particular area of ​​the epicenter and surrounding
  • The Flamenco Festival "Golden Grape" this week celebrates its 20th Anniversary (14/05/2014)
    Today Wednesday will be an exhibition of photos from the last 20 years of history of the festival, and on Saturday a new edition with artists such as Enrique Ordóñez be held or José Méndez
  • Agriculture held tomorrow XII Jornada Group R & D Cerezo to show progress on the study of 69 varieties (13/05/2014)
    cherry cultivation sparked interest among farmers in the area for good adaptation of the most planted varieties
  • Europe recognizes the heritage of prehistoric rock art of the Region of Murcia found between Jumilla (13/05/2014)
    The European Council endorses the Certificate 'Cultural Route' and the inclusion of the region in the 'Prehistoric Rock Art Trail'
  • INFO morning Jumilla develops an Enterprise Day dedicated to minifranquicias (13/05/2014)
    New business ideas as minifranquicias, management systems, and financing tools managed from the INFO ENISA will be some of the issues addressed in this first day
  • This weekend will be the second edition of the Fashion Week Tick (13/05/2014)
    This year two new awards and gifts will be added to all participants.
  • The City of Jumilla flags flying at half up in memory of president of the council of Leon (13/05/2014)
    Jumilla City Council observed a minute's silence in memory of the assassinated president yesterday in Leon
  • Moncho Borrajo reaches Jumilla with his "I, Quevedo" (13/05/2014)
    Verses, improvisation and Moncho-Quevedo irreverence will enjoy the public for nearly two hours this style of Spanish comic
  • For the PSOE, "doing just that Europe region grow and export, we will create jobs" (13/05/2014)
    MEP and candidate states in Jumilla Iratxe García PP defends the European "only a minority of farmers"
  • The Christ tied to the column and resting at home, the Monastery of Santa Ana (12/05/2014)
    The safety device had not meet any emergency, and development of the day came out under the provisions without notable altercations
  • The City sets up various grants in education (12/05/2014)
    The Board approves the basis for projects to reuse textbook, and gives the green light to children scholarships for the 2014-2015 course
  • Jumilla zoom again offering official teaching languages ​​at a level more (12/05/2014)
    The application deadline for admission to the Hall of Jumilla Attached the Official Language School will, from Tuesday 20 May to Friday 30th May
  • With putting up posters starts in Jumilla, the campaign for the European elections of May 25 (09/05/2014)
    Political parties of the municipality initiated in this way the campaign in the town, where there will be various activities and events organized by the different formations
  • IU-Greens shows that the private management of the heated pool is more expensive (09/05/2014)

  • Juan Manuel Abellan: "The Department has not eliminated vegetation of the municipality, but is reorganizing and adapting spaces" (09/05/2014)
    Councilman Services and Gardens explains the actions that are taking place in the Municipal Sports La Hoya and replantings that have held in the Botanical Garden
  • Tristan Ulloa, which could be chosen as Best Director of Theater 2014 brings Jumilla "Under Construction" (09/05/2014)
    Critically acclaimed, and Ulloa's nomination to the Max Awards for Best Stage Director, "Under Construction" vienres arrives today at Teatro Vico, as one of the outstanding works of the quarter
  • Jumilla already has a new fire engine 4x4 vehicle brigade extinguishing forest fires (09/05/2014)
    The Environment Ministry acquired a new vehicle for Jumilla pumper tanker with a capacity of 2,000 liters and a cost of 139,000 euros
  • Students of IES Infanta Elena fired Radio workshop "El Recreo is our" with a special program from the center (09/05/2014)
    Next Thursday will be the IES Archbishop Lozano, who dismiss its "Archbishop in the Wave", also with special broadcast, live from 10.00 to 12.00, from the center itself
  • The prisoners challenging those speakers with over twenty questions about the submarine Peral (09/05/2014)
    In the prison of Campos del Rio Cultural Days of the Templars of Jumilla start with the teachers of the "Peral submarine sails again "
  • One of the leading writers of the thriller, Claudio Cerda, shown in Jumilla "A worse world" (08/05/2014)
    It is the last work of yeclano writer who approached Jumilla publication in an event organized by the Public Library and the Department of Culture
  • INFO organized in Jumilla two days focused on entrepreneurship culture (08/05/2014)
    management systems, new business ideas as minifranquicias, PAE point or the importance of Spain Products from Murcia, will be some of the issues discussed in the conference
  • Jumilla Businessmen and entrepreneurs come together in the initiative "Entrepreneurial cane" (08/05/2014)
    At the meeting has had a service "Consulting Express" by the INFO, for any questions attendees
  • The City Council last details of preventive Christ Pilgrimage 2014 (07/05/2014)
    The Department of Urban Mobility, a bus to enable easy access and visit those who wish to visit the Christ during the day on Sunday
  • Vivaldi, Haydn Albinoni reach Jumilla or hand the "Hims Mola" Molina de Segura Municipal Orchestra (07/05/2014)
    The concert will take place on Friday, May 9, at 20:00 am in the auditorium and Julian Santos entry is free until all seats
  • The tourist wealth of Lorca is exposed in Jumilla for days at the Cultural Hall Cajamurcia (07/05/2014)
    The exhibition "Lorcalízate, 10 years of tourism Lorca" has visited several cities in the region, and was inaugurated yesterday in Jumilla, where it will remain until May 16
  • Education opens the admission process for the teaching of music at the Conservatory of the Region (07/05/2014)
    Income, access and readmission will be open until Friday, May 16, and it is expected that the initial offer of vacancies in the Professional Education Music ranges between 400 squares
  • An inmate in a prison Catalan flatters the Templars of Jumilla with a shield of Barça (07/05/2014)
    A craft work in thread that has invested more than forty hours
  • IU-Green reports the cost of waste management: 100,000 euros spent nearly 4 months to take Ulea (06/05/2014)

  • Tristan Ulloa brings Jumilla "Under Construction", his first work under the direction of theater (06/05/2014)
    Critically acclaimed, and Ulloa's nomination to the Max Awards for Best Stage Direction, "Under Construction" arrives at Teatro Vico , as one of the outstanding works of the quarter
  • The city will host throughout the month various painting exhibitions on various topics and Tourism (06/05/2014)
    The painting exhibition "Wine in Art" Jumilla again, this time to Bodegas Luzon, while Cajamurcia commemorative exhibition will take place 10 years of Lorca Taller del Tiempo
  • The Local Government Board approves record start for academic year 2014/2015 IAC (06/05/2014)
    Alicia Abellan reports matters agreed by the Local Government Board at its meeting yesterday
  • Continues gradual decline in unemployment in Jumilla (06/05/2014)
    243 new people join the labor market in the town, coinciding with the start of the agricultural season own this time
  • Ends the XI Local Crafts Festival "Ciudad de Jumilla" very positive turnout figures (05/05/2014)
    A total of 17 artisans have been exposing their products throughout the weekend in the sample, for which dozens of people have been interested in Crafts
  • Hundreds of Jumillano Jumillano involved in the offering of flowers to Christ tied to the column (05/05/2014)

  • The City Council launches service for the completion of income tax (05/05/2014)
    The Mayor and the special representative of the AEAT present the agreement by which the city of Jumilla offer free assistance to people who need assistance to complete the income tax
  • Businessmen and entrepreneurs Jumilla pool their business projects through the initiative "Entrepreneurial cane" (05/05/2014)
    The meeting took place on Thursday, May 8, at Restaurante San Agustín, and he will have a service "Advice Express" to resolve the doubts of attendees
  • Agricultural starts this week the campaign to control the locust plague in the town of Jumilla (04/05/2014)
    It will take place within an area of ​​250 hectares in the place of Ardal
  • The magic of Porsche in Jumilla (02/05/2014)
    The French Porsche Club walks around Jumilla some of her jewelry Porsche engine
  • The CEIP Stone Cross celebrates its seventeenth Stone Cross Literary Contest (02/05/2014)
    Councillor for Education, Alicia Abellan, attends the award of one of the oldest literary events held in the resort
  • The City reports on the composition of the polls for European May 25 (02/05/2014)
    Polling stations Salons located in Duque de Lerma, this year will be located at the Center of Social and General Register of the City of Jumilla
  • The School of Music opens on Monday the registration period for the course 2014/2015 (02/05/2014)
    Applications may be formalized from 5 to 30 May at the Registrar's Office, during office hours from 16:00 to 21:30
  • The Community recognizes Jumillano José García Carrión and Roque López Martínez with the highest marks of the Region of Murcia (02/05/2014)
    The Governing Council agreed to award the Gold Medal of the Region José García Carrión and Distinguished Service Diploma Community Roque Baños Lopez
  • Dance, theatrical visits and Floral Offering to Christ tied to the column, main events of the weekend in Jumilla (02/05/2014)
    The Dance Gala in aid of the AECC, child activity "Your roman amulet," the theatrical tour " Pirates Land "and the offering of flowers mark the cultural agenda of the weekend
  • By Our Lady, the Templars prepared Jumilla cultural spring offensive (01/05/2014)


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