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  • The City of Jumilla and Abraham Project Association put in place the "Reuse and avoids CO2" (30/09/2014)
    The education center avoid more kilos of CO2 to the atmosphere, will be rewarded with a day in the inflatable castles Partnership Project Abraham
  • The Institute of Infanta Elena in Jumilla gets four awards Secondary'San Viator Investigación' (30/09/2014)
    The Director General of Educational Quality, Innovation and Attention to Diversity meets with the faculty responsible Baccalaureate Research, the most awards has been obtained in Spain
  • The full approve the modification of the tax ordinance 2015 with a drop of 0.3% in all municipal taxes (30/09/2014)
    The government team is committed to a general lowering of taxes and the new bonuses that encourage job growth and the establishment of new businesses
  • The Director General of Educational Quality in Jumilla highlights faculty teaching efficiency of IES Infanta Elena Baccalaureate Research (30/09/2014)
    IES Infanta Elena in Jumilla gets four awards 'San Viator Research' and becomes the most awards earned throughout Spain
  • Women's associations Jumilla strengthen their ties in the Second Meeting of the Bank of Experiences (29/09/2014)
    Mayor inaugurated the day together highlighting the importance of such activities in developing tools that change the way live, and possibly modify that discrimination between men and women
  • Nearly fifty people participated this weekend in the Night of Insects (29/09/2014)
    The data collected by participants to the national coordinator of the GBIF, the agency that maintains a global structure for Biodiversity will be delivered
  • Dozens of entrepreneurs discover the online marketing in the workshop CECARM "Create your online business with success" (29/09/2014)
    35 people participated in the two days dedicated to online commerce in Jumilla, which were studied among other things, business models , online marketing and keys to success
  • The Autonomous Region will invest 1 million euros in a transfer plant in Jumilla Municipal Landfill (29/09/2014)
    With this new investment are almost 4 million euros committed by the Community to the legalization and remodeling Municipal Landfill Jumilla
  • Pensioners, large families and long-term unemployed may still qualify for subsidies driven by the city of Jumilla (26/09/2014)
    Applications must be submitted on the General Register of the City next Wednesday until 1 October
  • The mayor renewed the cooperation agreement with Jumilla Red Cross for the year 2014 (26/09/2014)
    The agreement will have a contribution of 5,000 euros to develop three programs for immigrants and families with basic needs
  • More than 100,000 euros for remodeling projects of the squares of the Torre del Rico and Canada del Trigo (26/09/2014)
    Mayor and Councilman visits the hamlets that are running in Torre del Rico and Canada del Trigo two major projects exceeding 100,000 euros investment
  • The museums and monuments in Jumilla open their doors for free this Saturday to celebrate the World Tourism Day (26/09/2014)
    The Castillo de Jumilla, Vico Theatre, the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, or the Cason are some of the monuments that jumillanos and visitors can learn for free
  • City Council renews Jumilla Jumilla agreement with Caritas for the year 2014 (25/09/2014)
    The organization will receive a grant of € 10,000 to continue the social programs offered to families with more difficulty Township
  • The Department of Equality organized for Saturday the Second Meeting of the Bank of Experiences in Fuente del Pino (25/09/2014)
    About twenty women participated yesterday in the School Empowerment whose session was directed to report on the social resources provided by the municipality
  • The Civil Guard detained two minors for committing robberies in thirty vehicles (25/09/2014)
    They stole vehicles parked in the village in broad daylight
  • The Official Language School starts the new year in Jumilla (25/09/2014)
    Jumilla Quimby 2014-2015 with more than 70 seats in the four levels completed the basic cycle of English
  • The Municipal Nursery School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for the year 2014-2015 (24/09/2014)
    Soccer, crafts, modern dance, English, swimming, cooking, tutoring or playroom are some of the extracurricular activities that are offered to the start of Course 2014-2015
  • Educational Reinforcement Project driven by the Youth Council, starts the new course (24/09/2014)
    The Project is aimed at children and young people in socially disadvantaged in order to prevent and reduce the problems of school failure in the township
  • You can apply for Student Scholarships Bonobús 2014/2015 (24/09/2014)
    45,000 euros in aid to transportation for students pursuing degrees jumillanos in universities and training centers outside the district
  • The Templars closed down its activities 2014 (24/09/2014)
    With the assistance of the first authorities of the Government of Spain
  • The government team proposes lower taxes, fees and charges for 2015 (23/09/2014)
    Inside the proposal of the government team to the Tax Ordinance 2015, updating the IPC that this time results in a decrease of 0 is collected 3%
  • The Tax Office includes improvements in the collection agreement signed with municipalities to request the City of Jumilla (23/09/2014)
    The Mayor and Councillor of Finance meet with the Regional Office of the Register of Murcia to request a review of assessed values ​​of the town could be made effective from 2017
  • Jumilla participates in the XXX Festival of Bands Band Federation Murcia with Julian Santos as Musical Association representative (23/09/2014)
    Jumillano Alongside training, on the 30th anniversary of the Festival also attended the Musical Union Villa Bullas Union Musical San Pedro del Pinatar and hostess Mulense Music Group
  • The Municipal Museum of Natural Science is involved in a European initiative activity "Night of insects 2014" (23/09/2014)
    The Friday afternoon in Santa Ana collecting bugs and will be held on Saturday morning will qualify for dissection and preservation in the collection of the Museum
  • This Friday begins the free workshop organized by CECARM on creating a successful online business (23/09/2014)
    In the talks, which will take place on 26 and 27 September, will feature professionals like Enrique and Agustín Martínez and Ivorra Registration is still open
  • More than fifty people enjoyed Sunday theatrical tour of "Los Amantes del Castillo" (22/09/2014)
    Los Amantes del Castillo transported viewers to the century, to live the impossible love story between Anna Maria and Sergio, with Thalia Theatre Group
  • Services and Sports reshape one of the entrances of the sports center replaces the metal stairs by a ramp (22/09/2014)
    The City makes significant actions to improve the facilities of the Municipal Sports Centre La Hoya
  • The Board approves open days in museums and monuments to celebrate the International day of Tourism and Tourism (22/09/2014)
    The Board initiated the process to implement the grants that the City grant program in the fight against child poverty
  • The City Council could cut more than a million and a half interest payable on the Loan Payment Plan Providers (22/09/2014)
    With the refinancing loan Provider Payment Plan the interest rate will fall below 2%, would lower the interest 30,000 per year
  • The charity event "Wow Wines" hangs the sign "sold out" (19/09/2014)
    The event "Wow Wines", the exhibition handicraft Laly Martinez and the theatrical tour "Castillo lovers" outstanding acts of cultural agenda weekend in Jumilla
  • The section of the A-33 that will connect with Yecla Jumilla continues its (19/09/2014)
    The Road Demarcation summons to owners affected by the works to proceed to the keeping of minutes of occupation of property to be held from October 1 to 8 October in Jumilla
  • The Board discloses DOP Jumilla wines in Albacete Fair (19/09/2014)

  • The attraction will be part of Jumilla Portal (19/09/2014)
    The City enters into an agreement with the virtual tourism portal, through which, tourism and cultural heritage of Jumilla will travel over the network to hundreds of users
  • La Plaza de la Torre del Rico, another major project in districts that could be completed before year end (18/09/2014)
    is a project of more than 45,000 investment, which will act on the paving, landscaping, furniture urban playgrounds, renovating the space full
  • IU-v "PP's refusal to review the assessed values ​​results in a further increase of IBI" (18/09/2014)

  • The Regional Assembly Approves Plan to Increase focused on the promotion of wine tourism in the region (18/09/2014)
    María Dolores Fernández celebrates the move as an important step for further progress in the spread of domestic tourism with the Wine Routes as key
  • The Department of Culture is committed major titles for programming the fourth quarter in the Theatre Vico (18/09/2014)
    The return of opera, classical and contemporary theater, children's shows and a major commitment of PLATEA program News programming Theater Vico for next season
  • Councillor for Education reports on future works that will take place at Assumption College (17/09/2014)
    Alicia Abellán: "There is no alarm, are aware of the inconvenience, but the important thing is that it will end a problem historical "
  • Twenty children end children's activities in museums summer with the completion of a treasure chest (17/09/2014)
    All summer the Department of Culture and the House Museum, have been developed different activities for children in between 5 and 12 years, within the cultural offer Jumilla offers
  • The government team reports data left in Jumilla Fair and Festivals in August 2014 (17/09/2014)
    The mayor and councilors highlight the participation and involvement of jumillanos and visitors which has been "one of the best shows of the past years "
  • Sports offers more than thirty courses in the heated pool to start the winter season (16/09/2014)
    35 courses of two hours per week in the levels of beginner, advanced beginner, advanced, swimming for babies and a special course for senior age will be offered
  • Over 150 young people have participated in the various courses offered for the 2014 Youth (16/09/2014)
    Basic French, Guitar, Study Skills and Memorization and Latin Dance will be the next courses to develop the Department for the last quarter of the year
  • IU-Greens denounced the lack of investment in the integrated water cycle since 2009 (16/09/2014)

  • More than 80% of the vehicles checked by the local police circulated with belt fastened (16/09/2014)
    Councillor for Public Safety qualifies as positive figures for the special campaign of DGT in Jumilla on the control of seat belt use, although clarifies that we must keep working
  • Los Amantes del Castillo come alive centuries after the theatrical tour organized by Talia for this Sunday (16/09/2014)
    The Castillo de Jumilla will host the popular legend that after centuries passing of mouth will be staged with the participation of the Group Thalia Theatre
  • PSOE: "Seve Gonzalez, more concerned with defending the interests of the PP undemocratic to defend the interests of the municipality" (15/09/2014)

  • Dozens of parents are aware of the services of the Municipal Nursery School in its open day (15/09/2014)
    From Monday, the School is open to the public Monday through Friday morning from 10:30 to 12:30, and evenings 17.00 to 19.00
  • Remains open for pre-registration deadline Futsal Tournament Fans and Veterans 2014/2015 (15/09/2014)
    Amateur and Veterans will return to Futsal Tournament this year and reaches its 33 edition in Jumilla
  • The Governing Board agrees to pay 42,000 euros for the occupation of land in the Jewish Rambla made in 2008 (15/09/2014)
    The Board approves more than 25,000 euros to continue with the agreements signed with the Red Cross for assistance at sporting events and counseling program for immigrants
  • Citizen Security relocates eight traffic lights to improve pedestrian circulation (15/09/2014)
    The intersection of Liberty Avenue and Calle Valencia, will be marked with animation and digital display of the time step and waiting
  • Youth organizes a trip to Granada for 18 and 19 October (12/09/2014)
    The trip will take place on 18 and 19 October and will be priced at 99 euros, which will be included in the return trip, room breakfast and lunch on the first day
  • The Jumilla CECARM organized a free workshop on Social Media for SMEs, Digital Certificate and Electronic Invoice (12/09/2014)
    The talks will take place on 26 and 27 September from 11:00 to 14:00, there will be the presence of Viudes professionals like Paco and Antonio Pastor
  • The School Empowerment starts with over twenty participants (12/09/2014)
    On Tuesday the school will offer a workshop on self-esteem, in which concepts will work and what is the importance of self-esteem or thoughts
  • The Sports Council open enrollment period for the municipal schools and fitness training (12/09/2014)
    tennis, handball, basketball and gymnastics are maintenance activities Sports 2014/2015 offer for this course
  • A professor of the UMU enters the Templars of Jumilla (12/09/2014)
    in prison to develop a therapeutic recovery program landraces endangered
  • La Calle Echegaray is now open to traffic in perfect condition (11/09/2014)
    have already completed the work for which the firm has been remodeled, following the submission of various ripples that hindered the movement of vehicles
  • Four Paws charity event organized by the "Wow Wines", music and wine go hand in hand by the municipal animal shelter (11/09/2014)
    The event will take place on Saturday, September 20 at the Plaza de Santa María, with a jazz fusion , monologues and magic attached to the DOP Jumilla wines and tapas land
  • Sebastián García is the president of the Jumilla Wine Route the next two years (11/09/2014)
    Within the next projects of the Road, are organizing new activities to link the tourism potential of the wineries in the path with the natural attraction the municipality of Jumilla
  • Families with children under 16 years in social inequality, will be eligible for grants from the Plan of Action against Child Poverty (11/09/2014)
    The full approve the regulatory basis for awarding grants to fight child poverty in Jumilla, a support of more than 22,000 euros
  • The Civil Guard detained two women for shoplifting "neglect" four tenths of winning lottery (11/09/2014)
    Have been detained at the moment that sought to collect the prize
  • Children of Jumilla discover some of the flora and fauna of the municipality in children's activities organized Museums (10/09/2014)
    Last activity of the season will take place this Saturday, September 13, at 11.00 pm in the Museum Ethnography and Natural Sciences, and in it a treasure chest with the
  • Jumilla adds to the DGT campaign on Child Restraint Systems (10/09/2014)
    The campaign stresses the need to use seat belts and Child Restraint Systems, both short and long, city and intercity routes
  • The Department of Education is organizing a conference for Saturday open house at the Municipal Nursery School (10/09/2014)
    All day Saturday the parents of Jumilla interested in the services of the center, will see the facilities and faculty that will in front
  • Nearly a thousand women from Jumilla are calling a mammogram within the Prevention Program Breast Cancer (10/09/2014)
    Councillor for Health reminds every woman who has not been tested in two years and not receive appointment letter before September 20 should contact the Health Center
  • The Council organizes a course for obtaining license manipulator / a food (09/09/2014)
    The course will be held on 29 and 30 September from 18.00 to 21.00 in the Roque Baños Sociocultural and entries must be formalized before 26th of this month at City Hall
  • Audrey Hepburn for Thursday at the Teatro Vico with the film "Slander" (09/09/2014)
    The film will be free access and is the latest projection that will offer the Department of Culture and Interior Cinema Club in the summer cycle
  • Services initiated the refurbishment of the last stretch of Paseo missing for paving (09/09/2014)
    This work will be connected by sidewalk Avenue of the Catholic Kings with Heated Pool, on the right bank of the Walk
  • Local police arrested a group of four individuals after acting on a robbery in the town center (09/09/2014)
    Some of the detainees have the same character backgrounds, and have been made available to the judicial authorities to confirm the responsibility for the events and subsequent approval
  • IU-Green says the August plenary only served to councilors charged an extra payroll (08/09/2014)

  • Equality presents planned activities from the Department for September (08/09/2014)
    The Second Meeting of the Bank of experiences and self-esteem workshops are some of the highlights of the program
  • Education will distribute about 100,000 euros in aid to schools and local students (08/09/2014)
    The schools nursery and primary begin the 2014-2015 academic year normally
  • The Board approves the basis for the award of scholarships Bonobús 2014- 2015 (08/09/2014)
    The government team spokesman remember, yes it was urgent to start as soon as the process for loan refinancing of PPP, in order to get the rebate as soon as possible
  • Starts Jumilla Vintage 2014 (08/09/2014)
    The shortage or no rainfall make the 2014 vintage with a fall of 40% compared to the previous season production on
  • The Blood Donation Center calls successfully blood donation campaign held in Jumilla (05/09/2014)
    The Blood Donation Center Jumilla visited this past August with the blood donation campaign Summer
  • Councillor of Education meets with the professionals in charge of socio service Municipal Nursery School will be (05/09/2014)
    Inside promotional activities planned open days will be held, and a formal presentation to publicize the services School will offer
  • The Valued at more than thirty-six thousand euros, the painter Murcia Gabarron, gives one of his works to the Templars of Jumilla (05/09/2014)
    As a guest artist on display at the National Exhibition Prisoners of Fine Arts and Crafts of the Prison Murcia II
  • The Road Demarcation advances in the solution to improve access to the place de la Hoya Torres (04/09/2014)
    This morning took place in the city of Jumilla lifting the Prior to the Occupation of land required for the construction of the new knot Proceedings improve access
  • On September 23 classes in the Classroom Attached to the Official School of Languages ​​of Jumilla start (04/09/2014)
    For the Intermediate Level 2, as of today, there are still places available, the registration period is open
  • Council starts the remodeling of the square of the schools in the village of Cañada del Trigo (03/09/2014)
    The replacement of the pavement of the square, alcorques woodland, playground and eliminating unevenness will be some of the actions to complete the remodeling of the Plaza de San Juan
  • The return of children's activities in the museums of the municipality with a workshop on the flora and fauna of Jumilla (03/09/2014)
    The event will take place on Saturday at the Museum of Ethnography at 11.00, and children she know the main species flora and fauna of the municipality
  • Agricultural conditioned over 80 miles of paved rural roads of the municipality (03/09/2014)
    The Department in May reinforced the squad with four operators, who have been developing various jobs bumpy roads in the town 32
  • Jumilla City Council launches the "Combating child poverty" program (02/09/2014)
    The Local Government approves the grant from the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, about 21,400 euros to fight against child poverty
  • Work begins on Calle Echegaray (02/09/2014)
    The proceedings could be finalized next week, and in them the portion of road that has undulations that hinder traffic repair
  • The Civil Guard detained four members of a youth gang that burglarized homes (01/09/2014)
    A prisoners, including three minors, are credited with authorship of the alleged offenses of burglary, forgery and theft
  • Open the deadline to enroll in extracurricular activities of the Center for Child Care (01/09/2014)
    The activities are aimed at children aged 3 to 8 years

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