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  • The House approved the creation of a commission to study for the establishment of a municipal public company (30/04/2009)
    In this issue PSOE and IU and PP voted abstained, arguing that "raise doubts, but if this company is to believe tell job so "
  • More than a hundred people will be the device of the pilgrimage of Christ this year (30/04/2009)
    shall be composed of Civil Protection, local police, Red Cross, Forest Managers, Hinneni Group, the Emergency Network of 112 and volunteers
  • He takes over the new technology that incorporates Administration department Secretariat (29/04/2009)
    have to undergo a probationary period and will become a temporary servant
  • The mayor says that the revenue reduction is offset by the decrease in spending and property tax (29/04/2009)
    A study of the evolution of the Property Tax shows that since 2005 has increased by 104%
  • More than a thousand athletes participated in the Second Half Marathon Jumilla (29/04/2009)
    He had the presence of Abel Anton
  • The Councillor for Education and AMPAS representatives attended the ninth meeting of the School Council of the Region of Murcia (29/04/2009)
    This meeting took place in Las Torres de Cotillas and the theme was "Reading and Family"
  • Representatives of associations of rural women in The Encebras, Torre del Rico and Fuente del Pino meet with the mayor (28/04/2009)
    The goal was to establish a first contact and start working together with the City
  • Nineteen people involved in an occupational training course childcare (27/04/2009)
    The course, which started today, is extended until 27 May and is being developed at the Center for Women
  • The director of the Municipal give a course on cultural information and documentation in college (27/04/2009)
    José Luis González Olivares is a faculty of the course is open until 31 May
  • Named New General Technical Administration of the City Council (24/04/2009)
    In the Local Board has become aware of this appointment and his inauguration will be next Monday
  • Postponed activities under the Municipal Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences (24/04/2009)
    This building is closed, before the declaration of ruin of the house adjacent to a hazard for pedestrians
  • Twenty children participated in the reading marathon on the occasion of World Book Day (24/04/2009)
    Organized by the Department for Culture, made small reading from the book 'Platero y Yo'
  • Fifteen people of different nationalities, have asistitdo workshops about self-esteem and social skills (24/04/2009)
    was one of the activities under the collaboration agreement between the City and the Red Cross Jumilla
  • The City Council finally wins all the works of the plan of the Local Investment Fund (22/04/2009)
    The seven works under this Plan Zapatero called the plan will begin in two weeks
  • The Amaral Jumillano have chosen for the 'Conciertazo' Fair 2009 (22/04/2009)
    The Department of Celebration has held a contest in which they voted in the 14 performances.
  • With the appointment of the new charges festive XXIII Cultural Week began Moors and Christians (22/04/2009)

  • The V Conference of Youth and Immigration included various talks and presentations (21/04/2009)
    will be developed on 29 and 30 April in Cajamurcia, and have been presented by Councilman José Luis Monreal Youth
  • The Department of Celebration increased by 70% revenue Easter and reduces costs by 20% (20/04/2009)
    Fee Collection is occupying public land and has been of 2,730 euros from 2007 to 9004 euros in 2009
  • The new technique Mountains City Council has taken possession (20/04/2009)
    This is Angela Martínez Navarro took office before the Mayor of Jumilla, after successfully passing the procedure
  • The City Council set a fee for cutting road works or repairs (20/04/2009)
    The prescribed fee is 50 euros per day and is intended, as indicated by Francisco Abellán "avoid indiscriminately, any individual can make a street cut without the City "
  • About 70 people participated in the visit to Coimbra del Barranco width on the Day of Monuments (20/04/2009)
    took place last Saturday and was attended by tens of Jumillano, as well as people coming from Murcia, Cieza, Archena and Yecla, etc. Places
  • A total of 225 children have attended the playgrounds that have developed this week in Jumilla (17/04/2009)
    The toy library is part of the 'conciliator' being developed by the Department of Women and Children of the municipality of Jumilla
  • A watercolor of a prison inmate Zuera be exhibited at the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (17/04/2009)
    As reported in a press release the Templars of Jumilla
  • The half marathon runners Jumilla can record and view online finish line (16/04/2009)
    According to the Department of Sports, in the absence of two weeks for the test, there are over 600 registered "which is an important increase over 2008 "
  • The Brotherhood of the Drum celebrated this Sunday, a Mass in honor of Cristo de la Sangre (16/04/2009)
    This group is very much appreciated the drums that have been developed this past Holy Week
  • The City Council shows its support and agree with the new projects of Jumilla CF (16/04/2009)
    have maintained various meetings in which, among other agreements, highlights the intention of signing an agreement with the club for the next three years
  • Granted, provisionally, the last works of Local Investment Plan of the Central Government (15/04/2009)
    Refers to Castle Road project, the road to Santa Ana and industrial buildings of the parcel 35
  • The council of Education meets with the director general of Academic to discuss the conservatory (15/04/2009)
    Also present was the director of the Conservatory and the commitment was, according Fuensanta Olivares, cover the cost of the proposed new building
  • It occurs in Torre del Rico a book about words spoken in Valencia area Carche (15/04/2009)
    The date is Friday 17 April at 19:30 h.
  • The Association of Moros y Cristianos "Don Pedro I 'Celebrates Cultural Week XXIII (15/04/2009)
    Collaborations Jumilla City Council, through various councils and Culture, Education and Celebration
  • Organized a workshop for children's fantasy and a marathon reading for children (15/04/2009)
    are activities of the Department of Culture and children interested in participating can register at the library during this week
  • On Tuesday April 21 will take place a 'Children Storytelling' from the hand of Alfonso Segura (15/04/2009)
    One activity included in the programming of Department of Culture, organized by the editorial Edelvives and with the collaboration of the Municipal Library
  • They advance the work of the works included in the Plan of Works and Services, 2008 (15/04/2009)
    According to the Mayor and Councillor for Works Francisco Abellán "These jobs are going at a good pace and are already approved the construction of this 2009
  • Jumilla commemorates the Day of Monuments with a tour of Coimbra del Barranco Width (14/04/2009)
    is held on Saturday April 18 from 10 to 12 and the visit will be conducted by the directors of the excavations José Miguel García Cano and Emiliano Hernández
  • The long respected Jumilla processions and parades will feature many public assistance (14/04/2009)
    Mayor Francisco Abellán and Celebrations Councilman Ildefonso Jimenez have made a positive assessment of these festivals
  • More than thirty children participated in Easter activities at museums (09/04/2009)
    Holy Tuesday held an activity called 'Draw your Semana Santa' and Holy Wednesday 'Design your Nazareno'
  • The Holy Christ of Forgiveness, carried by members of the Brotherhood of the Blood Christ, presided over the Stations of the Cross (08/04/2009)
    had great attendance and was the first act of the program of Easter 2009
  • La Semana Santa de Jumilla already has the monument of the Nazarene (08/04/2009)
    The sculpture, funded by the City, is located in the Plaza of the Constitution and represents a Nazarene carrying a small child in her arms
  • Hundreds of people participated in the drum Burrica (08/04/2009)
    took place last Saturday and is organized by the Brotherhood of Tambores Cristo de la Sangre de Jumilla
  • Splendor in the Palm Sunday procession, which was witnessed by thousands of people (08/04/2009)
    In this procession is represented by the figure of Jesus on the 'Burrica', accompanied by the apostles and children dressed in Hebrew
  • The Jumillano clothed at Tied to the Column Christ in his descent to the city (08/04/2009)
    Jumilla The image will remain on throughout the Easter and other processions on Holy Thursday and Good Friday morning
  • The Socialist Party says that the rebate ICIO Bodegas San Isidro is supported by four favorable reports (08/04/2009)
    Yolanda Fernandez explained that his working relationship with BSI is not direct, "so that, even if the amendment had been passed authorizing us all council members to vote, I would have had an equal right to exercise my vote
  • Jumilla wines were present in Germany, one of the most important wine fairs of Europe (08/04/2009)
    attended the Regulatory Council of the DO Jumilla and various wineries
  • Silence filled the Holy Tuesday procession, led by the Christ Life and Our Lady of Hope (08/04/2009)
    In the procession, which took place after the penitential celebration attended by many penitents
  • Nine of the prison inmates Zuera attended a workshop taught by Jesus Lozano Saorin (08/04/2009)
    activity has been framed in the VI Cultural Crusade Templar Bailiwick Jumilla
  • Jumilla International Circuit hosted the second round of the Region of Karting Championship (07/04/2009)

  • The City Council requests the Autonomous Region a grant to build the Centre of Social Services (07/04/2009)
    He was one of the agreements of the Local Board and Committee shall where the envelopes were opened in the works of the Plan Zapatero
  • The City Council held on 30 th anniversary of the first democratic municipal elections as (07/04/2009)
    some events are being organized to commemorate this important anniversary
  • More than a thousand people were present at the IX Miniferia Jumilla Wine with the participation of 20 wineries (07/04/2009)
    This event was opened by President Miguel Gil Vera Control Board and President of Honor of the DO Jumilla and Mayor Francisco Abellán
  • The Department of Agriculture prepared an ordinance to regulate abandoned fields in the municipality (06/04/2009)
    This will serve as "control by the security council and farmers to learn the use of that area", as stated by the council
  • Signed the Cooperation Agreement between City and Guilds Central Board for 109,000 euros (06/04/2009)
    Both the mayor and the chairman of the board have agreed that this agreement shows the commitment to Easter Jumilla
  • The bands of Jumilla and the City signed agreements for the year 2009 (06/04/2009)
    In total, each of them carried out twelve performances during this year
  • On-going service "Bluetooth" to download, free, online support against gender violence (06/04/2009)
    As reported from the area of Women's Hall of Jumilla this service will move to various points the resort
  • An antenna on the given Carche DTT coverage by 99.96% in the town of Jumilla (04/04/2009)
    This was confirmed by the council for New Technologies Jesús Sánchez Cutillas
  • With pulled smaller players acts as Easter in Jumilla (04/04/2009)
    On Thursday there was a Tamborada Child and Friday morning a procession led by the smallest
  • Closing of the first workshop for caregivers of people depending on the year 2009 (03/04/2009)
    have attended about 40 people and has been taught by a Red Cross nurse Jumilla
  • The Municipal Sports Pavilion Jumilla has a curtain separating automatic (03/04/2009)
    The system can track the current split in two, approximately 750 square meters
  • Municipality and Ministry of Health agree 'Intermediate' on the construction of Comprehensive Health Center (02/04/2009)
    Last week held a meeting and, according to the mayor, "the Ministry has committed to begin construction in 2010"
  • On 6 April there will be a traditional Easter concert (02/04/2009)
    The appointment will be in the classroom culture of CAM, from 20:30 hours and will be offered by the Association of Friends of Music Jumillano
  • The Civil Guard detained two people for the robbery of a vehicle (02/04/2009)
    They took the vehicle using violence and intimidation of its owner, causing light injuries
  • The Department of Sports has a new logo designed by Miguel Angel Pérez Sánchez (02/04/2009)
    This logo will be released in the recording of the shirts of the Second Half Marathon "Ciudad de Jumilla" to be held on April 26, 2009
  • As 'very positive' council has assessed the Social Policy Week celebration Intercultural (02/04/2009)
    The activities ended with an activity aimed at smaller and was a 'Storytelling'
  • Hinneni group will conduct an introductory course to caving (02/04/2009)
    count with the collaboration of the Department of Sports and will be the last two weekends in April and the first of May
  • The Chairman of the Board and President of Honor of the mini-fair will open Jumilla wine (02/04/2009)
    going to take place this Saturday, April 4, organized by the Regulatory Council of the DO Jumilla, in the Garden of King Don Pedro
  • Jumilla International Circuit will host the second round of Regional Karting Championship (01/04/2009)

  • More than half of the XV Awards Wine Competition went to wineries of Jumilla (01/04/2009)
    At the ceremony for the awards, was named mayor of Jumilla Francisco Abellán as Honorary Chairman of the DO Jumilla who advocated the " universality of wine and made many proposals for this sector "
  • The House approved the use of BSI on the tax rebate of buildings, installations and works (01/04/2009)
    At this point there was much controversy, related to the council that may or may not vote and end the same, the council of the left PP Login
  • The Department of Children will take out some playgrounds for children in these school holidays (01/04/2009)
    This activity is part of the program 'Council' and will run for 14, 15, 16 and 17 April.
  • The Bishop of Jaca and Huesca Jumillano Easter proclamation and said to be a meeting point between 'The interior and exterior' (01/04/2009)
    took place in the parish church of Santiago in the presence of the presidents of all the brotherhoods semanasanteros and civil and religious authorities
  • The painter Jumillano Saorin Lozano Jesus taught a workshop in the prison of Zuera in Zaragoza (01/04/2009)
    This is a collaboration with the Templars of Jumilla and within this group performed activities
  • The Brotherhood of the Scroll submitted the DVD "History of a passion ' (01/04/2009)
    The ceremony was attended by many brothers, the president of the council JCHSS and Culture, among others.

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