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  • Jumilla was present this weekend at the First Inland Tourism Fair of Villena (30/09/2013)
    Jumilla, Biar, Elda, Pinoso, Sax, Banyeres, and Villena have exposed all weekend its tourism, cultural and oenological Indoor
  • Nearly fifty women participate in the "First Meeting of the Bank of Experiences" (30/09/2013)
    La Torre del Rico hosted the First Meeting in which women pooled their way through the various workshops that have been offered through this initiative
  • The Board endorses agreement for the implementation of the program Youth Housing Exchange rent for 2013 (30/09/2013)
    Board also certified the last work of the Source of the Siege, which are taken for completion of the actions in this natural deposit
  • Public Safety presents the events in honor of the feast of the Guardian Angels, the patron of the local police (30/09/2013)
    The First Children's Drawing Contest "How do you see your police?" Open house Park Road Education " and sporting activities complete the acts for the festival
  • The Local Employment Centre Youth streamlines job search among the youth of the town (27/09/2013)
    work orientation, self-employment workshops, or diffusion of vacancies and courses are some of the actions that the CLE developed to facilitate the reintegration of local youth
  • The Department of Public Safety organizes an open day at the Park Road Education (27/09/2013)
    The next Wednesday, October 2, all children / as the municipality may know the Park and attend an educational recreational facilities
  • The Intercultural Meeting will end on Sunday, a whole week dedicated to the hodgepodge of cultures (27/09/2013)
    The Paseo Poeta Lorenzo Guardiola will develop dances, musical performances and tasting of typical products
  • Local police reported a possible scam in Jumilla (27/09/2013)
    An individual could be posing as a member of the local police, and selling misleading advertising related to a law enforcement magazine
  • You can request Bonobús Student Grants 2013/2014 (27/09/2013)
    will be targeted at students from the University of Murcia and Valencia, and other centers in these capitals and Yecla
  • Youth held in Jumilla free workshop "How to promote your business on social networks" (26/09/2013)
    Things to do in social networks, first steps, basic tools and tips and tricks are some of the points to be covered in the workshop
  • The Department of Equality launches the urban mural painting competition "X Jumilla Equality" (26/09/2013)
    The three winners will be painted sketches by the authors in the Avenida de la Libertad where they will remain as a sign of rejection against Gender Violence
  • Vico Theatre celebrates its 130th anniversary with a large and varied program (26/09/2013)
    The performance of "El Brujo" with "Shakespeare's Women" and the return of classic cinema to theater, big bets Culture Department to close the quarter
  • Angel Francisco Cutillas recovers part of the history of Jumilla in a talk framed within the Intercultural Week (26/09/2013)
    This afternoon at 20.00, Socio-Cultural Center will host the next event focused on the screening of short films on topics related to health, immigration or woman
  • The Councillor of Commerce reports aid to improve sales through Internet for traders (25/09/2013)
    aids offered are within the 'Mentoring Program in Electronic Commerce'
  • Agriculture conditioned for more than 30 kilometers into the local roads network of the municipality (25/09/2013)
    The improvement actions are performed in different areas of the municipality of Jumilla among which five ways districts of the municipality
  • XX bands festival "City of Jumilla" (25/09/2013)

  • La Torre del Rico host this Saturday the "First Meeting of the Bank of Experiences" (25/09/2013)
    Associations members along with the Department of Equality will share the result of the exchange of experiences to date
  • Acts of Intercultural week continues today with the talk "A little history of Jumilla" by Angel Francisco Cutillas (25/09/2013)
    Paquita Ruiz, inaugurated the program of events with the paper "Gender, Culture and Immigration", a broad overview on concepts of gender and sex
  • Full stop macrourbanización to San Jose in Jumilla (24/09/2013)
    The City does not appeal in cassation to the Supreme, and becomes a final judgment which annulled the Partial Plan Santa Ana del Monte Jumilla Golf
  • The Department of Culture drives I Photographic marathon "Jose Antonio Thomas" (24/09/2013)
    "Monumental Jumilla" seeks to value the assets of the municipality attractive captured by amateur cameras of photographers / participants
  • The Council convenes Hypnos Awards 2013 (24/09/2013)
    With these awards recognizes the daily efforts of individuals, associations or companies, whose work results in an improvement to society jumillana
  • National Senator Maria José Nicolás visit Jumilla (24/09/2013)
    María José Nicolás just returned from China where he has championed in Lanzhou Cultural Expo, the tourist attractions of the Region
  • PSOE of Jumilla: "we are ruled by leaders without any ethics" (24/09/2013)

  • The Councillor of Commerce CEO returns with the opportunity to implement a shopping center in Jumilla Open (23/09/2013)
    trade Revitalization Plan, Comprehensive Competitiveness Support Retail Trade and Artisan House, were some of the issues with Maria Dolores Alarcon
  • Aspajunide celebrates its 30th anniversary with the publication of a magazine and numerous commemorative events (23/09/2013)
    A photographic exhibition, conference tables, screening of short films and open days are some of the activities planned to celebrate 30 years of Aspajunide
  • The Board of Education approved a grant request for the prevention and monitoring of truancy (23/09/2013)
    Sports Councilman clarifies some issues regarding their councils as are the games that will play at home on Montesinos Jumilla CFS
  • The Delegate of the Government distinguished the Jumilla Tempalrios its cultural work in the prison MII (23/09/2013)
    Prison Ministry, and Parentheses Foundation, also received recognition for her charitable work.
  • Finish the selection process for the 16 jobs in forestry work in Jumilla (20/09/2013)
    Performances will begin in October and will run for six months with special emphasis on Santa Ana mount
  • Jumilla adds to 'Active Programme' (20/09/2013)
    Health Councillor meets with the Minister to implement the program in Jumilla during the next quarter
  • Jumilla is one of 31 municipalities in the region to feature Youth Correspondents (19/09/2013)
    Four students will be selected who will look to serve as a link between schools and students to improve the flow of information
  • The cultural diversity of Jumilla appointment will from next Monday Intercultural Week (19/09/2013)
    Different immigrant and local associations will share experiences in a week full of activities designed to enhance the intercultural Township
  • It finalizes the rehabilitation works at the Source of the Siege (19/09/2013)
    After the perimeter wall remodeling, construction and restoration of the environment viewpoint of the source, Agriculture latest works at the site
  • Services undertaken various actions to improve pedestrian crossings adjacent to schools in the municipality (19/09/2013)
    When repainting crosswalks, add performances horizontal road markings different centers
  • You and I MacCarey Leo, last summer movie in the Castle (18/09/2013)
    It is a romantic drama starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in the lead role, with which ends the movie season in Castle summer
  • On Friday 27 is the deadline for entries for the extracurricular activities offered by the CAI (18/09/2013)
    Kitchen, sports, crafts, driver education, psychomotor or tutoring are some of the workshops that have been scheduled for this course
  • The Civil Guard involved more than 2,300 counterfeit products in Jumilla (18/09/2013)
    It has arrested two people on suspicion of crimes against industrial property
  • Environment affects the responsibilities of Jumillano Jumillano pet owners (18/09/2013)

  • Distinction II prison the Templars Murcia Jumilla (18/09/2013)
    The Government Delegate in the region, Joaquín Bascuñana, will deliver to Josep Tomas i Galea cultural entity holder
  • ... (17/09/2013)

  • Aspajunide will take over the management of the Day Centre for Alzheimer's and other dementias Miguel Marín Padilla (17/09/2013)
    The Minister of Health and Social Policy, Maria Angeles Palacios said in Jumilla that the launch of the Centre could be a reality before expected
  • The Mayor presents to the residents of the Canada del Trigo remodeling of the square of the hamlet (17/09/2013)
    The project is budgeted at about 100,000 euros to be financed through aid Leader Approach
  • The Governing Board approved the foundation for scholarships for students bus pass Jumillano (17/09/2013)
    The Mayor highlights the recovery of Hypnos Awards which held in Jumilla again next month December
  • "Iberian Plate, tasteful dish" will end children's activities this summer 2013 (17/09/2013)
    In the workshop, participating children will discover the different Iberian ceramic decorations and made a real outfit of the day
  • The Municipal School Board meets to mark the start of the school year (16/09/2013)
    The Department of Education gave the Council part of the enrollment data for the course 2013/2014 in which there will be a total of 4,178 alumni / ae
  • Prestigious European scholars visiting the site of the Hoya de la Sima (16/09/2013)
    Professors of the University of Barcelona and the Museum of Natural History in Paris knew of geological and paleontological wealth of Jumilla
  • Diego Quevedo Carmona and Isaac Peral (15/09/2013)

  • The Department of Citizenship along with Darsana Centre organized a talk dedicated to pregnant (13/09/2013)
    "emotional and attachment movements during pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium" is the theme to focus the talk dedicated to women who cross the sensitive period of pregnancy
  • As of October 1 pensioners and long-term unemployed persons may request municipal aid (13/09/2013)

  • The Department of Social Policy organized the conference "care service for disabled people" (13/09/2013)
    This is a talk that will detail the services provided by the Association Aspajunide in Jumilla, people with mental deficiency
  • La Peña La Parra delivers the communication Jumilla special 25th anniversary prize (13/09/2013)
    Jumilla Mayor and Aldermen of sports different recent legislatures attended the commemorative event which recognized the cooperation provided by the city of Jumilla
  • The film returns to the Castle after repairing some of the damage caused by the theft last Thursday (12/09/2013)
    The film shown will be "The Maltese Falcon" by John Huston, a film black film with high doses of intrigue
  • Until Monday may apply for grants for the purchase of student textbooks of compulsory (12/09/2013)
    ​​ To aid families can access alumni / ae who will pursue some level of primary or secondary education, and the amount will range from 110 150 euros
  • The Sports Council launches registration period for the municipal schools and fitness training (12/09/2013)
    Soccer, tennis, handball, basketball and fitness training are offering sports activities for this course 2013/2014
  • The Illustrious Doctor and Favorite Son of Jumilla, Miguel Padilla visit the town on Monday (12/09/2013)
    Marin Padilla attend the official ceremony of transfer of management of the Day Centre, Alzheimer's and other dementias of Jumilla Aspajunide
  • The Center for Child Care offers numerous extracurricular activities for the academic year 2013/2014 (11/09/2013)
    Kitchen, sports, crafts, driver education, psychomotor or tutoring are some of the workshops that have been scheduled for this course
  • PSOE: "The mayor did not know where the ambulance (mobile ICU) of all Jumillano / as" (11/09/2013)

  • The Local Police continues to controls on seat belt use and child restraint systems (11/09/2013)

  • The Department of Employment reported the next sessions for entrepreneurs through the INFO (11/09/2013)
    The lecture "Create your online store and sells Internet services" will be the first pill quarter formative for entrepreneurs that will launch the INFO
  • There are still places to access the Popular University courses in Jumilla (11/09/2013)
    Up to a total of 12 activities will be bid among which bobbin, ceramics, sewing, drawing and painting, or tour on Jumilla
  • The Mayor welcomes Susan Thomas, the young woman who represented Jumillana Murcia in the V World Heritage Youth Forum (10/09/2013)
    Susana Tomas swept along with 33 young people from different part of Spain and the world, some of the most important story to historical heritage of the peninsula
  • Children of CAI "back to school" (10/09/2013)
    30 children aged 0 to 3 years beginning during 2013/2014 at the Center for Child Care Jumilla
  • The children discover ancient crafts of the municipality through the activity "The Crafts of your Elders" (10/09/2013)
    Leñaor sharpener or preacher were among that small trades found by visiting the museum and craft shop
  • The sculpture "Madonna with Child", the prison the Acebuche, set out in a national sample of prisoners in Murcia II (10/09/2013)

  • The Mayor and the Councillor for Sports Pavilion remodeling present Carlos Garcia (09/09/2013)
    The CFS UMACON Montesinos and Zaragoza were brand managers with a friendly facility in memory of player Carlos García
  • Alicia realizes Abellán matters agreed by the Local Government (09/09/2013)
    The government team denies that the use of two Roque Baños building offices for the Business Incubator can force the return of the subsidy with which they built the center
  • The Councillor for Education states that the school year has started today as normal in Jumilla (09/09/2013)
    Classes have begun under the provisions even in centers where they were finalizing works such as the Carmen Conde and Mariano Suarez
  • "Madrid 2020 Jumilla" meets at Paseo nearly 300 children around sports (09/09/2013)
    The departments of Citizenship, Sports and Children organized a support act in Jumilla for the candidacy of Madrid 2020
  • Jumilla is the third town in the Murcia region where unemployment has risen more in the month of August (08/09/2013)

  • This Saturday the Ethnographic Museum hosts the children's workshop "The trades of your biggest" (06/09/2013)
    Children from 5 to 12 years old will learn the trades through different crafts
  • Jumilla City Council joins the campaign launched by the DGT to mark the beginning of the school (06/09/2013)

  • The City reported stolen part of the power line access Castillo (06/09/2013)
    Fictoría group's concert scheduled for tonight at the Castle Theatre moves to Vico as a result of electrical failure
  • Industry Councilman reports the requirements and procedure to access the Business Incubator Jumilla (05/09/2013)
    All information and advice on this matter will be available on the Department of Economy and Employment of the City of Jumilla
  • The group Fictoría Jumilla Castle leads to bossa nova rhythms and samba (05/09/2013)
    The concert will take place tomorrow at 21.30 in the Castillo de Jumilla and will be one of the last activities of the summer cultural calendar 2013
  • The mobile unit of ID card in Jumilla processing moves Roque Baños Sociocultural Center (05/09/2013)
    With the new location ensures accessibility to the service of all Jumillano Jumillano renew or process requiring documentation
  • Two Arribe Silver 2013 for wines from Jumilla (05/09/2013)
    Wines from Douro and designations of origin Ribera del Duero have been the most recognized
  • The Department of Education affects the parents recommendations when purchasing school supplies for their children (04/09/2013)
    From the Department is advised to prepare a list of all necessary materials and compare prices
  • Ends the red palm weevil treatment for the year 2013 (04/09/2013)
    The Department of Gardens and Green Spaces confirms that the pest is controlled with satisfactory results in treatment
  • The abderí Charo Sánchez, painter invited the national fine arts exhibition of prison Murcia II (04/09/2013)
    This new annual event of the Phoenix Project Jumilla Templar attends Venezuela's brush with oil amabilis "Botero musicians"
  • During this month, 1,800 realizase jumillanas are cited for the mobile unit mammograms prevention (04/09/2013)
    The campaign is aimed at women between 50 and 69 years who were having a mammogram performed with which detect changes
  • The City of Jumilla gets reduce average payment of invoices than two years to 45 days (03/09/2013)
    Jumilla reduces the average time of payment to suppliers providing confidence to companies serving the consistory
  • You can now formalize the request to access the Business Incubator Municipal (03/09/2013)
    The deadline for submission of applications will continue until October 2 that will be when you start the awards process
  • The Minister of Public Works presented in Jumilla the contract for road maintenance highland (03/09/2013)
    The contract includes the maintenance of regional roads 28 Northeast Region, whose headquarters will be located in the municipality of Jumilla
  • Honored former village headman of the Farmhouse with the appointment of a place in his memory (02/09/2013)
    ​​ From Saturday the square of the Farmhouse pool is named "Pedro Gonzalez Cutillas"
  • Today open enrollment period to enroll in courses at the VHS (02/09/2013)
    Up to a total of 12 different activities the program will be offered in 2013/2014 than a year the Department of Culture drives
  • From today you can access grants for pensioners and long-term unemployed (02/09/2013)
    The Board has declared most advantageous tender for the contract dossier Occupational Risk presented by the Group Health and Safety Business SL, for 28,050 euros
  • The Council organizes an act of support for the candidacy of Madrid 2020 (02/09/2013)
    The Paseo Poeta Lorenzo Guardiola host sports activities during the day on Saturday September 7 in support of the candidacy Spanish
  • The attending emergency medical services and hospital moved to a man of 62 years, the tractor overturned injured driving in Jumilla (01/09/2013)

  • With Currency: by Our Lady, "pajaricos" illustrates the ad poster regional jail Murcia II, in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy (01/09/2013)
    Banners advertising Jumilla Templar, another piece of your project Phoenix in prison

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