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  • Show Circus acrobatics Potted and Don Juan Tenorio, outstanding works of Vico Theatre this weekend (31/10/2014)
    The Circus Potted Jumilla brings a unique and original show while Tenor Theatre Company Friends of the lead to the Seville S . XVI to experience the adventures of Don Juan's most famous story
  • The City Council last detail to attend the visit of hundreds of Jumillano Jumillano the cemetery for All Saints' Day (31/10/2014)
    The City will provide the residents of the city bus, which includes among its regular stops, the cemetery from 9.00 to 15.00
  • The mayor and council districts exhibit the works in the Square Schools Cańada del Trigo (31/10/2014)
    The refurbishment has included major improvements such as the extension of it, the installation of playground equipment and a complete remodeling lighting and street furniture
  • Jumilla will host the Championship in Spain Walking Route in March 2015 (30/10/2014)
    The Royal Spanish Athletics Federation Jumilla chosen to host one of the most important events in the national athletics
  • Enrique Jimenez: "The bidding process of the file conforms strictly to the Law on Public Sector Contracts" (30/10/2014)
    Mayor reports the rigorous processing being carried in the tender dossier for the cleaning of municipal buildings
  • The XXX National Conference of Exaltation Drum and Bass Drum and have web page (30/10/2014)
    The Organizing Committee of the Conference presented the corporate image, website and official poster, which will be one of the great events of recent years in Jumilla
  • About 40 people are currently participating in the seminar "How to create and make your business work" (30/10/2014)
    The seminar is organized by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia in order to promote entrepreneurship among youth location
  • Enrique Jimenez, "The analysis determined that the patient does not have Ebola Jumilla" (29/10/2014)
    Mayor highlights successful responsiveness of health teams to such episodes and congratulated her on her performance Prevention
  • The classic Don Juan Tenorio not break her date of All Saints at the Teatro Vico (29/10/2014)
    Directed by Elvira Pineda, Don Juan Tenorio hit Jumilla with Tenor Theatre Company Friends of the Friday, October 31, to 21.30
  • The City Council has signed an agreement with the INFO for an energy audit of the city (28/10/2014)
    The audit will determine the actual status of municipal lighting, first step before designing the new
  • "The Night To Santos in the Haunted Museum" doubles the passes given the influx of public success (28/10/2014)
    The Department of Culture and the Museo Casa da repeated successful participation in the activity "To the Saints Night in the Haunted Museum "to be held this weekend
  • The Artisan House was visited by dozens of people during the Open Day I (28/10/2014)
    The activity was completed with a market located opposite the Artisan House, Calle del Rico, where the work of the artisans were exposed jumillanos part of the Association
  • Health in Murcia active protocol for a suspected case of Ebola in the Emergency Department of Jumilla (28/10/2014)
    is a man of 25 who traveled five days from Mali and having fever and vomiting as symptoms
  • About 500 women attended the XXII Jumilla Assembly of the Regional Federation of Widows (27/10/2014)
    The Minister of Health and Social Affairs attended the day of living in which has brought together 17 associations of widows from across the region to celebrate its annual meeting
  • The Second edition of the Health and Sport "Jumilla Healthy" is confirmed as a success (27/10/2014)
    Hundreds of people spent yesterday Health Fair and Sport for the second consecutive year organized the departments of Health, Citizen Participation and Sports
  • The Department of Equality organized for tomorrow's lecture "The importance of taking care of the pelvic floor in women" (27/10/2014)
    Women know what problems may suffer as a result of poor care in this area of ​​the body, why is it important to care for and can do physiotherapy in this regard
  • The Governing Board approved the provisional list of school scholarship recipients for the Second Cycle of Child (27/10/2014)
    Listings are available in the main building of City Hall and the Department of Education
  • Public Safety Zone launches in 20 colleges and schools of the town (24/10/2014)
    Music Traffic speed limit to 20 km / h on the streets related to schools in the locality
  • Jumilla starts vaccination campaign against influenza virus (24/10/2014)
    Those over 60 years old and chronically ill, should take an appointment in the Health Center directly for vaccination while those under 60 will have to ask your doctor the wheel header
  • The Ministry organizes a 'press trip' in the region to promote tourism in the United States and the life style of Murcia (24/10/2014)
    A group of journalists from Chicago traveled to the region for its cultural and sun and beach offer their food and wine and product meetings, incentives, conferences and business
  • The weekend comes to Jumilla loaded with activities such as II Health Fair and a cultural agenda with important works (24/10/2014)
    "Rhapsody in blu" and drama "Distance seven minutes" stand in the cultural proposal to which are added acts as the Health Fair II and XXII Meeting of the Regional Federation of Widows
  • A dozen women in the municipality improve their computer skills on a course of Equality and the Federation of Rural Women (24/10/2014)
    Women participants have worked in basic computer with initial training to improve their skills in managing new technologies
  • The Center for Social Services Jumilla and Project Association Abraham organized a workshop on skills for job placement (23/10/2014)
    The course will begin on Monday, October 27, and will be aimed at users of the Center for Social Services, primarily the accompanying program for social inclusion
  • This weekend will be a relocation of TV channels after the "release of the digital dividend" (23/10/2014)
    To capture the new channels should retune again TVs to find the new frequencies that are output from that day television programs
  • The child activity of the weekend playing in museums and science merges with the workshop "Fly your kite" (23/10/2014)
    Children manufactured a kite with very simple elements inspired by migratory birds wintering in Spain during the colder months year
  • The tourism in Jumilla promoted on Czech TV (23/10/2014)
    Through space "Na ceste po Murcii" Czech TV runs one of the main tourist attractions of the region and stops at Jumilla and its Fair and Festival August, gastronomy and cultural heritage
  • Youth presents the 2015 Young Artist Awards (22/10/2014)
    Literature, music, art and photography are the categories that may arise youth aged 12 to 21 who want to participate
  • The council of Agriculture Opens Livestock XVI Training Course held in Jumilla (22/10/2014)
    The Murciano-Granadina goat breed within the industry, focuses on training course which was attended by fifty farmers and technicians of the municipality
  • IU-Greens calls for publication of all contracts and lower municipal spending (22/10/2014)

  • The Crafts Association organizes R Jumilla Open House at Artisan House with a market on Calle del Rico (22/10/2014)
    The exhibition will be open this Sunday from 10.00 to 14.00, with ceramic work, needlework between painting and crochet or other crafts in addition to housing the Artisan House
  • The Local Employment Centre Youth Jumilla organizes the seminar "How to create and make your business work" (22/10/2014)
    The weekly will be held on Thursday, October 30, at the Roque Bańos Sociocultural Center in order to promote the spirit entrepreneurship among local youth
  • Jumilla City Council canceled the Adjustment Plan eight years ahead of schedule (21/10/2014)
    Refinancing the loan provider payment plan will result in savings of more than 900.0000 euros in interest over the next eight years
  • More than 70 people enjoyed the theatrical tour of "Funeral of ĂŤrike" in Coimbra del Barranco Ancho (21/10/2014)
    The next theatrical sightseeing tour will be on Sunday November 16 with the play "Lovers Castillo", returning again to count the story of impossible love between Anna Maria and Sergio
  • The Jumilla Wine Route presents the IX Gastronomic taking place during the month of November (21/10/2014)
    More than 22 restaurants, bars and cafés participate in the number nine edition of one of the main activities of the Jumilla Wine Route
  • Jumilla hand painted pink to mark the World Day Against Breast Cancer (20/10/2014)
    Hundreds of roses hands will recall a sign of support from the village of Jumilla from the daily struggle of women that look like breast cancer
  • Eduardo Gea becomes the first prize of the photographic marathon "Monumenta Jumilla" 2014 (20/10/2014)
    The participants emphasize the uniqueness of the sites chosen for this edition, especially inside the Monastery of Santa Ana protagonist of the first and third picture Winning
  • The Governing Board initiates the service contract file maintenance and cleaning of gardens (20/10/2014)
    The team spokesman government reports of approved today by the Local Government agreements
  • About 25 exhibitors will gather this weekend at the Fair II Health and Sport "Jumilla Healthy" (20/10/2014)
    Professional associations and health-related and sports will present their work and services at the Fair also be completed with activities throughout the week
  • The theatrical visit to Coimbra del Barranco Ancho and Photo Marathon "Monumenta Jumilla" other appointments weekend in Jumilla (17/10/2014)
    Also by Teatro Vico will throughout the weekend including important works FETEN Best Show 2013 "The Gallo of the vanes "or" Don Juan, bitter remembrance of me "
  • Jumilla still battling breast cancer, information tables today and Sunday with the March for Women II (17/10/2014)
    Tables and Fact II Women March for completing the activities organized by the Jumilla Day Against Breast Cancer
  • The Civil Guard detained the suspected of several robberies (17/10/2014)
    The detainee is attributed the alleged authorship of at least two counts of robbery with violence by the method of 'pull'.
  • The City of Jumilla participates in the Second Forum of Local Employment held yesterday at the University of Murcia (17/10/2014)
    The Head of Economy and Employment of the City of Jumilla, Angel Perez, is recognized as "Best Technical Local Development of the Year 2014 "in the II Forum of Local Jobs
  • 15 students of the Centre for Adult Education held its training practices in the city of Jumilla (17/10/2014)
    This is 8 students Course Auxiliary Operations Administrative and General Services and 7 students Course geriatric care for people in the Home
  • Houses of the Old Town and San Juan del Barrio will be rehabilitated with grants that would cover up to 35% of the works (16/10/2014)
    The Directorate General of Housing and Land City Council approved the proposal of Jumilla to recognize as "Urban Regeneration Areas "the houses of the Old Town and Barrio San Juan
  • 4x4 Montesinos Jumilla part to African soil with the joint expedition "Morocco 2014" (16/10/2014)
    The expedition will distribute more than 300 kilos of school supplies, clothing and toys to children of the school who has sponsored the 4x4 Montesinos Jumilla
  • This weekend the city hosts the II Photo Marathon "Monumenta Jumilla" (16/10/2014)
    The competition will be held this Saturday and Sunday, and until Friday morning registration period that can be made on the two museums of the town remains open
  • Jumilla is preparing for a big weekend at the Teatro Vico with works like "Don Juan bitter remembrance of me" or "The Rooster of the vanes" (15/10/2014)
    Throughout the weekend, Vico Theatre plays host important , including Best Show FETEN 2013 "El Gallo of the vanes" or from the theater of Unstable Jumillano Theatre
  • The Department of Equality and the AECC in Jumilla morning activities begin on the Day Against Breast Cancer (15/10/2014)
    Tomorrow Thursday will be the talk "Psychosocial care of patients and families suffering from cancer" on Friday and Saturday tables Informative and Sunday II Municipal March for Women
  • The CAI classes normally start in what will be the fourth class center (15/10/2014)
    The Center offers like last year, after-school activities for children aged between 3 and 8 years focused on topics such as cooking, sports and crafts from other
  • 4 Paws organizes a lecture in which participate the 2011 Eco Initiatives, César Bona National Award (15/10/2014)
    Under the heading "Educational Responses against animal abuse" in the talk are also important part of prominent speakers within the education and social Animal Respect
  • The Board initiated the record for the acquisition of hardware and software that allows the processing of electronic billing and other applications (14/10/2014)
    Approved the call to access the municipal nursery companies
  • Rescued a hiker in a rugged area of ​​the High Rooks in Jumilla (14/10/2014)
    The assisted person could communicate to a family situation and his physical state that was
  • The Municipal Library offers digital books Jumilla all users (14/10/2014)
    The Public Library of Jumilla, part of the new loan service digital books: eBiblio Murcia, with over one hundred thousand titles and new books
  • The AJAM successfully held its XXI Festival of Bands "Ciudad de Jumilla" (13/10/2014)
    The Youth Music Group head of Torres was on this occasion the guest band at the festival this year surpasses two decades of history
  • The Council already has a machine for the payment of fees and municipal taxes (13/10/2014)
    Hacienda commission a cashier for payment of rates and taxes so that citizens can make this income in the municipality of Jumilla without having to go through the bank
  • The Mayor meets with the Minister of Tourism for sharing the XXX National Conference of Drum and Bass Drum Jumilla 2015 (13/10/2014)
    As highlighted by the Mayor of Jumilla, "it is a working meeting to pool possible formulas collaboration of the regional administration with the "
  • Spain's flag will fly at the end of Paseo as a symbol of the town of Jumilla respect the principles of democracy (13/10/2014)
    Jumilla held on October 12, Day of the National Party, with a tribute to the flag of Spain and the Guardia Civil
  • The Department of Economy and Employment Registration period opens for training courses to be delivered by SEF in Jumilla (10/10/2014)
    care for dependents, local tourism promotion, landscaping and ancillary ancillary administrative services, courses will be developed in Jumilla
  • From next Friday, October 17, most television channels and Mediaset will relocate A3Media frequency (10/10/2014)
    The region has enabled the phone 968 102 775 from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 14.00, to serve doubts about this regard
  • The Jumilla Wine Route, won the Dove Award by Tourism Routes Bullas and Yecla (10/10/2014)
    The College of Tourism Murcia Celebrates 45 Dove Awards Tourism and honors in addition to the trails, the Meeting Patińo crews and the TVE series 'Tell me how it happened'
  • IU-Greens against the free trade agreement between Europe and the United States (10/10/2014)

  • The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Empres ae Innovation Meets with Mayor of Jumilla (10/10/2014)

  • "The Socialist party is not ashamed of the national flag, the mayor is ashamed that we" (10/10/2014)

  • Jumilla is part of Project Cities AVE, to promote tourism promotion and marketing of the municipality (09/10/2014)
    Through the initiative related to the AVE rail network will connect cities, taking advantage of the proximity of municipalities with history, with the train AVE nearby
  • The Department of Equality organizes a basic computer course starting next Monday (09/10/2014)
    Until Friday morning registration period which should be formalized in the General Register of the City of Jumilla is open for free
  • The Science Museum hosts morning session documentary film "Giant Crystals of Naica Cave" (09/10/2014)
    A fascinating adventure in scientific research, through a journey into the depths of the earth in search of the most beautiful treasures of the world minerals, crystals of Naica
  • The exconcejala and teacher, Fuensanta Olivares Garcia was proclaimed candidate Elementary that will celebrate the PSOE among all its members to access the mayor of Jumilla in the upcoming municipal elections (08/10/2014)
    After completing the verification process guarantees held Tuesday by the Committee of Guarantees in the regional party headquarters
  • 4 Paws organizes a lecture in which he will participate Eco Initiatives 2011 César Bona National Award (08/10/2014)
    Under the heading "Educational Responses against animal abuse" in the colloquium talk will also participate important speakers from distinguished career in social education and Animal Respect
  • The City of Jumilla participate again in the Second Regional Forum on Employment and Local Development Murcia (08/10/2014)
    The day serves as a meeting and debate between students, teachers and technicians employment and local development working for economic promotion and job creation
  • A glass goblet of Iberian town of Coimbra del Barranco Ancho be part of the quarter of the Museum of Archaeology (08/10/2014)
    These essences and wine glasses were offered, are dated between the sixth century and the second century BC, and had a role Religious ritual
  • The Community provides more than 157,000 euros for the paving of rural roads in the municipality of Jumilla (08/10/2014)
    The road linking the village of Torre del Rico with Capitos, and the Way of Escandelles be two asphalted roads that in Jumilla in the Regional Rural Roads Plan
  • The City receives 136,000 euros to launch five training courses by the SEF (07/10/2014)
    Care for dependents, local tourism promotion, landscaping and ancillary administrative, and social integration projects will be taught in Jumilla
  • El Teatro Vico dresses movie Thursday with the film "La Colina del Adios" (07/10/2014)
    The screening will start at 21.00, and as usual in those collaborations Film Indoor Club, will be freely available while tickets
  • The fight against breast cancer focused activities October the Department of Equality (07/10/2014)
    The Second Municipal March for Women, the talk on "Psychosocial care for families of cancer patients' and School Empowerment, highlights of October programming
  • The Municipal Corporation receives the staff of the local police to commemorate their patron "Guardian Angels" (06/10/2014)
    Mayor and the Councillor for Public Safety reaffirm the commitment of the government team with the daily work of the local police in Jumilla
  • The exhibition "From Black to Red" invites visitors to the wine tasting dispar captured on canvas (06/10/2014)
    The exhibition will run until 25 October at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences, a selection of more than one thirty works of the group "Clam-Art"
  • Jumilla held on Columbus Day with a tribute to the flag and a flagpole monument chair the Paseo (06/10/2014)
    The event will take place on Sunday, October 12, at 11.00, Paseo Poeta Lorenzo Guardiola where it will open the Monument to the flag of Spain to preside jumillano enclave
  • The next 11th October in the town, the XXI Festival of Bands "Ciudad de Jumilla" (06/10/2014)
    Jumillana is organized by the Association of Friends of Music in collaboration with HE.
  • The Department Of Health and Jumillano AJITM Association prepared various activities for World Day of Mental Health (03/10/2014)
    On 10 October, a conference on substance use and mental health will be held also the association participate in the II Fair Health
  • The Ministry of Development Jumilla-Yecla includes the stretch of the A-33 as significant investment by 2015 more than 25 million euros (03/10/2014)
    The Road Demarcation comes to lifting real acts of occupation of the A-33 in its section of Jumilla Yecla
  • The II Photo Marathon "Monumenta Jumilla" returns this year to recapture the essence of the cultural heritage of the town (03/10/2014)
    The competition will be held on 18 and 19 October and access to monuments that usually remain closed will be allowed the public and are within the Monastery of Santa Ana and Gardens
  • Exhibitions, conferences, theatrical tours, museums and children's activities, complete the cultural offer for the last months of the year (03/10/2014)
    The "Night of the Ravishing Tosantos Museum" Photo Marathon II "Monumenta Jumilla", or sightseeing Dramatised are presented as highlights of the cultural calendar
  • The Clam Art group presents in Jumilla his work "From White to Red" during the month of October (02/10/2014)
    The inauguration will take place on Sunday 5 October at 12.00, and the exhibition will run until 25 October at the Museum Ethnography and Natural Science
  • "Each cluster with its cepica" children's activity will be the next to be held in the Museum of Archaeology (02/10/2014)
    With the activity children will learn what are the kinds of vines that can be found in Jumilla, which are part of the DO and how they can differentiate
  • The PP rejects the IU-Greens proposal to lower garbage fees to local no activity (02/10/2014)

  • About 200 people enter the labor market in Jumilla during September (02/10/2014)
    Unemployment falls in the region for the first time in a month from September 2007
  • Inspired by the Cross of Caravaca, the Grand Master of the Templars of Jumilla designs the poster announcement annual concert of Heavy Metal Monsters of Caspa (01/10/2014)
    Excerpts from various concerts form the central theme of the poster laden horror
  • The city agreed to request a review of assessed values ​​of sectors that have not approved any instrument of urban development (01/10/2014)
    If approved, lands included in the General Plan that do not have approved any urban development measure will apply in respect of the IBI non-urban and rural land
  • La Ruta del Vino Jumilla, again selected as one of the twelve most accessible of Spain (01/10/2014)
    PREDIF selected twelve routes included in the guide Oenology Spain Accessible routes for all people, including again this year will Jumillano route
  • Next week opens heated municipal (01/10/2014)
    Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 13.00 am and from 16.00 to 10.00 hours, afternoon and Saturday and Sunday mornings only from 10.00 to 13.00
  • Gypsum crystals up the outstanding part of the fourth quarter in the Ethnography Museum of Nature and Science (01/10/2014)
    The piece at the Museum will be open through December and is a unique piece with terminations in very rare tips, Learned two meters deep

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