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  • The City publishes job offers for temporary hiring construction workers (27/02/2015)
    People interested in this job must register with the SEF, and should meet the requirements demanded by the job market, will be preselected candidates
  • The cycle of lectures on Museums of the Region and the conference "Recognizes the happiness that already is in you" make a cultural agenda (27/02/2015)
    Also on Saturday the Department of Culture start a new activity, "Know Your Heritage" with a first route to Salinas Main
  • The pieces found in the Cave of Peliciego return home (27/02/2015)
    The materials found are mostly hunting armor ranging from Mesolithic to Chalcolithic, important pieces to identify with the last hunter-gatherers in this area
  • The BORM publishes the bases where the requirements and obligations are detailed to access the grant scheme for housing rehabilitation (27/02/2015)
    Over the next few days the notice shall be published point from which all homeowners the Old Town and Barrio de San Juan may apply to this grant scheme
  • The Rio de Janeiro Olympic race starts in Jumilla 2016 (27/02/2015)
    The CEO of Sports and the Mayor of Jumilla have 84 Championship in Spain Walking Route to take place this weekend in the city of wine
  • Bascuñana announced in Jumilla within approximately two months to be completed roundabout junction regulate access to the site Hoya Torres (27/02/2015)
    The machines are already clearing the way for a long work claimed by farmers
  • Many companies will advise Infomóvil yesterday visited Jumilla (27/02/2015)
    A total of eight companies and freelancers passed yesterday by the counseling service that offered INFO Jumilla, bringing the resources of the regional government to local entrepreneurs
  • The Easter starring much of the programming Vico Theatre this weekend (25/02/2015)
    The act of the Nazarene of Honor and National Competition III Saetas will be the highlights of the program the next few days, to be completed with the show dance "Fragile"
  • The Department of Equality celebrated Women's Day with a full program of activities (25/02/2015)
    Cinema, self-esteem workshops, the prize of the contest "Drawing Equality" and II Route Jumilla Women are some of the activities planned for this year
  • The February plenary responds to allegations in the draft Public Service operating Trash (25/02/2015)
    After the vote 204 allegations that incorporate improvements to the project were approved.
  • Education replaces the cover school Our Lady of the Assumption of Jumilla (24/02/2015)
    The Ministry, in collaboration with the City invests 133,871 euros for greater comfort for teachers and students with greater thermal insulation and improved energy efficiency
  • The Secretary-General of Education in Jumilla visit the works in the school Our Lady of the Assumption (24/02/2015)
    The Ministry invests more than 133,800 euros in the renovation of the roof, ensuring the safety of facilities and improving energy efficiency
  • The bus Infomóvil Jumilla visit Thursday to offer advice to companies and entrepreneurs (24/02/2015)
    The Infomóvil be at the door of Vico Theatre 10.00 to 13.00, and also can scroll to companies that need it, providing this service the center itself work
  • Nearly fifty elderly or dependent people benefited in 2014 from meals on wheels service funded by the City of Jumilla (24/02/2015)
    During 2014 6,000 menus were distributed to 47 users beneficiaries who expressed a level of service satisfaction 95%
  • Council starts the process to reshape the Central Market (24/02/2015)
    The Board approves the start of the tender dossier for the works of replacing doors and windows of Central Market, where more than 100,000 euros will be invested
  • IU-Green says that only one in four proposals of the PP in Social Policy has materialized (23/02/2015)

  • The Mayor and the Director General of Telecommunications inaugurated in Jumilla Fair New Tecnologi'as SICARM (23/02/2015)
    The Fair will be open until Sunday, the Central Market, workshops and activities for youth and adults in which will present the latest technological developments
  • Enrique Jimenez: "What passes now full, not more than a technical document, which is in response to the arguments presented" (23/02/2015)
    "It will not be in this legislature when sheets are approved, will be the next corporation's decided by the dossier and start it if "explained the Mayor of Jumilla
  • This week will be published in the BORM the rules for grants for the rehabilitation of homes in the neighborhoods of San Juan and Old Town (23/02/2015)
    Jumilla receive about 1,700,000 euros
  • With the poetry of Maria Dolores Fernandez and his presentation of the book of Holy Week, beginning the events organized by the JCHSS (23/02/2015)
    During the presentation was given to also know the informative posters Easter 2015, and the new website, which as a novelty all content translated into English include
  • Over 400 people gathered at the Teatro Vico to pay tribute to one of the promoters of musical teachings of Jumilla, Maria Angeles Tomás (23/02/2015)
    The concert "Sounds of Soul", brought together about 20 musicians
  • The Socialist Group Jumilla Mayor asks for the immediate withdrawal of the concession project garbage collection service, cleanliness, gardens, etc ... (21/02/2015)
    just 92 days of elections
  • Jumilla today pays tribute to Maria Angeles Tomás concert "Sounds of Soul" at the Teatro Vico (20/02/2015)
    What was once one of the major drivers of musical teachings of Jumilla, Maria Angeles Tomás will receive an homage to his educational work today Friday at the Teatro Vico
  • The Regional Assembly unanimously approved a motion of support and recognition to the National Conference of Exaltation of Drum and Bass Drum (20/02/2015)
    Jumilla Mayor and the Organizing Committee, attend the debate on the motion, which was presented to the plenary by Mayor Mula, José Iborra
  • The theatrical tour "Pirates of Earth," the children's workshop "Mythology Letters" and the documentary "Humble ignored beauty" focus the cultural agenda these days (20/02/2015)
    Also on Thursday, will be a new conference on the Museums of the Region, This time the on Ethnographic, the director of the Museo de la Huerta Sewer, José Antonio Melgares
  • More than 60 people participated today in the Day of Motivation Entrepreneurship in Rural Tourism (20/02/2015)
    The Mayor attends the opening of the conference, which was dedicated to the promotion of economic activity that can generate in Jumilla rural tourism
  • School of Jumilla visit the Technology Demonstrations SICARM (20/02/2015)

  • Unanimous support of the Assembly to national days XXX drum and bass drum (19/02/2015)
    be held in Jumilla
  • Estebana Esparza reaches 300 (17/02/2015)
    The Athlete F. CjRural Alamo Regional succeeded his trophy Sunday 300th after finishing 3rd in the category of veterans E of Cross Jumilla
  • IU-Greens denounced the failure of the economic program of the PP (17/02/2015)

  • IU-Green calls useless to PP for its management of the bus station (17/02/2015)

  • One of the classic drama "The Malquerida" Benavente arrives this weekend to Vico Theatre (17/02/2015)
    With further work will pay tribute to the jumillana Irene López de Heredia, one of the great ladies of the Spanish scene of S. XX, which was the first actress who played the work
  • On Thursday, starts in Jumilla Fair New Technologies SICARM with the latest developments in IT and Telecommunications (17/02/2015)
    Over four days and through a total of eight workshops innovations will be shown in the field of information technologies and communication
  • Jumilla puts the finishing touches on regional cross season with the Individual Regional Championship Cross Country (17/02/2015)
    Antonio Martínez Ardil of Fent Cami Mislata and Marina Martinez UCAM Cartagena proclaimed Absolute Cross Regional Champions in Jumilla
  • Hundreds of people enjoyed street Carnival, first with the Parade, where over a thousand people took part, and then the Fiestródromo, where the Great Night of Carnival took place (16/02/2015)

  • The government team spokesman aware of the issues discussed today by the Local Government (16/02/2015)
    Among the matters agreed today, notes the statement as most advantageous offer Jumillano Traspantojo company, which follow up this manner, Programming Vico Theatre
  • The Cruz de Piedra, Carmen Conde and Santa Ana schools participate tomorrow in the reforestation of municipal landfill (16/02/2015)
    The technician Environment today provided a talk at the centers involved, to explain to students the importance of recycling and proper waste treatment
  • Jumilla hosts this weekend XXXVIII Individual Regional Championship Cross (13/02/2015)
    Some of the best distance runners and cross specialists in the Region of Murcia, go through Jumilla this weekend in the last article Regional League Cross
  • The Carnival makes the streets of Jumilla this weekend (13/02/2015)
    Tomorrow Saturday is the big day of the Carnival of Jumilla, with the III Carnival Parade and the great night of "Fiestódromo"
  • The Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, becomes part of ACEVIN as collaborating partner (13/02/2015)
    Jumilla Mayor defends to the Board, incorporating the Institute of Tourism in the Region of Murcia, as a partner of ACEVIN
  • The Department of Equality started a workshop of toxic relationships 3rd of ESO Township occasion of Valentine (12/02/2015)
    During the talks real situations that invite reflection school on toxic relationships and their prevention work
  • The City reports of special schedules for the closure of premises during Carnival 2015 (12/02/2015)
    During the days, Friday, February 13 and Saturday, February 14, will be extended by two hours closing time for bars, restaurants and cafes without music
  • The City enables the site where the new school will be built Jumilla (12/02/2015)
    some technical days ago the Ministry visited the site to learn about urban services are there, and initiate the drafting of the new center
  • Jumilla puts the finishing touch to cross this Sunday (12/02/2015)
    Circuit de La Hoya will host the sixth and final day of the Regional League Cross, which will also involve the dispute Individual Regional Championships specialty
  • The Mayor unveils the winners of the 2014 Awards Hypnos (11/02/2015)
    Jumilla Low Brass, Juan Palao, the Central Board of the Brotherhood, the Wine Route, the National Conference of Tambor, Bank of experiences and the Federation of Clubs, Hypnos Awards 2014
  • The CIFE Jumilla Caritas delivers 400 liters of oil production obtained in tests of quality improvement (11/02/2015)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Jumilla attend the ceremony to Caritas Jumilla from the production in the varietal tests carried out on the farm 'Master'
  • The Archaeological Museums of the Region of Murcia and the play "Love Stories, Love in History" Featured quotes cultural agenda (11/02/2015)
    Besides programming Vico Theatre, Jumilla host these days, various activities such as conference Museums Archaeological Region or the play "Love Stories, Love in History"
  • 17 women started the course of health care in the home offered for Equality and the Mar y Tierra Association (11/02/2015)
    Councillor for Equality visit to the students who have started the course "Health care in the home, hygiene and personal security" will end in March and will run for 95 hours
  • The Mayor and the Director General of Rural Development inaugurated the day of awareness about rural organized by UPA (10/02/2015)
    The project is funded by the Leader, and it is intended to raise awareness among local youth about the importance of agricultural and livestock tissue facing the social development of Jumilla
  • Aguas de Jumilla starts improvement works on streets that will be remodeled under the POS 2015 (10/02/2015)
    Over 69,300 euros will be invested in the renovation of sewer and water from the streets Juan XXIII, Alfonso X El Sabio, Columbus and Antonio Machado
  • Jumuilla City Council organizes a course for obtaining food handler card (10/02/2015)
    The course will be held on 23 and 24 February from 17.00 to 20.00 in the Sociocultural Centre Roque Baños and entries must be formalized before February 20 at City Hall
  • The classic cinema with "All About Eve" and the Didactic Concert will AJAM appointments weekend at the Teatro Vico (10/02/2015)
    Film Club Indoor once again collaborating with the Department of Culture, to rediscover the classic cinema, and organizes AJAM a Teaching concert for all ages
  • Jumilla host an edition of the New Tecnologi'as SICARM with the latest developments in IT and Telecommunications (09/02/2015)
    Over four days and through a total of eight workshops will be shown innovations in the field of technology Information and communication
  • The Department of Equality resume activity with Empowerment School this year will be on Thursdays (09/02/2015)
    Equality starts the quarter around the Empowerment School, the course "Health Care in the Home" and a prevention campaign Relations toxic to mark the February 14
  • The Governing Board appoints the judges of the 2014 Awards Hypnos (09/02/2015)
    Jumilla will host a course at the University of Mar next July dedicated to "Religiosity in the Iberian world Sanctuaries"
  • The Museum of Ethnography celebrate Valentine's Day with the activity "Love Stories, Love in History" (09/02/2015)
    The Thalia Group will be responsible for driving and liven up the work, which will be set with romantic elements in a love story developed in the nineteenth century Jumilla
  • The director of the Archaeological Museum of Murcia started the lecture series with a lecture on "Regional Museums Policy" (06/02/2015)
    Legislation museums, the objectives of the network of museums of the Region or the quality criteria to be met for part of the Regional System were some highlights of the presentation
  • The Department of Tourism at FITUR presents the new brochure of the cultural heritage of Jumilla is collected (06/02/2015)
    Things to do and see, where to eat, trivia, festivals, myths and legends, collected in the last campaign of Tourism of the City of Jumilla
  • The Economy and Employment Department organizes a visit Infomóvil Service Jumilla (06/02/2015)
    The Infomóvil can scroll businesses that need it, providing this service in the workplace itself
  • The City Council initiates focused on boosting the local economy through the portal Jumilla Embark campaign (05/02/2015)
    Through Facebook and Twitter Jumilla Embark shall be informed of all local initiatives that the City Council promoted to promote Business
  • A recoil of the fifteenth century and a blanket to decorate cavalry are highlighted by the two museums of the town this quarter pieces (05/02/2015)
    The directors of the Ethnographic and Archaeological Museums, presented the pieces chosen for the quarter, which can be visited until April in both museums
  • Alicia Abellán: "The City of Jumilla has managed to eliminate commercial debt completely and even reduce the debt" (05/02/2015)
    Councillor for Finance highlights the financial debt of the City of Jumilla is less than 3 years, whereas debt to suppliers is zero
  • "The Mayor of Jumilla not telling the whole truth about municipal debt" (05/02/2015)
    According to Jesus Sanchez, Socialist spokesman
  • The cultural agenda brings Jumilla lectures, dance and music in the leisure proposal for this weekend (04/02/2015)
    Conferences "Museums of the Region of Murcia 2015" and "Regenerative Agriculture", and Galas Carnival and Dance "Now + than ever", protagonists of the cultural agenda these days
  • Important international musicians are sharing their knowledge with students of the Conservatory of Music in Jumilla (04/02/2015)
    This week started on the other hand, the Workshop Stage Performance and Vocal organized by the Conservatory, whose inscriptions remain open throughout the month of February
  • Celebrations Councilman presents the activities organized for the Carnival of Jumilla 2015 (04/02/2015)
    As highlighted Antonio Valero, "the festival of Carnival each year than in Jumilla, and the intention is to take to the streets hundreds of people to keep alive this tradition in our city "
  • The government team spokesman reported matters agreed by the Local Government (04/02/2015)
    The Procurement known proposals submitted to the tender dossier for programming Vico Theatre, which will now technical report
  • The winery is the only DO Jumilla offering tastings at the stand Costa Calida-Murcia (03/02/2015)

  • The mayor greatly appreciates the participation of Jumilla wine route in FITUR 2015 (02/02/2015)
    FITUR records this year one of the best data on participation in its history, with more than 225,000 visitors, including public and professionals from 100 different countries
  • Bartolomé Medina captures in his photography exhibit the "humble beauty ignored" Jumillano Flora (02/02/2015)
    Dozens of people attend the opening of the exhibition, which will be open until next February 28 at the Museum of Ethnography and Sciences Nature Jerónimo Molina
  • 12 people successfully complete mixed employment and training program dedicated to wine in Jumilla (02/02/2015)
    The Mayor attends the closing of employment workshop in which they have invested more than 220,000 euros for the training of 17 people, information tourist and visitor

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