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  • Today premieres "The Counselor," the movie that Ridley Scott recorded in the outer parts of Jumilla (29/11/2013)
    This is the latest film by Ridley Scott that chronicles the descent into hell of a lawyer to drug trafficking, and as part of Recording took place in the Top End of Jumilla
  • The CAI host two cooking workshops and extracurricular activities this Christmas (29/11/2013)
    Workshops will take place on 23, 24 and 27 one and 30, 31, 2 and 3, the other from 9.00 to 13.00 and is aimed at children / as between 3 and 8 years
  • Youth started offering courses with one computer (29/11/2013)
    body expression workshops, first aid, digital video editing, Latin dancing or English for travelers, are some of the proposals that the Department launches township youth
  • The Sunday Teatro Vico starts dancing to children with Da.Te Dance Workshop Dance Performance (28/11/2013)
    This is a different project to discover that small sense of the interpretive dance
  • Youth organized an information campaign tomorrow for World AIDS Day (28/11/2013)
    Tomorrow Friday and next Monday, 2 December, informative material will be delivered to promote health in the Department of Youth, 12 to 14
  • Councilman Agriculture inaugurates the disclosure day "insurance Additions to Wine Grape" (28/11/2013)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water, argues in Jumilla implementation of agricultural insurance as security for activity against disasters and weather risks
  • Equal campaign launched "Pink or blue, why choose?" Responsible choice for toys this Christmas (28/11/2013)
    Monday at 20.00 in Cajamurcia will be an exhibition and the workshop "What is important to choose gender-neutral toys "in order to raise awareness and encourage responsible purchasing
  • The association organizes 4 Legs II week by Animal Rights (27/11/2013)

  • The agricultural unions close positions with the Ministry of Agriculture in its demand for improved agricultural insurance (27/11/2013)
    Jumilla City Council showed its support for the agricultural unions through a joint motion that was approved last October by the Plenum
  • The Vico Theatre hosts this weekend Folklore IX Sample Child (27/11/2013)
    The shows will be held in two sessions and will feature folklore groups and Badajoz Ulea accompanying set Jumillano
  • Young entrepreneurs can choose from today to aid up to 10,000 euros to launch their business projects (27/11/2013)
    The Director General of SEF announced in Jumilla these measures, which are granted by warrant until the game runs out
  • The Templars jumillanos empower prisoners to emit parts of response and cooperation received (27/11/2013)
    The reports shall, on a scale of values ​​hundred forty points in the call 2014 Prisoners of Fine Arts and Crafts which is to be published next
  • Lead Councillor of Finance data on municipal budgets for 2014 (26/11/2013)
    The employment, investment and improved public spaces and social policies are some of the outstanding performances of municipal budgets for 2014
  • The Youth Council organized a psycho-sexual counseling for World AIDS Day (26/11/2013)
    Jumilla City Council is working with the campaign to prevent HIV and unwanted pregnancies, with an informative day and a psycho-sexual counseling scheduled for Wednesday morning
  • Children of CAI also show their aversion to Gender Violence (26/11/2013)
    Yesterday in the City of Jumilla expressed complaint against Gender Violence with various acts, including painting a mural for the child / as the CAI and reading in full of an institutional statement
  • The House approved a joint motion requesting support measures to farmers in the hamlet of Encebras (26/11/2013)
    The corporation voted unanimously to create a Commission of Inquiry to be informed about issues related to the Local Police and Civil Protection the past 6 years
  • Jumilla expressed their revulsion to Gender Violence with concentration and memory of the victims (25/11/2013)
    In a sense act, 45 women, one for each of women murdered by their partners so far this year, so visibilizaron physics, the real extent of this social evil
  • Twenty children / as participated this weekend in child activity "Ingredients of the Earth" (25/11/2013)

  • Students know the township municipal service Pre-incubator through the module "Business in the Classroom" (25/11/2013)
    The City is working with the IES Infanta Elena, through actual experience with the service pre-incubator, which students / as conducted a business plan with local advice
  • The Board approves the agreement by which Jumilla becomes "Township Entrepreneur" (25/11/2013)
    Through this initiative will be launched various local actions for the promotion of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and local development in Jumilla
  • Venezuela, Andorra, and Murcia regional deputy in the Catalan Cultural jumillanas Asociciones Quote (25/11/2013)
    The painter Josefa Martínez Extremadura, as a guest artist, brings original work in oil incorporating volcanic lava
  • "The Ingredients of the Earth", activity weekend for younger (22/11/2013)
    The workshop is aimed at children / as between 5 and 12, to learn about the internal composition of the planet Earth, its age and she posed to the existence of human beings
  • Sport solidarity protagonist in Jumilla this Christmas (22/11/2013)
    Red Cross and Sports, presented the 2nd Kings Crossing solidarity and 7th Solidary Christmas Race that will take place next month in Jumilla
  • Responsible for the local institutions in Jumilla clarify, no output to GBV (22/11/2013)
    Yesterday the roundtable "The institutional intervention in domestic violence" was held, in which the complaint ended up being the unanimous conclusion all participants
  • Celebrations Councilman encourages groups and associations to participate in the Christmas program 2013 (22/11/2013)
    Until 5th December, associations may submit proposals to the Department, through the various means provided for this purpose
  • The INFO and organized in Jumilla SEF Business Day "Employment Support and Corporate Finance" (21/11/2013)
    The conference will present the new youth to the establishment of autonomous and financial support for the establishment of companies among other issues
  • La Dama Boba Lope de Vega, Teatro Vico for in the morning, with the help of Imagined Space (21/11/2013)
    This is a very transgressive version of one of the most recognized comedies Spanish playwright of the Golden Age, Lope de Vega
  • Youth councilor meets new youth correspondents of the two IES Township (20/11/2013)
    The role of the correspondent's report all matters that are of interest to young people, in addition to detecting, collecting and transmitting their demands and needs
  • Young and old enjoyed the mineralogy at the II Workshop "Mineralízate" (20/11/2013)
    About thirty people attended the event organized by the Department of Culture and the Museum House, with a visit to the quarry "Garcia Moya" located in the "Cerro Gonzalez"
  • The roundtable "The institutional intervention in gender violence" will feature the Senior Judge of the Court of Jumilla (20/11/2013)
    At the meeting involved the local police, Police, Social Services, and Health Center in order to provide a Treatment institutional perspective of gender violence cases
  • The writer Jerome Jumilla Tristante presented tomorrow in his novel "The Last Night of Victor Ros" (19/11/2013)
    The event will be held in the morning Roque Baños Sociocultural Center Wednesday, November 20, at 20.00
  • Fourth Congress of the Union of Public Employees SIME (19/11/2013)
    The SIME Public Employees Union celebrating, the next 21 and 22 November, the Fourth Congress of the Union, in the town of Jumilla
  • Celebrations convenes a meeting for Thursday with associations and companies that want to participate in the Three Kings (19/11/2013)
    The meeting will take place at 21.00 in the Roque Baños Sociocultural Center, and she will discuss issues concerning the organization and development of the Three Kings
  • Prince Philip School celebrated the 29th anniversary of a forestry center at the Botanical Garden (19/11/2013)
    In the activity involved about 320 children in the 13 courses of the center, and planted 250 specimens of various species with which they have strengthened its commitment to the environment
  • City of Jumilla Psychologists offer a lecture entitled "Effect of gender violence in children" (19/11/2013)
    The activity is organized by the Department of Equality and ALMA Association to mark the International Day Against Violence Against Women
  • Hinneni celebrates its 40th anniversary with a photo exhibition which sets out its four decades of existence (18/11/2013)
    More than 40 years of history collected in a fixed photographic exhibition will be open until 24 November at the Museum of Ethnography
  • The Department of Equality begins the week of activities against gender violence with a space for reflection (18/11/2013)
    Throughout the week there will be various activities that will end on Sunday with a rally against gender violence and honor the victims
  • The Governing Board initiated several recruitment files (18/11/2013)
    service care assistants in museums and the castle of voice and data telecommunications Hall or the supply of fuel oil for heating are some of the cases initiated
  • Murcia Prisons forth in Barcelona (16/11/2013)

  • The Educational Support Program brings together university students to improve their performance (15/11/2013)
    The project is aimed at children and young people in social disadvantage in order to prevent and reduce the problems of school failure in the township
  • Jumilla weekend dedicated to health and sport (15/11/2013)
    Tomorrow, Saturday, will be held the second meeting Community Child and Adolescent Health of the Altiplano and Sunday, and the Walk will be held the first Fair Health and Sport " Jumilla Healthy "
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a marijuana greenhouse half thousand plants in Jumilla (15/11/2013)
    The person who ran the plantation has been arrested on charges of drug trafficking
  • The Department of Services performs various actions in the different entrances of the town (15/11/2013)
    The action plan focuses on cleaning gutters and verges cleared four entrances giving access to Jumilla
  • The City reports some outages scheduled by the utility for Sunday November 17 (15/11/2013)
    The streets affected are: Canovas del Castillo, Canalejas, Granary, Veronica Martin Steps and Guardiola, and the cut will occur 8.00 to 14.00 partially
  • The AJAM organizes his usual concert in honor of St. Cecilia on Sunday at the Teatro Vico (15/11/2013)
    The concert will be dedicated especially to the French composer Georges Brizet, and also present the CD "Music and harmony against cancer"
  • The workshop "Mineralizate II" seeks to discover the world of minerals to young and old the municipality (14/11/2013)
    The workshop will take place on Saturday November 16, and will be divided into two parts: sample collection and classification at the Museum
  • The City of Jumilla expands its presence in social networks (14/11/2013)
    Local administration launches its official Facebook page as a means of communication that adds to its Twitter channel and the municipal website
  • Tomorrow opens the exhibition organized by Hinneni for his 40th anniversary (14/11/2013)
    Four decades of history and three generations have gone through the history of this association that these days, is included in the exhibition for its 40th anniversary
  • The Jumilla Wine Route Approved by examining ACEVIN note and renew certification as a quality product (14/11/2013)
    The Jumilla Wine Route adheres to the European program "Wine in Moderation ', to promote the responsible consumption of wine and contribute to the prevention of excessive alcohol consumption in Europe
  • Employment Councilwoman reports the measures promoted by the Community for unemployed youth who want to self (13/11/2013)
    The Ministry of Education, Universities and Jobs announces grants of up to 10,000 euros for unemployed young people who want to develop business ideas
  • The Department of Equality develops romantic relationships 14 workshops on abuse among youth in the municipality (13/11/2013)
    The interventions will work from the concept of romantic love, to the differential socialization, both germs gender violence
  • The Jumillano / as may request an appointment at the Provincial Traffic Authority of Murcia through the municipal website (13/11/2013)
    From the November 19, the steps required appointment, a measure which aims to streamline the paperwork and DGT time
  • Tomorrow Wednesday CajaMurcia Cultural Hall hosts the conference "The Late Antiquity in the Region of Murcia" (12/11/2013)
    The presentation will begin at 20.00 and is payable by the Professor of Ancient History at the University of Murcia, Rafael González Fernandez
  • The Governing Board ensures Jumilla music lessons, with the extension of the contract for more than 750,000 euros (12/11/2013)
    The Government agrees to Team sandboxes reshape San Francisco centers and Miguel Hernandez
  • The telecare municipal elderly registered in the past five months more than 1,800 calls (12/11/2013)
    From June to October 56 emergencies were handled, and the nearly 80 service users have received 226 visits by home care staff, an average of 3.1 visits per household
  • Vico Theatre hosts three days of drama in English for which they have been nearly 1,600 children in the village (12/11/2013)
    Children / as between 5 and 12 years have enjoyed in the Teatro Vico, works in English "Animals "for children and" Livingstone I supose "for seniors
  • The City of Jumilla collaborates again with the Diabetic Association Altiplano (12/11/2013)
    The Altiplano Diabetic Association, today issued biannual prevention campaign in the city with free sugar tests
  • Jumilla is visited by a delegation of businessmen from Germany and Benelux interested in the wine market (11/11/2013)
    This mission, organized by the Institute of Development, Murcia wineries looking to expand their commercial ties with foreign markets
  • Hundreds of visitors toured yesterday Jumilla attracted European Wine Tourism Day (11/11/2013)
    El Castillo recorded over 200 visits, museums overcame their usual average and the restaurants and wineries participants were above 80% occupancy
  • More than twenty professionals and facilities I participate in the Health Fair and Sport "Jumilla Healthy" (11/11/2013)
    Born in order to bring together professionals and institutions related to these areas in the municipality, to enhance and promote healthy living
  • Jumilla hosts first regional derby in Premier League history, Montesinos - El Pozo (11/11/2013)
    Nearly 800 people packed the Carlos Garcia, to enjoy the first meeting ended in a tie at the last second that tasted victory
  • Jumilla host the Second Meeting Community Child and Adolescent Health Altiplano (08/11/2013)
    It is an open space for dialogue and participation around the Child and Adolescent Health, to meet the challenges that lie ahead
  • The group "Iluni Music" visit tomorrow Jumilla for a concert of Baroque music (08/11/2013)
    The concert will take place in St. Augustine Issue 19.00 and entry is free
  • The Ethnographic Museum hosts the projection "Earth, Living Planet: Fossils through time" (08/11/2013)
    The documentary includes part of the history of the fauna of the seas during the Peozoico and the time of the dinosaurs, among other aspects of geology and paleontology General
  • Montesinos Jumilla - El Pozo Murcia FS (08/11/2013)
    Historic Derby
  • The Artisan House during plaiting begins, with which retrieves this traditional technique in Jumilla (08/11/2013)
    The Department of Craft includes two more courses in the program of the quarter, one of decoupage for adults, and one of crafts for children, whose registration deadlines remain open
  • On Thursday 14, the ICV awards prizes Drawing Contest "Children: grape, wine" (07/11/2013)
    will be at the Roque Baños at 20:00.
  • Jumilla City Council says NO to violence against women (07/11/2013)
    The Department of Equality and ALMA Association presented the activities planned to mark the International Day Against Violence Against Women
  • "The great delusion of Anacleto and Curmudgeon" ends the TitereMurcia Festival at Teatro Vico (07/11/2013)
    The 12th International Puppet Festival of Murcia Jumilla says goodbye on Sunday, with the play Argentina "The great delusion of Anacleto and Curmudgeon "
  • The Youth Council offer ten courses for the next semester (07/11/2013)
    body expression workshops, first aid, digital video editing, or English to Latin dances travelers are some of the proposals that the Department launches township youth
  • The pre-incubator service starts in Jumilla with seven business projects (07/11/2013)
    The pre-incubator service you can apply at any time of year, all those entrepreneurs who want to study the feasibility of a business
  • L'Jumillana Cultural Association organizes the exhibition "Barcelona prey to the arts and crafts" (06/11/2013)

  • Open day at wineries, museums and the Castillo, to celebrate this Sunday the European Wine Tourism Day (06/11/2013)
    Jumilla be part of European cities for the fifth consecutive year that celebrate this day, in order to assess and promote the territory as economic assets and encourage wine tourism
  • El Teatro Vico Vivien Leigh honors with the projection of "Waterloo Bridge" (06/11/2013)
    Free admission with limited capacity and will take place on Friday, November 8, at 21.30
  • 290 alumni / ae will participate this year in the courses offered by the VHS (06/11/2013)
    The enrollment course that has been registered dressmaking, and almost most have covered the number of places available
  • The "Jumilla Share" brings together young people from the town who study or work outside car sharing (06/11/2013)
    free service is managed by the Youth Council, and he gets lower the costs of young people sharing squares of the vehicle and fuel costs
  • The wines of Jumilla keep adding DOP sixth consecutive year and increase its exports by 14% (05/11/2013)
    The DOP campaign closes Jumilla 2012/2013 with 18.4 million liters sold, almost equaling the national market with exports
  • Roman history and its mosaics, next child activity organized from the Department of Culture (05/11/2013)
    Children between 5 and 12 years will know what is entailed as Roman mosaics are built with this child activity and co-organized by Culture House Museum
  • Jumilla School participate in the campaign 'Alcohol: Awareness with science' (05/11/2013)
    Professionals 20 health centers and 62 schools to sensitize young people about the effects of alcohol in collaboration with local government professionals
  • The departments of Citizenship and invite health professionals and groups to participate in the first Fair Health and Sport "Jumilla Healthy" (05/11/2013)
    The Fair will be held Saturday November 17, and it is intended to promote lifestyle healthy in the city, through the participating agencies
  • The gardens and green areas of the town are closed by high winds amilla alert (05/11/2013)
    The alert will remain active until 18:00, and is expected to be produced gusts up to 70 mph
  • The Active Plan could be launched in the town earlier this year (04/11/2013)
    This is a program by which health center doctors, prescribe exercise for patients with certain ailments, as part of the treatment they need
  • More than 150 students this year will make up the 10 teams of the Municipal School Football (04/11/2013)
    Councillor for Sports highlights the important work from the Municipal Schools sports training in children of the locality
  • Over 140 people enjoyed this weekend of "Night at the Museum To'Santos Encantado" (04/11/2013)
    history, suspense and humor came together at the Ethnographic Museum on the night of All Saints, with a very special visit to the museum and the play "A dark legacy"
  • Jumilla receive around 200,000 euros of the Autonomous Community to continue with performances on Social Policy (04/11/2013)
    The City Council and the Community signed an agreement by which it is allocated a total of 255,000 euros for the maintenance of schools, escort service and social inclusion dependency care in Jumilla
  • The Templars of Jumilla reward the effort of an inmate with a book from the last century is about sculpture (03/11/2013)
    "Modern Sculpture", a masterpiece by Jean Selz, published in 1968 and located in Barcelona by the Cultural Association Jumillana
  • The Community renew the agreement with the city of Jumilla for management of sewerage and treatment infrastructure (02/11/2013)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the mayor of this town this week signed the renewal of the agreement by which management is entrusted the treatment plant to the Global Sanitation and Treatment

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