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  • The Department of Services takes various improvement works at the Sports City "La Hoya" (29/01/2014)
    Services conditioning access to the shower Natural soccer field, plus access and background artificial turf "Antonio Ibañez" and the perimeter of the track
  • El Teatro Vico will be among the 150 theaters in Spain that will benefit from PLATEA Program (29/01/2014)
    The Councillor for Culture, María Dolores Fernández highlights the importance of Jumilla is integrated within the State Program Circulation Shows Performing Arts
  • Smaller and smaller Jumilla this weekend fun at Vico with children's play "The king who knew almost everything" (29/01/2014)
    The work will Vico Theatre Hand Theatre Company Sylph, Sunday 18.30
  • The IES Archbishop Lozano celebrates its 60th anniversary with the launch of a new language lab (29/01/2014)
    The Minister of Education and the Mayor of Jumilla highlight the trajectory of the center and the effort made by teachers, being its multilingual offering the most comprehensive in the region
  • The Minister of Education will attend the ceremony commemorating the 60th anniversary of the IES Archbishop Lozano (28/01/2014)
    The Mayor and Councillor for Education will accompany the executive on the spot in which besides the language lab will be inaugurated which will feature the center
  • Juan Carlos Gandia Jumillano perform at the Teatro Vico with the play "The wound of the time" (28/01/2014)
    "The wound eventually come to Vico Theatre on Saturday, February 1, at 21.00, and tickets can be purchased tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday from 18.00 to 20.00, and Saturday, two hours before the work
  • The House approved unanimously to honor the former village headman of the Raja, Mariano Gómez Fernández (28/01/2014)
    The Corporation requesting the Community unanimously to study the implementation in the town of a training cycle Kitchen and Gourmet, and the creation of a cycle wine
  • The Ministry of Culture provides the Municipal Library with a special set of books for his work in favor of reading (27/01/2014)
    The lot consists of 180 books, children's literature, which is also added an annual subscription at 5 magazines cultural and ebook reader
  • The Board began the process to cover the subsidy for the employment workshop on wine (27/01/2014)
    The ministry of Education, Universities and Employment Jumilla intended to a grant of 218,000 euros to develop the employment workshop on wine laying They employ 19 people
  • The Councillor for Culture presents Teatro Vico programming for the first quarter of 2014 (27/01/2014)
    Ana Milan, Fernando Guillen Cuervo, Juan Echanove, María Galiana or singer David Demaria are some of the big names that will go through the Teatro Vico in coming months
  • Jumilla, cover of the publication "Social Window" (24/01/2014)
    The Graduate College of Social Jumilla select a photograph of the cover of number 18, which also recalls the incorporation of Leocadio fields as regional delegate of the College
  • The Department of Equality discloses extracurricular activities hosted by the CAI over the coming months (24/01/2014)
    24 children are participating in special activities, although all families wishing to enroll their sons / daughters may do so at any time to complete squares
  • The Hypnos 2013 Awards will have the performance of the quartet "Gemina Horn Quartet" (24/01/2014)
    The Friday, January 31, from 18.00 hours to 20.00 hours, and Sunday, two hours before the gala, at the box office of Teatro Vico made available to the residents of Jumilla tickets still available
  • On 3 February, the Youth Council, initiated the English course for people traveling, for which there are still places (24/01/2014)
    The course will last 35 hours and will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 20.30 to 22.00, in Roque Baños Sociocultural Center, and the registration period is open
  • The Town Planning participates in the meeting where they presented the regional decree Building Assessment Report (23/01/2014)
    Technicians and building professionals certify safety properties with an age of 50 years, evaluating parameters such as conservation housing, accessibility and energy efficiency
  • The film returns to the Teatro Vico this weekend with the classic "Singing in the Rain" (23/01/2014)
    Tomorrow Friday at 21.00, the Vico Theatre will host a new session of free movies with the work of Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly "Singing the Rain "
  • David Demaria presented at the Teatro Vico his latest work "Other Lives" (23/01/2014)

  • The City of Jumilla participates in developing the Plan Regional Entrepreneur Support (23/01/2014)
    The Councillor for Economy and Employment participates in the work table organized by the INFO for the preparation of the Plan Support Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia 2014 - 2017
  • This Saturday the smallest town will have fun with the children's activity "Jumillassic Park" (22/01/2014)

  • Youth Councilman inaugurates computer course offered by the Department (22/01/2014)
    computer basics and the Internet, keyboarding, internet, web and web 2.0, basic work in Windows and the Office suite, are some contents that students / as work
  • This weekend, the Virgin of the pilgrim Arrixaca to Jumilla (22/01/2014)
    The ancient Kingdom of Murcia's patron, the Virgin of Arrixaca arrive in Jumilla on Friday, where it will remain until Sunday
  • After the deadline for applications to install bars on Saturday and stalls and carnival attractions for Easter (21/01/2014)
    Installation of outdoor bars will take place during Saturday night Carnival to be held on March 1 in the "fiestódromo" located at Avenida del Levante
  • Jumilla joins the regional network of entrepreneurs municipalities to boost their business network and attract new companies (21/01/2014)
    With this addition, there are now 16 municipalities of the Region of Murcia distinguished as entrepreneurs
  • Ballesta Jumilla defined as "a town at the forefront of administrative simplification" (21/01/2014)
    The Minister of Industry and the mayor signed the agreement by which Jumilla joins the regional network of entrepreneurs municipalities
  • The Minister of Industry and the mayor visited the premises of Central Quesera Montesinos (21/01/2014)
    José Ballesta is surprised at the quality and efficiency that has developed Montesinos, becoming the largest company in Spain exporter of cheese
  • The Department of Culture and Tourism takes stock of the visits received by the municipality during 2013 (20/01/2014)
    The number of visitors in Jumilla group increases by 60% over the last year
  • The residents of Jumilla recycled over 421 kilos of batteries during 2013 (20/01/2014)
    Environment stresses the importance of recycling these wastes, the composition is toxic and dangerous if incorrectly be arranged once out
  • Martínez: "The evolution of influenza is being expected, but this year is ahead compared to the previous season" (20/01/2014)
    More than 2,000 people have been vaccinated in Jumilla against flu virus so far this campaign
  • Mayor unveils winners of the 2013 Awards Hypnos (20/01/2014)
    The gala will take place on Sunday, February 2, at the Teatro Vico, and in it the daily efforts of individuals, associations or companies will be recognized, whose work is in society jumillana
  • Juan Francisco Ruiz continue the second phase 4D-Rock Art (20/01/2014)
    The spokesman of the local executive informs the issues discussed today by the Local Government Board and the Board of Trade
  • Urbanism reports of checks to be carried out in the town on the Net Natural Gas (17/01/2014)
    Controls, which will start on January 20, shall be made by the company NATURGAS, and will consist of checking for leaks gas network of local households
  • This weekend, Jumilla hosts the Day of the XXVIII IV Regional Championship Cross (17/01/2014)
    450 athletes coming from across the region will participate in the Conference IV championship ending on February 23 in Caravaca, after passing through much of the Community
  • The Humane Jumilla 4 feet organizes free consultations canine education in the municipality (17/01/2014)
    It is one of the activities of the project "Education against neglect" developed jointly with the German animal protection association PfotenNot EV
  • Councilwoman Equality condemns murder of a woman 38 years in Tenerife (17/01/2014)
    confirmed would be four women murdered by their partners or ex-partners so far this year due to domestic violence
  • The Community and the City of Jumilla analyze the progress of the sealing and restoration of facilities the town dump (16/01/2014)
    The presidential advisor, Manuel Campos, meets with the Mayor of Jumilla, Enrique Jimenez, to study environmental projects to the locality
  • "Cinderella Sevillanas" advances Vico Theatre program for the first quarter of 2014 (15/01/2014)
    This is a dance show for the whole family, with pieces of Spanish ballet staged by the Murcia Dance Company
  • APAP Jumilla organizes free consultations dog training (15/01/2014)
    It is one of the activities of the project "Education against neglect" developed jointly with the German animal protection association PfotenNot EV
  • The Youth Council reports the cards with discounts to those who access the local youth (15/01/2014)
    Cheap hostels, museums, exhibitions, monuments and even transportation are some advantages of different booklets to those who have access Youth
  • Celebration begins preparations for the Carnival Parade II Jumilla (15/01/2014)
    Celebrations Councilman meets with associations and groups participating in the parade, which took place on Sunday, March 2
  • Over 400 people are already enjoying the courses offered by Sports swimming in the heated pool (14/01/2014)
    Sports offer more than thirty courses of two hours per week in the levels of initiation, advanced, advanced, baby swimming and a special course for older people
  • Agricultural conditioning over 200 miles of local highways and roads (14/01/2014)
    The improvement actions were carried out in different areas of the municipality of Jumilla among which pathways districts of the municipality
  • Juan Manuel Abellan, "the Department will continue to work with groups like the Red Cross as much as say the PSOE" (14/01/2014)
    Sports Councilman pronounced before the doubts suggested by the socialist municipal group on the management of entries in testing sports organized by the Department
  • This afternoon CFS Jumilla Montesinos played the final of the President Cup against El Pozo Murcia (14/01/2014)
    The match will take place at 20.30 in Hall San José de Lorca, and reunited for the second consecutive year, the two sets Murcia, this time both in the First Division
  • The helpline for victims of domestic violence in the region caters to 1,663 battered women in 2013 (13/01/2014)
    The user requested telephone specialized care due to physical damage and psychological abuse suffered, and to receive information on resources regional attention
  • A dozen children involved in child activity "Ave New Year!" (13/01/2014)
    Small concocted a Roman calendar, whose decoration included in the Archaeological Museum grounds, as the first child activity of 2014
  • Services begins performances in various sports facilities, public buildings and streets of the town (13/01/2014)
    The City Council allocated 200,000 euros for the ratio of temporary social work collaboration, through which, many maintenance and construction would begin in Jumilla
  • The Board began the contracting process to develop the second phase of the 4D-Rock Art Project (13/01/2014)
    The Governing Board determines New Mediterranean Cuisine as more advantageous to the contract dossier Meals offer home for elderly and dependent
  • PSOE: "We are concerned that management makes entries in races it organizes or co-organizes the Sports Council" (12/01/2014)

  • Jumilla alone host a party room soccer team sub 21 between Spain and Portugal (10/01/2014)
    The match will be disputed in mid-May, and would be of friendly nature between teams from Spain and Portugal under-21 football hall
  • They start pruning work of the urban forest in the municipality (10/01/2014)
    cleaning service gardens consist 'in the maintenance and upkeep of green spaces, urban furniture and playground located in almost twenty gardens are there the town
  • The Templars of the City Jumilla communicate the date of the Templar Guard XII Virgin (10/01/2014)
    The Christi milites adhere to tradition, canon calendar, and the Chapter Acts of the Council of the town of Jumilla seventeenth century
  • The BOE today publishing the tender section of the three sections of the A-33 Jumilla - Yecla (10/01/2014)
    The tender leaves with a budget of over 97 million, with a completion period of 40 months
  • Radio Jumilla, more than 180 interviews in 2013 (10/01/2014)
    The local radio station closes 2013 with a positive balance in terms of participation and dissemination of information, and starts the year with a varied program in which remain classics
  • Alicia Abellan: "All groups know when and how to file motions, and this, at least assumes Popular Group" (10/01/2014)
    spokeswoman local executive has expressed disagreement with the recent statements of IU-Greens group in which the people's government is accused of trying motions differently depending on who presents
  • About 45 children participated in extracurricular activities CAI this Christmas (09/01/2014)
    The workshops were aimed at children / as between 3 and 8 years and focused on the kitchen and themed activities, encouraging parent involvement and mothers
  • Until 24th January you can visit the exhibition "Wine in Art" hosted by the Wine Interpretation Centre (09/01/2014)
    The exhibition in which 16 artists participated, with nearly 40 works and will run until 24 January
  • Exhibition "Wine in Art" (09/01/2014)
    Until January 24th you can visit the exhibition "Wine in Art" hosted by the Wine Interpretation Centre
  • Marina García: "Safety in schools is a demand that we must address" (09/01/2014)
    Public Safety Councilwoman defends Coexistence Ordinance recently questioned by the municipal group IU-Greens
  • The Department of Finance reports that this year youth under age 30 are exempt from paying some municipal taxes (09/01/2014)
    Young people under 30 with all members of the family unit shall be exempt from paying unemployment rates for the use of sports facilities, training courses, workshops and summer playgrounds
  • The selection process for the employment workshop starts (08/01/2014)
    has begun selecting a total of nineteen people to develop the project "Local Tourism Promotion and Visitor Information"
  • The City completes the repairs necessary for the implementation of the Classroom Free Internet Access (08/01/2014)
    Jumilla City Council took over municipal funds repair deficiencies after the remodeling, left the company that executed the works
  • They return the shuttle to the museum with children's workshop "Ave New Year!" (08/01/2014)
    The first activity of the year will be dedicated to make a calendar for 2014, which will be used for decoration, motives Archaeological Museum
  • The municipalities of Nerpio, Moratalla, Hellin and Yecla meet in Jumilla to submit the project report 4D-Rock Art (08/01/2014)
    Jumilla Mayor announces new aid granted by the Ministry of Culture for the development of a second phase , in view of the good results achieved with this system
  • Over 200 people participate in the draw of the campaign "Christmas Shopping In the market for your city?" (07/01/2014)
    Fefi Antonia Molina and Garcia were the two winners of the two lots jumillanas products valued at 150 euros, which Saturday morning were raffled at the Central Market
  • Jumilla City Council welcomes the presentation tomorrow Memory "4D-Rock Art" project (07/01/2014)
    The project has enabled the digitization and preservation of important rock art shelters in five municipalities of Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha
  • Mayor reaffirms the exemplary popular management that enabled the construction of a new nursery school in Jumilla (07/01/2014)
    Enrique Jiménez expressed surprise over statements by the PSOE Jumilla in questioning the financing of the new nursery
  • PSOE: "The mayor of Jumilla is lying regarding the Infant School" (05/01/2014)

  • The Municipal Budget for 2014 is already in force (03/01/2014)
    With a total of 18,400,000 euros, half a million more than in 2013, prevail investment, Social Policy and Employment
  • The City reports some outages scheduled by the utility for Sunday January 5 (03/01/2014)
    The streets affected are: Stephen Thomas, First District, Bitterness, Marching, Canovas del Castillo, Canalejas of Rico and other 8.00 to partially 13.00
  • Saturday morning draws of the four batches of products valued at 100 and 150 euros in Jumilla is held Markets (03/01/2014)
    The first draw will take place at the Central at 13.00 and then at the Mercado de San Juan at 13:30 .
  • The City reports the schedules of public spaces and services for the last weekend of Christmas (03/01/2014)
    Garbage collection will be made on Friday and Saturday regular hours, at 21.00.
  • A sound municipal accounts, major investments and expansion of services highlight the balance in Jumilla 2013 (03/01/2014)
    061 notes Mayor, two million achieved for the legalization of the landfill, the opening of the Liquidation Bureau or the new school childhood education as successes of 2013
  • The mayor receives on behalf of the City of Jumilla, a distinction of CRDOP "Queso de Murcia" for their support (02/01/2014)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water presided acts, in which also the bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena, blessed cheeses DO and delivery of 2,000 cheese wedges made to Caritas Murcia
  • The last full year approves the Plan for Equal Opportunities 2014 (02/01/2014)
    The Municipal Budget for 2014 is already in force after final approval at the December regular full
  • Over 400 children received the 2014 early in the Children's Chimes Solidarity (02/01/2014)
    With Children Chimes is managed to gather more than one thousand kilos of food have been donated to Caritas Jumilla to take over distribution
  • In the next days you could start the bidding process Jumilla-Yecla tranche of the A-33 (02/01/2014)
    Enrique Jimenez welcomes, and remember that this new step is to test the "commitment of the Central Government in Murcia"

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