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Jumilla News - November 2014

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  • The Deputy Director of Training of SEF stands in Jumilla important training received by students of Sommelier Course (29/11/2014)
    Through the meeting, students and entrepreneurs have pooled the training they have acquired over the course of development Sumillería for further formalization of practice
  • Organize an information day and a conference on "sexual and affective education" on the occasion of World AIDS Day (27/11/2014)

  • The play "Mama I want to be a firefighter" almost has hung the sign "no entry" (27/11/2014)
    Councillor for Equality highlights the important role of associations, Jumillano Jumillano in the campaign developed this year against gender violence
  • The mayor calls a meeting with residents of Barrio de San Fermín to present the remodeling of the Plaza de la Alcoholera (27/11/2014)
    The meeting will share current issues in this area among which highlight the remodeling that will undertake in the lower area of ​​the Plaza de la Alcoholera
  • Improving access to the place de la Hoya Torres could be completed before summer (26/11/2014)
    The December 19 is scheduled to proceed to the opening session of the tender dossier of works, that once adjudicated within will execution of three months
  • The Director General of Cultural Property visit the museums of the town (26/11/2014)
    Mayor meets in Jumilla, with the Director General of Cultural Property to pool issues such as the future implementation of the Wine Museum or the status of " Yellow House "
  • ... (26/11/2014)

  • The Full Council expresses its unanimous condemnation against Gender Violence through an Institutional Declaration against this social evil (26/11/2014)
    The bonus of 75% of the tax ICIO a local company and the statement of Finance Local, full featured themes November
  • The Governing Board hires the works for the remodeling of the Plaza de la Alcoholera (25/11/2014)
    The performances will focus on repairing the pavement around the bottom of the square, and the remodeling of the playground
  • André and Dorine, Mom want to be a firefighter and Folklore X Sample Child arrive at Vico Theatre this weekend (25/11/2014)
    After three years of touring and 200 representations by twenty countries, "André and Dorine" comes to Jumilla arouse the emotions of the audience jumillano
  • González Tovar says Jumilla needs a new Regional Government to support its economic sectors (24/11/2014)

  • The Director General of Social Inclusion Programs closure in Jumilla workshop employability skills by 'Abraham Project' (24/11/2014)
    14 people have successfully completed the workshop that has worked inter alia seeking skills employment and integration into the labor market
  • Aguas de Jumilla begins work on pipe replacement at district and neighborhood San Juan with an investment of 200,000 euros (24/11/2014)
    With this action the sanitary quality of water for human consumption will be improved, in addition to optimized pipeline system, avoiding to a greater extent the risk of leakage
  • Juan Manuel Garcia Pina: "Before any evidence of domestic violence should not doubt, must make it known to the authorities" (21/11/2014)
    Since Ensign Commander of the Guardia Civil yesterday Jumilla offered a presentation on the consequences of domestic violence on children
  • Education and the City of Jumilla seeking new headquarters for the extension of the Official School of Languages ​​of the town (21/11/2014)
    The Center for Adult Education Altiplano is now home to 136 students enrolled in the four levels of English language that offered in Jumilla
  • The Ministry of Education and the City of Jumilla seeking new headquarters for the extension of the Official Language School in Jumilla (21/11/2014)
    The Center for Adult Education Altiplano is now home to 136 students enrolled in the four levels of English language offered in Jumilla
  • The Garden of Frogs regain its splendor after remodeling (21/11/2014)
    The Mayor presents the remodeling of the Plaza of the Constitution that have invested more than 74,000 euros
  • The mayor meets with residents of the District of San Juan to pool remodeling project traffic in the area (20/11/2014)
    The mayor proposes to residents who do get them their proposals so that together they can make a final draft response as possible from neighbors
  • A dozen young people participating in the workshop job search online organized by the Local Employment Centre Jumilla (20/11/2014)
    These types of workshops are aimed mostly at young unemployed, as reinforcement to the reporting work unfolds from the Local Employment Centre
  • Jumilla RuMapps part of the application in which the attraction of 32 rural municipalities in the region is collected (20/11/2014)
    Mayor attends the presentation of the application in which the social, economic and cultural resources of rural collected the Region and its tourism, among which include Jumilla
  • Children's activities and exposure to the Garden of Frogs complete the cultural agenda of the weekend in Jumilla (19/11/2014)
    Children learn to make their own Iberian vessel, and the Museum of Ethnography the living history of Garden recover Frogs, through a photography exhibition
  • The Department of Education conducts various improvement works at the Conservatory of Music (19/11/2014)
    Among the actions are into soundproof classrooms and adapting the Center Library
  • With an open debate on gender violence and talk about their consequences in childhood they start in Jumilla activities by 25N (19/11/2014)
    Tomorrow, Ensign post commander of the Guardia Civil in Jumilla, will give a talk on the implications of domestic violence on children and on Sunday there is a focus on the Walk
  • Return to Vico Opera Theatre of Dreams with hand opera The Elixir of Amore marks the cultural weekend Jumilla (18/11/2014)
    The work will take place on Saturday, November 22 at 21:00, and is included within the payment of symphonic cycle UCAM
  • The Department of Traffic starts at the smaller schools of the township road safety through a fleet (18/11/2014)
    DGT provides the Department the need to provide practical talks to children material 3, 4 and 5 years in the educational centers
  • Services completes its actions to improve access to Specialty Center Jumilla (18/11/2014)
    The main entrance to the Centre and the implementation of a sidewalk will provide pedestrian traffic facilities
  • The King of Spain, Philip VI, accepted the Honorary Presidency of the XXX National Conference of Exaltation Drum and Bass Drum Jumilla 2015 (17/11/2014)
    The 22 villages of the drum and bass drum gather in Jumilla, to know the city where they will develop the upcoming National Conference of Exaltation Drum and Bass Drum in March 2015
  • The Glass Making Workshop concludes leaving only pieces that will join the collection of Sciences Nature Museum (17/11/2014)
    About a dozen children participated in the workshop that was conducted in two sessions with you through a chemical experiment has emulated the natural formation of these minerals
  • Education delivered to 80 schools, including three from Jumilla, the distinctive addition to the teaching program in Spanish and English (17/11/2014)
    The Stone Cross CC, CC St. Anta and CEIP Our Lady of the Assumption, have already started the course within program '+ Languages' of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities
  • Hidrogea Jumilla and Water organized the First Literary Contest "Smart Water Stories" (17/11/2014)
    The competition is aimed at young people between 12 and 17 and the winners of the stories recibirá' an iPad mini to the first position and the second E-book
  • 14 young people under 30 are unemployed have chosen to exemptions in sports and youth activities (14/11/2014)
    The exemptions apply to sporting activities such as swimming lessons and municipal schools, entry to swimming pools and winter summer or training courses offered by Youth
  • The 22 villages of the drum and hype meet tomorrow in Jumilla, to pool the XXX National Conference of Exaltation Drum and Bass Drum (14/11/2014)
    Around 100 people in 22 offices that make up the General Council of the National Consortium People of the Drum and Bass Drum morning will share progress on Days
  • Regional Wave puts the look today of its morning programming in Gastronomic Jumilla (14/11/2014)
    The Mayor stands before the microphones of Regional Wave, the tourism potential of Jumilla and congratulates the Wine Route by the figures of the conference with more than 1,000 meals served Business
  • INFO selected 70 companies in the region to participate in a project to support improved logistics SMEs (14/11/2014)
    INFO explained yesterday the project in Jumilla, in an information day was attended by several local companies that could choose the project
  • Los Amantes del Castillo return this weekend Hand Thalia Theater Group Jumilla Castle (13/11/2014)
    The theatrical tour takes place this Sunday at 10:00 am at the Castillo de Jumilla
  • The Development Ministry to tender the construction of the roundabout which will provide access to the Hoya Torres (13/11/2014)
    The base budget tendering of the works amounted to 433,258.7 euros for the construction of a gazebo 40 feet inside radius that will improve access to this site Jumillano
  • Municipal Councillor responsible Hostel studying veterinary clinics and collaborate in a special campaign for sterilizing dogs and cats (13/11/2014)
    The campaign will take place between the months of January and March, a special initiative that will work the three clinics location
  • The Civil Guard stopped the owner of a local to simulate robberies to defraud insurers (12/11/2014)
    denounced three times to be victims of robberies in the past two years
  • The Local Youth Employment Centre is organizing for next week, a new workshop focusing on job search online (12/11/2014)
    The workshop will be held on 19 and 20 November and topics related to job search will be reshuffled in job portals, job or related websites
  • Jumilla takes another step against gender violence and creates the Local Coordination Committee Against Gender Violence (12/11/2014)
    The Director General of Social Policy attended today the establishment of the bureau in which are represented all entities and institutions have to do with this fight
  • Over 450 people participate in swimming lessons offered by the Sports Council (12/11/2014)
    This week, anyone interested in enrolling in any of the courses can do so at the Sports Pavilion until Monday, November 17
  • "Art in the Poble sec botigues them" (12/11/2014)

  • The City Council approved grants for the purchase of equipment to 312 schools in the locality of 3 to 5 years (11/11/2014)
    The Governing Board has also initiated various recruitment files for home meal services, maintenance of elevators and the supply of computer applications
  • Children of the municipality will participate in the second edition of paint do you see your police (11/11/2014)
    Public Safety and Citizenship organized a meeting with the residents of Barrio San Juan for sharing the future renovation project of Traffic signs
  • Concert for St. Cecilia Classic Movies Children's Theatre actors Billboard Vico this weekend (11/11/2014)
    Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in the film "Charade" children's theater "Minutes" and tributes to Santa Cecilia in Julian Santos AJAM bands and complete the program in these days Vico
  • XX Festival of Bands hosted by the Youth Music Association head of Torres (10/11/2014)
    the Band participated Jumillano Association of Friends of Music
  • XXXII Music Week in honor of St. Cecilia (10/11/2014)
    The Board Jumillano Friends of Music Association reports the events organized to celebrate the Music Week XXXII in honor of St. Cecilia, patron saint of musicians
  • Dozens of local people will have access to financial aid plan for the rehabilitation of their homes (10/11/2014)
    Homes of "Old Town" and "Barrio de San Juan" will be rehabilitated with grants under the State Plan for building renovation Urban
  • The fight against gender violence comes this November to bars, restaurants and mobile phones throughout the site (10/11/2014)
    The Department of Equality promotes the campaign "If it hurts it is not love" with a viral video for WhatsApp and dissemination activities in bars and restaurants in Jumilla and other activities
  • Over 270 jumillanos students have benefited from transport subsidies in the brand new school year (07/11/2014)
    Total amount allocated to grants throughout the year is 45,000 euros, and have been a total of 275 students which were benefited in the beginning of the course 2014-2015
  • The SEF develop four training courses for unemployed people in Jumilla (07/11/2014)
    All persons interested may inquire about in-service courses for Economy and Employment of the City of Jumilla, which also pre-registrations will be made
  • Jumilla host the IV Regional Band Contest Music (07/11/2014)
    The competition will take place on February 7 next year in order to strengthen and promote the musical culture of the amateur bands Region
  • The Department of Culture is organizing the second edition of the workshop "World of Crystals" (06/11/2014)
    The Ethnographic Museum also hosts this month's exhibition on the fourth centenary of the Expulsion of the Moriscos of the Kingdom of Murcia
  • The Governing Council approved the implementation of a nursery school in Jumilla (06/11/2014)

  • Jumilla held on Sunday, the European Tourism Day with open house and cellars in monuments of the city (06/11/2014)
    The initiative aims to achieve international wine tourism broadcast simultaneously in all countries and wine regions of Europe as formula promotion
  • 137 people enrolled in the study of English local government in the town (06/11/2014)
    Dining official teaching languages ​​in Jumilla is increased by 95% in the three years since the service launched
  • The Director General of Cultural Assets shows its support for the XXX National Conference of Exaltation Drum and Bass Drum (05/11/2014)
    The Organizing Committee meets with the CEO to present the project and continue working on it together with the support of the Community
  • The Ministry of Education and Culture awarded to the Public Library of Jumilla in the sixteenth Campaign Encouraging Reading Maria Moliner (05/11/2014)
    The Public Library of Jumilla receive a lot bibliography with more than 180 titles as a reward for their participation in initiative to promote reading
  • Services undertakes significant projects access to Specialty Center Jumilla (05/11/2014)
    The works have focused on the design of the main entrance to the construction of a sidewalk for easy pedestrian access to the center
  • The School Empowerment today's session devoted to the realization of a Relaxation Workshop (04/11/2014)
    During the workshop psychologist Antonia Maria Simon will work various relaxation techniques to learn to slow times of stress or tension
  • About 180 people enjoyed this weekend's show "The Night in the Haunted Museum To'Santos" (04/11/2014)
    Given the success of the organization share doubled to four passes, confirming the attractiveness of an activity that aims to become a claim within this feast in Jumilla
  • Theatre forefront with "Bald Singer" and the International Puppet Festival Murcia arrive this weekend at Teatro Vico (04/11/2014)
    Contemporary classic "The Bald Soprano" and the play "Goodbye Welcome" International Festival Puppetry of the Region of Murcia, complete programming Vico Theatre for weekend
  • The All Saints' Day takes place in Jumilla as normal (03/11/2014)
    The Department of Public Safety ends with preventative security because of the holiday without having to highlight any notable incident
  • The Board approves two new SEF request the employment workshops for hiring unemployed 30 (03/11/2014)
    The Local Government approves the creation of the Local Coordination Committee Against Gender Violence where all agencies involved are represented in this fight
  • The student Gemma jumillana Guardiola, winning the regional stage of the competition "Increased security" (03/11/2014)
    Councilman John Calabuig accompanies one of the winning students from Jumilla, the awards ceremony for students honored for their drawings on perception of occupational hazards
  • The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs promotes local commerce with the "I consumption in Jumilla" (03/11/2014)
    In the campaign over 2,000 reusable bags will be distributed under the slogan "I consume in Jumilla" to encourage purchases in local the city

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