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Jumilla News - April 2011

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  • In a month will start to run the Day Centre Jumilla, whose habitat has presented cultural services (29/04/2011)
    is the company that manages the center and also released the same requirements and rates
  • A group of 34 students of IES Infanta Elena took part in a student exchange in France (29/04/2011)
    The goal was to implement all the knowledge of French as well as visit places of this country
  • On Sunday May 1st will be a Mass in honor of the Holy Christ of the Blood (28/04/2011)
    Organized by the Association of drums that bears his name will be at 12:00 hours in the monastery of Santa Ana
  • The rain and hail prevented the holding of various events of Holy Week, including the Great Burial (27/04/2011)
    From the Central Board indicated that "failure to analyze this possibility in future meetings, not be ruled out holding the procession along This year "
  • Jumilla Vico Theatre hosts 'love in troubled times' with Cayetana Guilan Cuervo (27/04/2011)
    The drama of the hit television series will take place this Friday, April 29 at 21:00 pm
  • More than hundred people are the preventive arrangements, health and safety for the Pilgrimage 2011 (27/04/2011)
    is one of the most important preventive Jumilla year, will begin at 16:00 am on Saturday 7 and end at 17:00 pm on Sunday, May 8
  • The Artisan House hosts the show 'Jumilla, art and tune' with which celebrates its fourth anniversary (27/04/2011)
    The exhibition is organized by the Templars and can be seen until May 7, at 12-14 hours h from 18 to 20h
  • The library held on the book with a 'storytelling' involving about 30 children (27/04/2011)
    was carried out in the Municipal House of Culture and participants composed poems through songs, games and dances
  • Open Enrolment for the fourth half-marathon to be held on October 30 (26/04/2011)
    This test was made by Councilman José Luis Monreal Sports accompanied by the sponsor and the athlete Pastor Jorge Blas Jumillano Palencia
  • More than 2,000 schoolchildren in Jumilla be trained in road safety center (26/04/2011)
    start a training sessions with the participation of all children in elementary and primary schools different
  • On Friday May 6 presents the winning works of literary prize XXXI 'Ciudad de Jumilla " (26/04/2011)
    will be at 20:00 pm in the Casa de la Cultura.
  • Yolanda Fernández said that the construction of a section of highway in the north "Venta del Olivo" Jumilla "will be for Jumillano like putting the lottery (23/04/2011)

  • Schools Cycling Velodrome Municipal premiere 'Bernardo Gonzalez' (20/04/2011)
    On Saturday an exhibition was held with the participation of 20 schools that make up the Federation of Murcia, including the Jumilla
  • The municipality installed special lighting to mark the 600 anniversary of the Easter (20/04/2011)
    In addition to other signs have been placed in the Plaza de Arriba and the market, alluding to reasons drummers
  • The Jumilla City Library offers Internet access to people with disabilities (20/04/2011)
    Thanks to TICKING Adapta Project has been launched by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, through and autonomous regions, with the assistance of the City of Jumilla, and co-financed by FEDER
  • A stone in the Castle, recalls the pilgrimage of San Vicente Ferrer and the origin of our Easter (20/04/2011)
    Also in the fortress, in the Troop room, is an exhibition of photographs and trinkets on Easter Jumilla and the 600 anniversary
  • Ronda Poniente Avenue and bears the name "John Paul II ', a proposal the Municipal Group PP (20/04/2011)
    This request was made by that local group and thus gives effect to the same
  • The House granted an honorable mention for the Central Board of the Brotherhood of Holy Week (20/04/2011)
    One of the themes of the plenary of this April, which also approved the transfer of land to build a new school
  • Successful charity concert of the band of bugles and drums Ecce Homo (20/04/2011)
    Organized by the Brotherhood of the Scroll, took place in Vico Theatre and was a benefit for Caritas
  • ... (20/04/2011)

  • More than a thousand people participated in the Wine Miniferia 2011, held last Saturday (19/04/2011)
    Organized by the Control Board, with the participation of 20 wineries, using the Holy Week with the aim of "promoting the consumption of wine
  • The Way of the Cross of Good Friday, beginning a few days full of events of Easter and its 600 anniversary (19/04/2011)
    Since that day, have taken place, as well as various religious celebrations and transfers, the Drum and Palm Sunday, etc.
  • The image of Santa Ana and Grandma Tied to the Column Christ, are already in Jumilla for Holy Week (19/04/2011)

  • The Local Government Board approved agreements with the musical collective Jumilla (19/04/2011)
    For a total of just over 35,000 euros for Jumillano Association Friends of Music Association and Coral Julian Santos Canticorum
  • With the 'little Easter' pulled in Jumilla, events and processions of the Passion Week (18/04/2011)
    Children from six local schools represented different processions, with Nazarenes manolas, horns and drums, Roman etc
  • Infanta Elena Institute of Jumilla, in the days selected by the Ministry of Education ARCE (18/04/2011)
    two teachers attended the workshops that center developed over the past 8, 9 and 10 April
  • With the exhibition 'Jumilla, art and temple' will mark the fourth aniversaro Artisan House (18/04/2011)
    The exhibition will be inaugurated on Holy Wednesday, April 20, at 19:00 pm in that Artisan House
  • The chapel-museum of the Brotherhood of Rollo received a visit from Santa Ana high school students (18/04/2011)

  • On Saturday, April 16 celebrates the 2011 wine mini-fair in the garden of King Don Pedro (15/04/2011)
    Organized by the Control Board, with the participation of 20 wineries, using the Holy Week with the aim of "promoting the consumption of wine "
  • Approved grants for the various associations of residents of the municipality (14/04/2011)
    He was one of the agreements of the Local Government Board and the Bureau of Contracting
  • The writer Ana María Olivares Jumillano receives an award from the editorial group-Ayala Pérez (13/04/2011)
    The winning work was "Poets in Jumilla.
  • It starts the first school holiday of Easter, from 18 to 29 April (13/04/2011)
    Aimed at children aged 3-8 years and in which different activities.
  • The Mayor visits the works of St. Augustine round expected to be completed for Palm Sunday (13/04/2011)
    As Abellán "lead time has already passed, but we urge the company to complete the descent of Christ"
  • Abellán "Valcárcel is always the same: to prove that he has done nothing for Jumilla" (13/04/2011)
    Mayor responds to the statements made yesterday by President of the Autonomous Communities in the presentation of the candidacy of PP Jumilla
  • The mayor is not authorized or requested, as is tradition, that Christ came down to Jumilla for the proclamation (13/04/2011)
    Once it became aware of the fact issued an order to deliver for the first time in history, the baton Mayor fee, an act that seeks to institutionalize and stood as a milestone in this 600 year anniversary
  • The Department of Youth reports that there are still places for different activities (13/04/2011)
    These are scheduled several trips to Madrid, Terra Natura and Bulgaria as well as courses in Arabic and cooking
  • About 2,000 people visited the craft VIII shows 'city of Jumilla' (13/04/2011)
    was held last weekend, was attended by 40 artisans and made about 450 purchases of various items and products
  • The next Saturday 16 April will take place I display regional cycling track with about 150 athletes (13/04/2011)
    will be from 10:00 am at the newly opened Bernardo González Municipal Velodrome, located in La Estacada
  • Bodegas Bledsoe won seven medals at the XVII Certamen Quality Wine DO Jumilla (12/04/2011)
    At the awards ceremony was held the appointment as Honorary President Miguel Marin Padilla 2011
  • This coming Thursday is the third child drum performance 'fills hunger' (12/04/2011)
    Organized by the Association of Cristo de la Sangre Drums from five in the afternoon from the Plaza de Arriba
  • The Brotherhood of the Scroll is organizing a benefit concert for Caritas Jumilla (12/04/2011)
    will be held on Easter Monday April 18 at the Teatro Vico Jumilla at 21:30 pm
  • On Monday opened the Eighth Crusade Cultural bailii Jumilla Templar (12/04/2011)
    attended the Chief Technical Office of the State Administration in the region as well as the Mayor of Jumilla and Councilman Celebrations
  • Valcárcel: "The Jumillano are custodians of a secular tradition of extraordinary wealth of art, but above all, in a sense" (12/04/2011)
    were any words spoken by the preacher of the Holy Week 2011, in a ceremony attended Honorary Mayor's presence, Christ Tied to the Column
  • Complete the painting of the municipal velodrome 'Bernardo González' located in the lurch (12/04/2011)
    Jumilla Francisco Mayor and Speaker Abellán Jesus Sanchez visited the works to prove its execution
  • Delivered prizes of the campaign 'the bonus game' in which several young men were awarded Jumillano (12/04/2011)
    The winners received laptops, folding bikes and backpacks with built-in solar charger
  • Francisco Salmerón Jumilla spoke about a hundred years and the economic, political and social (11/04/2011)
    gave a talk last week, organized by the Culture Department.
  • The prestigious researcher Miguel Marín Padilla is now honorary president of the AFAD Jumilla (11/04/2011)
    The Association of Relatives of Alzheimer and other dementias honored him with this appointment in an emotional ceremony on Saturday
  • Diego Garcia, a preacher of the Drum 2011: "If you can touch your heart beats the drum" (11/04/2011)
    were the words of Mayor Hellín has been the Town Crier I Jumilla Drum in a ceremony in which the appointment was also Drummer of Honor
  • Proclamation of Easter Jumilla 2011 (10/04/2011)
    by His Excellency Mr. Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso, President of the Autonomous Region of Murcia
  • President of the Community celebrates the work of the brotherhoods of the Holy Week of Jumilla (10/04/2011)
    He made a tour of the highlights of Holy Week jumilla especially the reference to the image of Christ was tied to the column
  • Presented the new director of the youth band of Ajam, David Piqueras Gilar (07/04/2011)
    In the course of a concert held at the Church of San Juan, in which 474 liters of milk collected in aid of Caritas
  • More than a hundred schools of schools Miguel Hernandez and Mariano Suares participated in a nature hike with the association STIPA (07/04/2011)
    visited near the Rambla de los Gargantón and the goal was "to show the natural wealth of this place"
  • Approved grants shall request two reports for the SEF to recruit thirty unemployed (06/04/2011)
    was one of the Local Board this week where he also started the record of termination of the Goya Street
  • Increase in Jumilla separate collection of waste, mainly glass (06/04/2011)
    Environment Councilman Jesus Sanchez accompanied by technical Cristina Molina have provided a balance on this issue and reported to be implemented over 19 containers for recovery of used oil
  • They take possession of four new administrative assistants, as well as the new treasurer (06/04/2011)
    This was a small symbolic act Francisco Abellán Mayor and City Clerk
  • More than 32,000 people have made use of the Sociocultural Centre Roque Baños in 300 days since its opening (06/04/2011)
    The Councillor for Citizen Participation Ildefonso Jimenez and the government team spokesman Jesus Sanchez have made an assessment of this service
  • On Thursday 7 and Friday 8 April is Fair XVII Quality Wines from Jumilla (06/04/2011)
    This event was presented yesterday, there have been 120 samples and it highlights the appointment as Honorary President Miguel Marín Padilla
  • The employment workshop 'Gemina', in the form of painting, is doing work at school Miguel Hernández (05/04/2011)
    According to the councilor in charge said Yolanda Fernandez, "The evolution of employment workshop in this first phase, is still very satisfactory "
  • ... (05/04/2011)

  • Four Jumil users, top scores in the campaign 'the bonus game' on teaching recycling (05/04/2011)
    The campaign continues and anyone who wants to participate can still download the games until May 4 that will close the new ranking
  • The Association of Relatives of Alzheimer Miguel Marín Padilla appointed honorary president (05/04/2011)
    The event will take place on Saturday at 13:30 pm at the Centro Cultural Partner Roque Baños
  • The establishment of St. Augustine restaurant chairs the Jumilla Wine Route, following the last meeting (05/04/2011)
    was held on 31 March and she chose the composition of the new Board will remain for a period of two years
  • This year is increased collaboration with Civil Defence and local police in special events to mark the 600 anniversary of the Easter (05/04/2011)
    To coordinate all the work have met representatives of the Central Board, responsible for the security forces and Councillor for Citizen Security
  • The local police arrested a man indicted for alleged drug trafficking offense (05/04/2011)
    is a citizen of Algerian origin, serving initials AM, a resident of Jumilla, 28 years old and was made available to the Civil Guard
  • Isabel Mira: "The weapons are a part of our history, symbolizing resurrection, mysticism and spirituality" (04/04/2011)
    is the author of the book that was presented last Friday titled "The Arm.
  • 'The color and abstract forms in painting informal the realization of the truth in painting "as Bartolomé Medina (04/04/2011)
    Is the statement of one participant at the Round Table' The color in the psyche and thinking ', complementary to an exhibition of Esmagi
  • More than five hundred people attended the concert of the Symphony Orchestra Association for Cancer (04/04/2011)
    Two of the pieces were conducted by the composer Roque Baños.
  • The church of San José welcomes an exhibition of young artist Jumillano Nuria Jiménez (03/04/2011)
    Contains a total of 29 photographs and seven drawings and can be seen until April 17, during office hours 5:00 to 19:00
  • A total of 40 artisans will participate in the VIII craft shows held in Jumilla 9 and April 10 (01/04/2011)
    The event was presented this morning by Councilman Craft Ildefonso Jimenez and the president of the Association of Artisans Eduardo Gea

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