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  • Enrique Jimenez: "a healthy accounts and execution of major projects, mark the balance of 2014" (31/12/2014)
    Jumilla Mayor takes stock of the management of the government team this year 2014 as a starting point highlighting the economic stability experience the municipal accounts
  • Children of Jumilla dismiss the year tomorrow in solidarity in the Children's Chimes (30/12/2014)
    Tomorrow facing the Vico Theatre, smaller fired in 2014 in solidarity with the delivery of food to Caritas in child activity Chimes Solidarity
  • The full approve the Municipal Plan for Awareness and Prevention of Gender Violence 2015 (30/12/2014)
    The City Council signs a new agreement with the tax authorities of the Region of Murcia, whereby changes that will benefit the municipal coffers will be incorporated
  • The Local Police strengthens its presence in Jumillano trades during the Christmas shopping season (30/12/2014)
    The Department of Public Safety launched a year booster campaign on local trade insurance, updating the database of businesses Jumilla
  • The Maroc challence Sprint Edition 2015 starts his adventure in Jumilla (29/12/2014)
    More than 130 amateur teams will travel from March 28 to April 3, about 2,000 kilometers tracks, deserts and Moroccan roads
  • Solidarity runs through the streets of Jumilla in the popular race Solidarity Christmas 2014 (29/12/2014)
    The collection of evidence and food deposited will be allocated entirely to the benefit of the Now + campaign ever, Spanish Red Cross
  • The City advances actions for improvement of streets and public spaces of the city (29/12/2014)
    Complete works of Garden Acerica, and this week several works to improve the paving of the Avenue of the Catholic Monarchs will begin
  • Ana López replaced as Councillor for IU-Greens in Jumilla to José Antonio Pérez (29/12/2014)

  • Felix Perez Lorente and is Socivm the Municipal Museum Jerónimo Molina (23/12/2014)
    Inside their contributions to the Museum, recognizing his research on what might be the closest to the extinction of the dinosaurs footprints are rewarded, 65 million years ago
  • 48 local families will benefit from subsidies to pensioners, long-term unemployed and large families (23/12/2014)
    The City Council approved 48 grant subsidies to pensioners, long-term unemployed and large families for a total of 5,724 euros
  • Jumilla promotes tourist attraction in the mobile application RuMapps (23/12/2014)
    The Mayor and Councillor for Tourism signed an agreement whereby information about Jumilla for your promotion will be facilitated through the application
  • Balance 2014 Municipal People's Party (22/12/2014)

  • The City reports the special schedules of public spaces and municipal services for Christmas 2014 (22/12/2014)
    schedules garbage collection and city bus also changed during these festivals
  • The music overwhelms the city with various concerts on the occasion of Christmas (22/12/2014)
    The concert "Music from Nativity" and the Christmas concert Conservatory, dozens of people gathered to enjoy music on the occasion of Easter in Jumilla
  • Disclaimer Councilman José A. Pérez Martínez (22/12/2014)

  • "Jumillano for Transparency claims the City to comply with the law" (22/12/2014)

  • The module MU Prison infirmary I rewarded by the Templars of Jumilla (20/12/2014)

  • The Department of Education has allocated 90,000 euros for aid to the study of more than 1,200 local families (19/12/2014)
    312 infant children have received aid for the purchase of school supplies and Jumilla 275 students have benefited from scholarships Bonobús
  • Sport in Jumilla, example of perseverance, sacrifice and companionship, been worth in the VI Sports Awards 2014 (19/12/2014)
    Cristian Jimenez, Chess Club Coimbra, the Bearded Trail 2014 Fields of Jumilla and ASPAJUNIDE, special award, were the winners of the sixth edition
  • The Ministry of Finance authorizes refinancing Loan Payment Plan Providers with which nearly one million euros will save in interest (19/12/2014)
    The Mayor signs the loan to the Plan Settings canceled eight years earlier than provided
  • Christmas comes to CAI with the visit of Their Majesties the Kings of the East (19/12/2014)

  • Jumilla receive about 1,700,000 euros to fund rehabilitation of homes in the neighborhoods of San Juan and Casco Antiguo (18/12/2014)
    Development Minister President of the Community and the Mayor of Jumilla yesterday signed the Convention will be
  • The Christmas Fair II, Handel's Messiah and the appointment Socivm Museum Felix Lorente, are the cultural events of the weekend (18/12/2014)
    The cultural agenda is further completed with the opening of the Belenista Road, the children's workshop " My first herbal "and the theater Vico Theatre with the movie" Ordet "
  • Council starts the refurbishment in the Garden of Acerica (18/12/2014)
    Among the actions to be incorporated Garden adjoining land that will serve as an enclave of Old Town panoramic viewpoint of the Church of Santiago
  • Jumilla Monday evening dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship with a workshop by the CROEM and Bus visit Entrepreneur (17/12/2014)
    More than thirty young people participated in the workshop "Map of aids for entrepreneur" and dozens of people visited the bus Entrepreneur
  • Tomorrow will be the VI Jumilla Sports Gala 2014 (17/12/2014)
    Cristian Jimenez, Chess Club Coimbra, the Bearded Trail 2014 Jumilla and ASPAJUNIDE fields as a special prize, will be the winners in this sixth edition
  • The Minister of Public Works laid the first stone of the last stretch of the A-33 to connect with Yecla Jumilla (17/12/2014)
    Development Minister, with the President of the Region of Murcia and the mayors of Jumilla and Yecla, presented the works of the A-33 in the stretch linking these two highland locations
  • The mayor reports from the streets of the town are conditioned under the POS 2015 (16/12/2014)
    The streets Juan XIII, Alfonso X El Sabio, Columbus and Antonio Machado, will the tracks where performances focus with a investment of over 160,000 euros
  • Success with capital of micro-theater of Unstable with "the perfect place" in the Artisan's House (16/12/2014)
    Jumilla has had this weekend with a cultural agenda full of activities such as fossil exhibition urchins, theater of Unstable and Meetings with the theatrical tour Perico the Ursula
  • The City Council opens the registration period for the four training that SEF held in Jumilla for unemployed people (16/12/2014)
    All interested persons can obtain information on these courses and the process of registration in the Service Economy and Employment of the City of Jumilla
  • The companies interested in settling in the Business Incubator may submit their applications until February 13 (16/12/2014)
    The City opens the deadline for submitting applications for access to buildings and offices that comprise the Business Incubator Jumilla
  • Jumilla welcomes Easter with carolers, hundreds of lights, and Christmas Proclamation XVI (15/12/2014)
    The weekend left in Jumilla numerous acts that announce the arrival of Christmas, among them the concert and special lighting which illuminates this Easter City
  • Jumilla have a Care Center for Women Victims of Domestic Violence next year (15/12/2014)
    Councillor for Equality announced that as announced by the Ministry of Social Policy, the PAE of Jumilla passes CAVI increasing function as well services and benefits
  • Councillor for Education reports on the works that will start next week in the CEIP Our Lady of the Assumption (15/12/2014)
    Investment in the middle exceed 136,000 euros, and the works have an implementation period of two months, a period which will be located to schools in the Adult School and the Conservatory
  • The group represents Thalia Theatre on Sunday last theatrical tour of the year, "Encounters with the Ursula Perico" (12/12/2014)
    An exhibition of fossil sea urchins, child activity "Tu particularly Imaginarium" and the theatrical tour "Encounters with Perico's Ursula, are cultural Jumilla proposal for the weekend
  • The Minister of Education and Culture in Jumilla reaffirms the commitment of regional government with the Wine Museum (12/12/2014)
    As highlighted Pedro Antonio Sánchez, "is to be performed first draft musealization infrastructure, which will take counseling, and Thereafter the performance of the play "
  • The Mayor meets with President of the Community to discuss various topics of local news (12/12/2014)
    The chairman informed that includes provision for the drafting of improving road Carche in the General Budget of the CARM
  • Jumilla Christmas lights (12/12/2014)
    Christmas comes to Jumilla this weekend with the lighting of the lighting and the Christmas concert in which part Salva Ortega accompanying the AJAM and his choir Voces Blancas
  • Forty-eight thousand prisoners access to the bases of cultural call 2015 the Templars of Jumilla (11/12/2014)

  • Education highlights the work of students and teachers in Infanta Elena Institute of Jumilla innovating with new technologies (11/12/2014)
    The IES has developed the 'Prevention Tecnoadicciones' project on the proper use of ICT and digital training of children to parents He has won the National Award for Education centers
  • Contemporary Dance Festival of Carols and musical story "El Duende sock" outstanding works of the weekend at the Teatro Vico (11/12/2014)
    Contemporary Dance "? Who will save me today," the XII Festival of Carols Cruz Stone, and a children's musical tale will be the main activities in Vico programming these days
  • The Department of Gardens reinforces the fight against weevil infestation before they hatch in private gardens (11/12/2014)
    The City Council in 2015 to inject test preventive products to repel insects after a particularly favorable for proliferation summer
  • Public Safety reports the special closing times for entertainment this Christmas (11/12/2014)
    from December 11 to January 4 may extend the closing time in an hour, and Christmas Eve, New Year and Epiphany, the activity will be allowed until 7.00
  • The Minister of Education visits the IES Infanta Elena, awarded the National Prize for Education centers (11/12/2014)
    The IES has developed the project "Prevention of Tecnoadicciones" on the proper use of ICT and digital training of children to parents who have won the National Award for Education centers
  • IU-Greens decided against a new landfill garbage (10/12/2014)

  • The Local Employment Center organizes a new workshop for entrepreneurs dedicated to "Map resource that supports entrepreneurs" (10/12/2014)
    The workshop will take place on December 15th, from 9.30 to 13.30 in the Sociocultural Centre Roque Baños and Free
  • The Ministry of Agriculture ended the paved rural road that connects the Torre del Rico with Capitos (10/12/2014)
    The next week is expected to also ends the Way of the Escandelles, both actions under the Regional Rural Roads Plan with an investment over 150,000 euros
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a major distribution point for cocaine in Jumilla (10/12/2014)
    We have arrested two people who ran it, suspected of the crime of drug trafficking
  • The head of Murcia, Alberto Garre, received the Mayor of Jumilla, Enrique Jimenez (10/12/2014)

  • President of the Community will be responsible for breaking when the XXX National Conference of Drum and Bass Drum (10/12/2014)
    Jumilla Mayor and the Organizing Committee of the conference meet with the president of the Community to present officially, this important national event
  • Jumilla, one of the first municipalities in the region to formalize the agreement to improve energy efficiency (10/12/2014)
    The Industry signed with the municipalities of Jumilla, Cehegín and Las Torres de Cotillas agreements to perform energy audits at these locations
  • The Sports Council unveils the winners of this year's Sports Awards Jumillano 2014 (10/12/2014)
    Cristian Jimenez, Chess Club Coimbra, the Bearded Trail 2014 Jumilla and ASPAJUNIDE fields as a special prize will be awarded to this sixth edition
  • IU-Greens denounced the excessive cost of the award of a record company's sole guest (09/12/2014)

  • The Department of Culture is organizing the first Entomological Research Award "Francisco González López" Jumilla (09/12/2014)
    The deadline for submission of papers will be until June 30 next year, and the winning work will have a prize of 1,000 euros in metal
  • Today Tuesday the special enrollment period opens for the Municipal Nursery School Jumilla (09/12/2014)
    The period runs until December 19, 2014, and in addition to tuition, you may also enter registration for extracurricular activities taking place Center this Christmas
  • The City Council hires works for conditioning Cabecico street connecting with the crossing of Bitterness (09/12/2014)
    The deputy mayor, Juan Calabuig reports the matters agreed today by the Local Government
  • A woman dead after being hit on the Carretera. Yecla-Jumilla N-344 (06/12/2014)

  • The children's musical "Martin and enchanted tele" comes to Jumilla this Christmas hand of the National Conference of Drum (05/12/2014)
    The Organizing Committee of the National Conference of Exaltation XXX Drum and Bass Drum will meet Wednesday with the mayor of Jumilla with the President of the Community, Alberto Garre
  • Pleita Magazine returns to collect the cultural activity of the Municipal Museum Jerónimo Molina (05/12/2014)
    The Department of Culture publishes the number 11 which is one of the oldest museums publications Region
  • Cultural Resources and risoterapia to dismiss the year at the School of Empowerment (05/12/2014)
    The Department of Equality prepared the last two sessions of the year at the School of Empowerment in the cultural resources of the municipality and workshop will be held risoterapia
  • Equality organizes a Christmas workshop kitchen in extracurricular activities CAI for Christmas (05/12/2014)
    The workshop will take place from December 22 to January 5, 9.00 to 13.00, aimed at children aged 3 to 8 years
  • The Mayor presents the works in the remodeling of the Plaza de la Torre del Rico (05/12/2014)
    The project has received an investment of 54,687 euros, for remodeling paving, landscaping, street furniture and playground among other elements Square
  • The Department of Celebration activities prepared ahead of Christmas 2014 in Jumilla (04/12/2014)
    Celebrations Councilman encourages all associations and groups that are acts which participate in Christmas, that the referral to the Department to included in the program of work
  • This afternoon the number 11 appears pleita Magazine, a publication dedicated to Jerónimo Molina Museum and its various sections (04/12/2014)
    Tomorrow Friday plus the call of the Science Museum of Nature "Jerónimo Molina" Award will be presented to Research entomological "Francisco González López" 2014
  • 4 Legs and the Department of Municipal Hostel celebrate the Week for the Rights of Animals (04/12/2014)
    The III Canicross Popular, a children's creative workshop, a party of 80 or performance by the Thalia Theatre Group will be some of activities to complete the week
  • The Municipal Auditorium will celebrate Christmas with a total of eight performances between auditions and concerts (04/12/2014)
    For the entire month of December, the students of the Municipal School of Music and the Conservatory of Jumilla, will be playing with different instruments
  • The City will receive a grant of 12,500 euros for the Local Employment Center (03/12/2014)
    The City receives a subsidy of 12,500 eros for service information, guidance, activation and support to young people
  • Next Tuesday, December 9, extraordinary registration period opens for the Municipal Nursery School Jumilla (03/12/2014)
    From 9 to December 19, 2014, parents interested in enrolling their children in Kindergarten, may submit applications at School
  • The Mayor closed the briefing in Jumilla by Ibermutuamur with more than fifty professional workplace (03/12/2014)
    La Jornada has been devoted to review of Royal Decree 625/14, by which aspects of management and control regulates the processes for temporary disability in the first 365 days of your life
  • Unstable Theatre Group and Artisan House bind to stage "The Perfect Site" (03/12/2014)
    Theatre Group Unstable selling out for the play "The Perfect Site" Returning to the stage, this time in the Artisan House
  • "The PP of Jumilla 137% increases spending Celebrations" (02/12/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Group Jumilla COMPLAINT increased 40,000 euros in local festivities starting to spend on the remainder of the year.
  • The affective-sexual education and coeducation, main key to end the relationship inegalitarian (02/12/2014)
    The Department of Youth and Health, organized yesterday by the International Day to Combat AIDS, an informative day, plus a talk on " Sexual and Affective Education "
  • Culture and taste Murcia in churches and shops in Barcelona with two jumillanas associations (02/12/2014)
    In 2015, Santa Maria de Gracia and Honor Guard will be in the national event Prisoners of Fine Arts and Crafts of wine Templar
  • The Forest of Grimm and the concert of the Symphony Orchestra of the UCAM are the proposals of Vico Theatre for the weekend (02/12/2014)
    The child's play "The Forest Grimm" comes to Jumilla with major awards in the portfolio as 2014 MAX Award for Best Children's Show
  • The Sports Council opens the registration period for the Christmas Solidarity 2014 (02/12/2014)
    Registration will take place through until Thursday, December 25, and the registration fee is 3 € for those who have federal insurance and 5 for the rest, plus 2 kilos of food
  • The Mayor presents them to the residents of San Fermín the first phase of the rehabilitation of the Plaza de la Alcoholera (01/12/2014)
    The works will start next week and is expected to remodel the sign of the bottom of the square The arenario be removed and playgrounds main proceedings suit
  • The City Council awards more than 21,400 euros to 59 local families as a measure against child poverty (01/12/2014)
    The spokesman of the government team reports that it has already made the payment on scholarships Second Cycle of Children, a total of 312 scholarships, worth 30,000 euros
  • The Board approves various demolition of dilapidated houses that will condition and streets connecting the first and second district (01/12/2014)
    The Governing Board initiated various activities within the program districts conditioning provided by the government team
  • The Department of Health reminded that in the fight against HIV the best measure is prevention (01/12/2014)
    Jumilla commemorates World AIDS Day with an informative day and a conference on "affective sexual education and"

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