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  • Aguas de Jumilla and arju signed a collaboration agreement to continue with the intervention projects being carried (31/03/2015)
    Aguas de Jumilla financed in this way, programs that support people with different types of addictions and their families with an agreement of 6000 Euro
  • The House approved the proposed pedestrianization of Calle Canovas del Castillo and Regeneration Plan Districts (31/03/2015)
    The project is funded from the surplus of 2014, for which they have an investment of half a million euros
  • Next week will start CAVI Jumilla (31/03/2015)
    The Board agrees hiring a temporary servant for the Care Center for Women Victims of Domestic Violence, which will be operational on Tuesday, April 7
  • The House approved a new Regulatory Ordinance Tables and Chairs (31/03/2015)
    The ordinance was approved unanimously by the full, so that new measures are incorporated and aspects are relaxed at the request of the Association of baristas in Jumilla
  • The Miniferia Wine Jumilla Easter brings hundreds of people in the region and neighboring communities (30/03/2015)
    Over 1,500 glasses were distributed on the morning of Saturday Miniferia organized by the Regulatory Council of the Jumilla
  • Jumilla begins its Easter 2015 (30/03/2015)
    The Via Crucis of Good Friday, the Tamborada of Burrica, the Procession of the Palms or the Descent of Christ tied to the column, are the first acts announced Easter in Jumilla
  • Jumilla again becomes the capital of the engine with the Official Start of the Maroc Challenge Spring 2015 Edition (30/03/2015)
    The solidarity raid met in Jumilla this weekend hundreds of cars in the Official Salida, which again has the as the host city of wine before leaving for African lands
  • The Mayor informed of the action taken on the Plaza de la Alcoholera and advances which are provided in the second phase of remodeling (27/03/2015)
    One of the most important actions will be the elimination of the street that separates the two sides, so that the join two spaces resulting in a unique Plaza
  • 55 fixed panels inform parking prohibitions during Easter 2015 (27/03/2015)
    From Friday before Easter Sunday, the neighbors / as and visitors will have an estimate of the zones and permitted departure times regarding processions, transfers and you tamboradas
  • Seven people already receiving assistance at the Day Centre for Alzheimer's and other dementias "Miguel Marín Padilla" (27/03/2015)
    The Mayor and Councillor for Social Policy, visit the Center whose activity began earlier this year, and which already service is provided to seven users continuously and three more timely manner
  • The departments of Services, Celebrations and Traffic final details of preventive security for Easter 2015 (27/03/2015)
    Itineraries, roadblocks, signage, street cleaning and lighting, were some of the topics at the meeting concretized
  • Entrepreneur, prisoners, and Templars of Jumilla with Iesus Nazarenus Rex, join the Easter jumillana (27/03/2015)
    Oil on cardboard support, Arango painter's masterpiece, considered a jewel of mystical jumillana Templar
  • The BORM publishes the call for aid to access the plan of subsidies for housing rehabilitation (27/03/2015)
    From tomorrow all homeowners the Old Town and the Barrio de San Juan may apply for grants relating to this grant scheme
  • The Passion According to St. Matthew and the Tribute Concert to Bacigalupe quotes AJAM Featured in Vico Theatre these days (26/03/2015)
    Today Thursday at 21.00, one of the masterpieces of music history, "The Passion According to St. Matthew "for the Teatro Vico, and Monday, the AJAM pays tribute to director José Bacigalupe
  • CSIC scientist Jesús Martínez-Frías cleared in Jumilla unknowns about life in space (26/03/2015)
    Over 400 students from Yecla and Jumilla visited a scientific conference that was this morning at the Teatro Vico on astrobiology and life in the space
  • The Easter Jumilla, again this year Instagram protagonist (26/03/2015)
    Celebration II drives Instagram Photography Contest 2015 tamboradas Easter and from Good Friday to Easter Sunday with the hashtag # ssjumilla2015
  • Jumilla City Council observed a minute's silence in memory of the victims of the plane crash in the Alps (25/03/2015)
    Councillors and City officials observed a minute of silence for the 150 people killed in air crash happened yesterday
  • Two works jumillanos school are selected from the winners of the I Literary Contest organized by Hidrogea (25/03/2015)
    At the event there have been 70 reports of students in Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca, Torre Pacheco, Sewer, Beniel, San Javier, and Jumilla , from which they exited two of the winning stories
  • The City paid in March this extra pay 2012 (25/03/2015)
    Public employees who are not working can claim back the extra pay extra and 2012 using the model can be downloaded from the municipal website,
  • Jumilla hosts on Thursday a major conference on astrobiology "From Earth to Space" (25/03/2015)
    The conference will be conducted by researcher at the Institute of Geosciences, IGEO (CSIC-UCM) Jesús Martínez-Frías, Spanish scientist involved as co-investigator in the three missions to Mars NASA
  • The Region of Murcia could host the next General Assembly of the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (24/03/2015)
    The Mayor attends the meeting of the Association of Wine Cities organized in Ronda, where the region has been present for the first time as a member associated with three wine trails
  • The Social Centre for the Elderly in Jumilla hosts the First Meeting of Monitors Volunteers (24/03/2015)
    About thirty people from the Social Centres of Jumilla, Yecla and Cieza received recognition for his work as volunteer monitors
  • Ecovidrio collects over 3,500 kg during the special campaign of the National Conference of Drum and Bass Drum (24/03/2015)
    Several Ecopatrullas composed of a total of 10 people visited the main areas with buckets to inform and collect the glass generated during the celebration of Jumilla Days 2015
  • IU-Green says that the PP has a maladjusted vision of municipal economy (23/03/2015)

  • The Local Government over the project from the Plaza de la Alcoholera (23/03/2015)
    The Board approves an agreement with the Association 4 Legs, 35,000 euros for the management of the hostel
  • The Dominican Antonio Praena thrilled the audience with his proclamation of Holy Week (23/03/2015)
    The Central Board of the Brotherhood of Holy Week begins with the opening speech the events planned for Holy Week Jumilla
  • The Young Artist Awards celebrate its 15th anniversary with a new award (23/03/2015)
    Dozens of young people have participated in this annual event with the youth art for 15 years organized by the municipality of Jumilla to encourage creativity among young people
  • A photography exhibition collects these days as the boy and girls of Jumilla Easter live (18/03/2015)
    The exhibition will be open until next March 29, in addition, during this sample, Friday, March 20, at 20.00, a documentary on child processions of Jumilla will screen
  • The City will receive a grant of over 80,000 euros to expand the service provided in the Local Centre Empel Youth (18/03/2015)
    With the increase of the grant to a person will be hired over with profile-employment orientation, with which will be launched in Jumilla Plan Youth Guarantee
  • More than thirty women have successfully completed two courses developed by Equality and Water Association and Earth (18/03/2015)
    16 people participated in the course "Health care in the home, hygiene and personal security" and 15 did that of "psychoeducational care of older people"
  • Jumilla gets its cultural activity this weekend with many activities for all ages (18/03/2015)
    For children include the Storyteller "From tales with my father," and the workshop "A íbero in your fridge", and the Teatro sound the trumpets and drums, plus Tamborilera Honorary Patron and 2015 among others
  • The Governing Board approved the hiring of two people in a social inclusion program (17/03/2015)
    Three jumillanas companies to tender dossier submitted for the redevelopment of the Central Market
  • 18 training and leisure time courses make up the offer presented by the Youth Council for this month (17/03/2015)
    Next Friday, March 20, the work will be announced winners of photography, literature, art, music and literature, Youth Art Contest 2015
  • The Sardinera Association and the Mayor of Jumilla Jumilla presented as a people from where depart the Sardine for the Spring Festival (17/03/2015)

  • Bodegas Bleda Alceño and protagonists of the XXI Contest Quality Wine Jumilla (16/03/2015)
    The PDO Jumilla celebrated its annual festival celebrates Albacete Albacete attended among other authorities Councillor for Agriculture, Francisco Martínez Escandell
  • Enrique Jiménez: "The Days Jumilla 2015 have been a success" (16/03/2015)
    The Mayor makes a very positive development of the conference highlights the excellent balance and coordination work in preventive safety, in which over 300 people participated
  • Jumilla makes the difference with the XXX National Conference of Exaltation of Drum and Bass Drum (16/03/2015)
    Thousands of drums filled the streets of Jumilla color and rolls, one of the most crowded Days that are remembered in the history of the Consortium
  • The departments of Services, Safety, Health Festivities and finalize all the details for this weekend (12/03/2015)
    street cleaning services will be strengthened, the health workforce will double, and there will be a double security support to ensure services during this conference
  • The business mentor Rafael Rovira explained in Jumilla, the keys to success in business innovation (12/03/2015)
    COAG presents the four courses held in Jumilla related to the industrial processing of agricultural products, rural passenger, agrotourism, and recovery companies local crafts
  • On Monday registration period opens for the new school year in CAI "Arsenal" Jumilla (12/03/2015)
    From March 16 until April 10, may submit applications for enrollment of students / as for the 2015/2016 course at the Center for Child Care
  • Jumilla increases its educational offerings with a new center Childhood Education (11/03/2015)
    The Minister of Education, the government delegate and the mayor of the municipality visit this school represents an investment of almost 600,000 euros
  • A fully equipped minivan today reinforces prevention and road safety in Jumilla (11/03/2015)
    Seventeen vehicles these features cover almost all regional geography
  • Jumilla increases its educational offerings with the School of Early Childhood Education "El Carche" (11/03/2015)
    The Minister of Education, the Government Delegate and the Mayor of Jumilla inaugurate the school represents an investment of almost 600,000 euros
  • Ana Lopez will be the candidate for mayor of IU-Green (10/03/2015)

  • The City of Jumilla closed the year 2014 with a surplus of 6 million and a half euros (10/03/2015)
    The finance minister highlighted the positive development of the municipal coffers, which went from end 2011 with less than 4 million euros, to do so in 2014 medium 6 million and positive
  • The City presents 14 new projects to focus Leader (10/03/2015)
    The investments include 90,000 euros for the Paseo Poet Lorenzo Guardiola and exterior del Rey Don Pedro, the unification of the Plaza de la Alcoholera, or rehabilitation and improvement of road uploader
  • The Board enters into various contracts for the organization of the National Conference of Drum (10/03/2015)
    Inside formalizaos contracts by the Board has approved the special cleaning, private security service and a special preventive with the Red Cross and others
  • The competition Quality Wine Jumilla becomes international with the presence of Chinese tasters (09/03/2015)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water, mayor of Jumilla and the president of the PDO present the new edition of this wine, which is celebrated on 12 and 13 March
  • The Department of Equality celebrated Women's Day with Route II Jumilla in Women (09/03/2015)
    The jumillana historian María Rosa Gualda involved in the activity, leading the way with historical tidbits about the monuments
  • The City delivers the 2014 Awards Hypnos eight recognitions commitment Jumilla (09/03/2015)
    The Central Board of the Brotherhood, the Jumilla Low Brass, the Wine Route, Juan Palao, the Bank of Experiences, the National Conference of Drum and Federation of Clubs, Hypnos Awards 2014
  • The XXVI Olympiad mathematics Murcia in your local phase ends with a great success of participation in Jumilla (09/03/2015)
    The trial involved a total of 135 students from the municipalities of Cieza, Yecla and Jumilla, of which 30 will selected for the regional phase will be announced in the coming weeks
  • The Bearded Trail II again exceeds the expectations of a test that is consolidated in the national sports calendar (09/03/2015)
    The Cartagena Francisco José Díaz wins the 23 km and Alfonso San Juan at 14 km, and Freedom Gumersindo Pérez and José Estévez they got the best local brands
  • Equality organizing a school holiday for Easter in the IAC (09/03/2015)
    School will run from March 30 to April 10, and is aimed at children / as of 3 to 8 years.
  • The Governing Council approves the POS 2015, through which they come to Jumilla 155 253 euros for the renovation of streets (06/03/2015)
    Streets Juan XXIII, Alfonso X El Sabio, Columbus and Antonio Machado, are the ways in which the actions are focused with an investment that will exceed 200,000 Euro with the municipal contribution
  • Tomorrow the CAI holds an Open Day on the occasion of Women's Day (06/03/2015)
    The activities will continue on Saturday with the march II Route Jumilla on Women, which this time will have a city tour through the Old Town
  • The Department of Economy and Employment organizes an information day on entrepreneurial innovation (06/03/2015)
    La Jornada will be provided by the business mentor, Rafael Rovira, Inteligenzia company, organization specializing in business opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • After the success in the Romea, The Little Mermaid comes to Vico Theatre (05/03/2015)
    The Department of Culture organized for this weekend, two children's activities, first "Fosilízate!" At the Museum of Ethnography and the children's show " The Little Mermaid "at the Teatro Vico
  • Jumilla hosts this weekend XXVI Mathematical Olympiad Murcia in your local phase (05/03/2015)
    The test is organized by the IES Archbishop Lozano in collaboration with the Department of Education and will involve 135 students from Cieza, Yecla and Jumilla
  • The director of the Museum of the City of Murcia closing the lecture on Museums in the Region (05/03/2015)
    About a dozen representatives of the main museums in the region have participated in this cycle, an initiative of the Department of Culture
  • Over 500 "bandits athletes" will tour again in Sierra Carche Trail II Bearded hosting Jumilla (04/03/2015)
    The test will take place on Sunday by the Regional Park of the Sierra del Carche, and it is already half thousand registered runners coming from 10 different regions
  • Councilman Services and Gardens explains the latest actions taken in Woodland Avenue de Murcia (04/03/2015)
    Two reports warn of disrepair woodland and advise on the need to clear these mulberry trees, that were in serious danger of overturning, impaired state structure
  • The Director General of Cultural Industries Vico Theatre qualifies as "cultural jewel of the Region of Murcia" (04/03/2015)
    Marta López Briones this morning visited Jumilla, to hold a working meeting, which ended with a visit to Vico Theatre
  • This Saturday Jumilla honors the winners of the 2014 Awards Hypnos (04/03/2015)
    Those wishing to attend, may withdraw the entries in General, from today until Saturday in Vico Theatre box office, from 18:00 to 20:00
  • The Local Government Board approves the renewal of the collaboration agreement between the City and the Abraham Project (03/03/2015)
    The Board agrees to assign the first columbarium built during the last enlargement of municipal cemetery and opens the application for interested persons
  • Via coupons ONCE 5 million and take the National Conference of Drum Jumilla throughout Spain (03/03/2015)
    The draw will be for the Saturday, March 14, and is already being distributed by more than 20,000 agents working in the ONCE in Spain
  • More than 700 jobs to the drawing competition organized by the Department of Equality for Women's Day present (03/03/2015)
    The activities organized by the Department for the week of women, continue this morning with the sample of work produced by the associations Women of Jumilla
  • About a hundred of older people in Jumilla have at home with telecare service (03/03/2015)
    The service provides reassurance to users that the touch receive a call or a visit to an emergency button, so the care is daily and constant
  • Jumilla, chosen people to welcome the arrival of the Sardine 2015 (02/03/2015)
    On Easter Sunday, hundreds of sardine parade through the streets of Jumilla, to accompany the Burial of the Sardine, which starts this year from our city
  • 11 days for the Fiesta del Tambor is done with the streets of Jumilla (02/03/2015)
    The Organizing Committee has officially in Jumilla the XXX National Conference of Exaltation of Drum and Bass Drum, act in which further unveiled the Anthem Officer Days
  • Jumilla sets the bar high organizational level in the Championship of Spain Walking Route (02/03/2015)
    The Spaniard Miguel Angel Lopez exudes quality and is made with first place in the men's category, while the Catalan FC Barcelona, ​​Raquel González, stands with the title of champion of Spain
  • Our march again shine (01/03/2015)
    The Region of Murcia has been one of the major players in the Championship LXXXIV Spain Walking Route, with nine individual medals, incontestable victory for Miguel Ángel López Nicolás and bronze for Benjamin Sanchez in the 35km

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