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Jumilla News - February 2009

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  • 4 Legs opens website to facilitate adoption of abandoned animals (26/02/2009)

  • English Awarded to the company and Sons, again, the construction work of the Center for Child Care (25/02/2009)
    The works were awarded, at the time, the company Impamar, but for being a reckless bid was thwarted by its construction is
  • Dolores Abellán Cutillas, chosen as 'Women Jumillano' of 2009 (25/02/2009)
    is one of the activities to commemorate Women's Day, the event will be held on 7 March and will be attended by the former Minister Matilde Fernández
  • Jumilla hosted the X Regional Meeting of Business Associations in the Region of Murcia (24/02/2009)
    In the city moved about 100 people involved in this sector in the region
  • The local police arrested a drunk driver, after hitting six vehicles parked (24/02/2009)
    In 2009, it has arrested a total of 30 people for crimes against the security of traffic.
  • Open Enrolment for the Second Local League Tennis and Racquetball (24/02/2009)
    Games will be held at the new tennis courts Polideportivo Municipal La Hoya.
  • The plenary adopted to reduce the rate of garbage collection to schools and aided schools (24/02/2009)
    is reduced to 0.35 euros per square and half and also for schools, primary schools, kindergartens and other is halved with respect to 2008 and is $ 2.10 per square and half.
  • Angel Francisco Cutillas offers a talk on "Minerals of the museum's collection" (24/02/2009)
    This activity is included in "Cultural Winter 09" and will take place on Thursday March 5 at 20:00 at the Museum of Ethnography and Natural Sciences.
  • According to the Councillor of Celebration, "this year's carnival has been revived Jumilla" (24/02/2009)
    Ildefonso Jimenez has made a positive assessment of these parties and their news and thanked the cooperation and participation.
  • Submitted prize to the winner of competition for the rehabilitation of the environment of the Church of El Salvador (24/02/2009)
    Mayor Francisco Abellán has stated that it is working with the Autonomous Region for financing the implementation of this project.
  • Delivered awards the tenth edition of Young Artists that were presented about 150 works (23/02/2009)
    They met the winners of the different modes that make this call for the Department of Youth
  • The Artisan's House is hosting an exhibition on esparto, within the First Conference of Crafts in Jumilla (23/02/2009)
    At the shows you can see around 120 pieces of craftsmen Antonio Garcia, Francisco González and Francisco Jiménez
  • On Wednesday, March 4 carried out a 'Meeting with writers' children's literature (23/02/2009)
    It is an activity included in 'Cultural Winter 09' and agreed with schools
  • The Councillor for Tourism highlights the collective support and partnership festive Wine Route in Turismur 2009 (23/02/2009)
    Juan Guardiola also assessed the interest of visitors for the Jumilla Wine Route
  • Closing of the monitor during free time in the fifteen people who participated (23/02/2009)
    The course has been developed in recent months with a total of 250 hours
  • The Sports Council renews agreement with Red Cross for 2009 with increased coverage of activities (23/02/2009)
    The last year and covered three major events in 2009 will cover seven
  • Abellán: "we will not provide, or permit any administrative proceeding if the Ministry does not build the second health center" (20/02/2009)
    "With a Specialty Center, the Department will save physicians and staff of health services, where there are already today in Jumilla more than 2,000 cards per doctor "
  • We present the municipal archaeological museum guide 'Jerónimo Molina " (20/02/2009)
    With the aim of bringing their content to citizens
  • Jumilla X host this regional meeting Sunday Merchants Association (19/02/2009)
    According to reports from the association of Jumilla "is scheduled to attend the 43 associations affiliated to the Federation of Commerce Regional Business"
  • Jumilla introducing several new carnival, one of them the 'Fiestódromo' and a parade on Saturday (19/02/2009)
    These developments were approved unanimously at the last City Council Celebrations
  • Approved the start of record of the 4 projects that were within the Government's Revitalization Plan (19/02/2009)
    It is the rehabilitation of the Casa de la Cultura, the Animal Shelter and the round of the French Road and Calle Goya
  • He advances the school admission process for the 2009/2010 academic year and can apply before March 6 (18/02/2009)
    According to reports from the Department of Education for this application can go to school where interested
  • Jumilla Turismur 2009 will be held in Torrepacheco 20 to February 22 (18/02/2009)
    In addition to the Department of Tourism and Wine Route Association, will attend different groups as the Central Board of the Brotherhood, the Federation of Clubs, the Association of Moros y Cristianos, the Festival of Folklore
  • Jumilla museums participate in a course on ethnographic heritage and etiological Region (18/02/2009)
    The director of the Museum of Ethnography of Jumilla Cayetano Herrera gave a lecture at the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Promoting the project final approval of the Highlands highway totaling 72.5 million euros (18/02/2009)
    Jumilla and Yecla will link with a length of 76.45 kilometers, five sections of highway, three are under construction, pending a bidding and the other in writing of the project
  • Jumilla hotels in addition to the Half Marathon 'Ciudad de Jumilla " (17/02/2009)
    test sponsor and provide a 20% discount for those registered in the race for the night of 25 to 26 April
  • Opens a new call to cover a grant for collaboration in the Municipal Museum "Jerónimo Molina ' (17/02/2009)
    The deadline is March 2 and may have all the candidates who have obtained degrees in History, Geography, History Art, Fine Arts, Humanities and Geology
  • Culture will distribute books published by this council to the persons concerned (17/02/2009)
    The first distribution will be Friday 20 February, the book 'Who sayings do not know, what do you know?
  • The Brotherhood of Tambores Cristo de la Sangre de Jumilla already has a seat (17/02/2009)
    The ceremony was attended by various authorities and drummers of Hellin, and Jumilla Tobarra who staged a small exhibition
  • The two new strands of the local police take over as career (17/02/2009)
    have competed in a competition for internal promotion that has developed over the past months
  • The City of Jumilla studies challenging a regional government's agreement not to use a second health center ceded land for this purpose (17/02/2009)
    According to an agreement of the governing council of the regional executive "such land shall be used for construction of a specialty "
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Social Policy to a close the social skills course developed in Jumilla (16/02/2009)
    Councilwoman Mariana Gomez has announced that "we hope to offer the second part of this course this year"
  • The psychologist Alberto Hidalgo taught "seduction techniques" to those attending his talk (16/02/2009)
    At the end of the conference, presented the prize in Love Letters, the first award was for work 'Craftsman of my feelings' written by Isabel García de Jaca (Huesca)
  • Presented a total of three hundred seven plays to XXX Literary Award 'Ciudad de Jumilla " (16/02/2009)
    jobs come from most of the regions, and countries such as Argentina, France, Mexico, United States, Germany, Chile, Italy and Israel
  • Remodeled athletics track Polideportivo Municipal 'La Hoya' (16/02/2009)
    After the work, the installation will be released next February 22 to the end of the Cross Regional
  • "Fair With Love has managed to revive the activity of hotels and restaurants," said Ildefonso Jimenez (16/02/2009)
    Councilman assessment is positive since it has fulfilled the objectives of "raising awareness of the city to the thousands of people have visited us and we have known through the media "
  • With a talk and an exhibition, Charles Darwin Jumilla honors in the 200 anniversary of his birth (16/02/2009)
    The exhibition entitled 'The Lord of the Apes' is in the Chapel of San Jose and you can see up to 28 February
  • Jumilla City Council gave land for the construction of a public health (13/02/2009)

  • The Mayor will ask the Parliament that the provision of a public company to employ the Jumillano (13/02/2009)
    Through the outsource company, in turn, with companies and equally Jumillano give employment to many of the more than 2000 unemployed Jumilla
  • Jumilla Local Police arrested a man on suspicion of theft in several cars (13/02/2009)
    It is a Moroccan of 18 caught 'in flagrante' forcing several vehicles
  • On Sunday the Brotherhood of Jumilla Drums Drum Opens Office (11/02/2009)
    going to serve as headquarters for this group and stood at the street corner Canovas del Castillo Cistern
  • The Brotherhood of the Nazarene and Ferrovial sign an agreement for the completion of the chapel of the brotherhood (10/02/2009)
    Jumilla City Council has brokered with the above company to achieve this collaboration and this agreement, valued at 18,000 euros
  • More than 30 young people participating in the program 9.e of the Youth Council and the IES Arzobispo Lozano (10/02/2009)
    Youth Councilman Jose Luis Monreal has recently met with them to understand the development of this program
  • The Celebration City Council approved the holding of a parade for the Saturday of carnival (10/02/2009)
    This will take place after the traditional awards ceremony at Calvary Street and the parade will go from the street, Avenida de Levante
  • In February and March will be conducting a seminar in Jumilla and family reading ... (10/02/2009)
    is aimed at teachers, parents and interested persons have registration forms in all schools and colleges
  • The Jumilla sports council announces a contest for logo (10/02/2009)
    The deadline for submission of work by 9 March and must be delivered to the Department of Sports, located in the Municipal Sports Pavilion, Avenida Reyes Católicos, s / n
  • On February 20 prizes are awarded Young Artist of X in different categories (10/02/2009)
    The appointment will be at 20:00 hours Cajamurcia and then there will be a concert with three groups Brugge Cafe Jumillano
  • The Department of Culture celebrates the 200 anniversary of birth of Darwin with a lecture and an exhibition (10/02/2009)
    The conference will be on Thursday February 12 at 20:00 pm in Cajamurcia and exposure can be seen in the chapel of San José
  • Jumilla adheres to a campaign to control the use of seat belts in the DGT (10/02/2009)
    The campaign will be carried out until 22 February and, as stated by Councilman Traffic is very important because the belt use reduces accidental death "
  • Thousands of people attended the 6 th Expoboda Trade Show held last weekend in Jumilla (10/02/2009)
    As expressed from ExpoBoda Association, organizer of the event, "all trade visitors encouraged to continue working"
  • Public Works Jumilla financed the rehabilitation of the nineteenth century building that houses the Residence Santa Teresa (09/02/2009)
    The main facade rehabilitation counseling and funds to repair covers investments in the regional government allocated to regional architectural heritage conservation
  • Approved the initiation of project files del Castillo, industrial buildings, the road to Santa Ana Botanic Garden (09/02/2009)
    In selecting companies, up 55 points will be awarded on the basis of labor to hire for each Project
  • Cerdá calls the Miraflores Irrigation Community as an example of what Murcia represents modernization of irrigation (09/02/2009)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water chairs the signing of an agreement with the Polytechnic University and the CEBAS to study the feasibility of using water treatment plant in Jumilla crops
  • Sports and Councilman Juan Molina international athlete had the Second Half Marathon Jumilla (06/02/2009)
    will be held on Sunday April 26 and will feature double world marathon champion Abel Anton the soriano
  • The project 'The Zarzillo' wins the competition for the rehabilitation of the environment of the Church of El Salvador (06/02/2009)
    In total 15 papers were presented and the winner has won 49 points.
  • They have already begun some guitar lessons and Jember, organized by the Youth Council (05/02/2009)
    can still target those interested in Jumilla Informajoven Center.
  • Hundreds of children enjoyed 'Planet of the colors' that connemoró Peace Day (04/02/2009)
    Organized by the Department of Children, with a work "imbued with the values of friendship and cooperation," said Councilwoman Fuensanta Olivares
  • Approval of the schedule change for the police to cover the departure of students from schools and colleges (04/02/2009)
    was one of the resolutions adopted by the Local Government Board this week which also approved an expenditure to repair the figures of the Festival Folklore "to be claimed through the court, the cause of the damage"
  • A federation of companies Lanzarote is interested in 'the longest kiss contest' (04/02/2009)
    have been put to the council of Celebration to apply the foundation, since, according to point out, "we conduct a similar contest to boost purchases for Valentine's Day ".
  • With a talk and an exhibition of embroidery inaugurated the First Meeting of Crafts (04/02/2009)
    The works shown are Elena and Rosa Guardiola, the company 'frame' and can be seen through Feb. 20 at the Artisan's House
  • The Department of Social Policy develops playgroups, activities and courses for immigrants (04/02/2009)
    will soon begin other programs designed also to immigrants, Spanish and cooking and childcare
  • Presented the 6 th edition of the show-Wedding Expo 2009 which will take place in Jumilla (04/02/2009)
    was inaugurated on February 6, extends from 7 to 8 and is staged in the halls of the local Crescent
  • The Government delegate Jumilla visit to present the projects to be implemented with funds from the Government of Spain (03/02/2009)
    Rafael González Tovar has announced that "the widening of the highway in the Altiplano and its connection to Jumilla be drafted later this month "
  • Closing of a course on techniques and resources for children and youth entertainment (03/02/2009)
    Youth Councilman José Luis Monreal applauded this course and hopes to repeat
  • "FITUR visitors were very interested in wine tourism," said the Councillor for Tourism (03/02/2009)
    Jumilla was present at the stand of the Region of Murcia, but had more prominence in the ACEVIN, through the Wine Routes Spain
  • The municipality of Jumilla going to ask, again, the gold medal in the Region of Murcia for Roque Baños (02/02/2009)
    After the new Goya succeeded yesterday soundtrack of the movie 'The Oxford Murders' and dedicated to Jumilla and Jumillano
  • The Government delegate in Jumilla has eight projects worth 4.3 million euros financed by the Government of Spain (02/02/2009)
    will create 119 direct jobs and will boost municipal development

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