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  • The activity "Night at the Museum To'Santos Encantado" is extended to two passes given the excitement generated (31/10/2013)
    On Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd, the Ethnographic Museum will become a haunted house where history and mystery shake hand in a very unusual visit
  • The Wine Route presented at the Technology Center of Tourism of the Region of Murcia the Gastronomic VIII (31/10/2013)
    The CEO of the Institute for Tourism, Enrique Ujaldón, and the president of the Wine Route, Peter Piquras, presented the conference regionally in Murcia
  • An open-esteem workshop organized activities from Equality to mark the International Day Against Violence Against Women (31/10/2013)
    The workshop will be held on 20 and 22 November from 10.00 to 12.00 hours, and the deadline for registration is Monday November 18
  • The City of Jumilla present in the Day 'Comprehensive Plan support the competitiveness of retail Spain' (31/10/2013)
    The Community and the Central Government initiatives promote commercial sector towards a more dynamic and competitive
  • The city bus will provide a special service on All Saints to facilitate access to the municipal cemetery (30/10/2013)
    They have also installed two power generators, and features two areas of parking for over 400 vehicles
  • A dozen children from Jumilla child participating in the activity "Create your herbal" (30/10/2013)
    The Department of Culture and the Casa del Museo teach children of the importance of preserving local natural heritage through construction of a herbarium
  • The International Puppet Festival of Murcia Jumilla reach the play "The Marriage of Chiquinha Muito Prazer" (30/10/2013)
    The work, which will host the Teatro Vico on Sunday November 3, comes with unanimous critical support as Titeremurcia festival bet to recover the traditional puppet theater
  • Jumilla held next month its Gastronomic Wine Route (30/10/2013)
    The eighth edition of the conference will be held from November 1 to December 1 and will feature a 'Route Stew' spoon food
  • Many jumillanas participate in Alcala de Henares, in the Day "Ecomujer" (30/10/2013)
    The meeting brought together more than 350 women gathered to share their experiences in the program "Rural Women and Environment"
  • The Wine Route presents the Gastronomic VIII in the city of Jumilla (29/10/2013)
    The Jumilla Wine Route was established as regards wine tourism in the region with 19,000 of the 32,000 visits received by this sector in the last year
  • The Community Jumillano advises the agricultural sector on the proper use in the soils of the sludge generated in debugging (29/10/2013)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water inaugurates the Technical Seminar 'Agricultural Utilization sludge from sewage treatment plants', organized by Esamur and the city of Jumilla
  • The CEIP Carmen Conde, selected to implement the pilot program of English immersion Child (29/10/2013)
    The initiative developed with these students in the third year of the second cycle of Children, serve to continue with the aim of expanding bilingual education to all levels and public schools
  • Jumilla City Council supports agricultural organizations in their claims on agricultural insurance (29/10/2013)
    Yesterday took place on October regular full, with a total of four motions, adhering to an agreement and a record of mutation demanial among other issues
  • Jumilla hosting a technical seminar on the benefits of proper use of sludge for agricultural purposes (29/10/2013)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the first deputy mayor, inaugurated the conference 'Agricultural Utilization sludge from sewage treatment plants', organized by Esamur and the city of Jumilla
  • Jumilla, home of the annual meeting of the Consortium Board Peoples National Drum and Bass Drum (28/10/2013)
    consortium president highlights the great Jumilla ability to host an event like Exaltation Days XXX Drum and Bass Drum in which will bring together more than 15,000 people
  • The Association of Widows start the course with a shot of optimism by Senator Maria José Nicolás (28/10/2013)
    More than fifty people attended the opening of the course 2013/2014 of the Association of Widows of Jumilla on Friday in the Teatro Vico
  • Jumilla Association for the Integration of Mental Disorders Food Charity organizes its R (28/10/2013)
    AJTIM, created with the aim to improve the quality of life of people with mental disorders and their families, through occupation, diversion and rehabilitation
  • The Board approves new subsidies for the unemployed and pensioners which exceed the figures of the previous season (28/10/2013)
    Of the 61 applications have already been approved by rule 21 and left another twenty
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a large network of 'retail' drug in the Highlands (25/10/2013)
    have been arrested nine members of the gang, including its leader
  • More than two million for environmental restoration of the waste treatment facilities Jumilla (25/10/2013)

  • This afternoon, Senator Maria Jose Nicolas will be responsible for opening the course 2013/2014 of the Association of Widows of Jumilla (25/10/2013)
    Senator for Murcia, María José Nicolás, present the conference "We transform the future" this afternoon at 19.00 hours at the Teatro Vico
  • "Equality in the Waves" program today dedicated to the fight against breast cancer (25/10/2013)
    The radio spot on local radio station promoted by the Department of Equality, puts an end to the activities planned to mark the Day Against Cancer Breast
  • The Turkish delegation Sheep and Goat Breeders Jumilla choose to learn more about the goat Murciano-Grenadine (25/10/2013)
    The First Deputy Mayor, Alicia Abellán has received them in the city of Jumilla to welcome the town, where they will visit two farms livestock
  • Health Councilwoman meets members of the Association for the Integration Jumillana Mental Disorders (24/10/2013)
    This association was founded with the aim of normalizing mental disorders to society as well as the assistance and advice to individuals and families who may suffer them
  • A student receives hands jumillana Minister of Education, a second prize in the 'Security Grows' (24/10/2013)
    More than 10,000 students from 300 schools in the region attended the last course in this drawing competition that aims to dissemination of the Occupational Health and Safety in education
  • Next Wednesday is the deadline to participate in the urban mural painting competition "X Jumilla Equality" (24/10/2013)
    The three winners will paint your work on Liberty Avenue where they will remain as a sign of rejection against Gender Violence
  • The author of "A Taste of Rum", Charo Cutillas, talks about his work in Jumilla in a meeting organized by the Municipal Library (24/10/2013)
    yeclana writer Jumilla presented in his first book, "A Taste of Rum" and advances already working on a new book project
  • Building a herbarium next scheduled child activity from the Department of Culture (23/10/2013)
    The youngest of the municipality will become botanists for a day, with child activity "Make your own herbal" scheduled for Saturday at the Municipal Museum Jerónimo Molina
  • The City of Jumilla remember some of the penalties for violating the Municipal Coexistence (23/10/2013)
    Throwing paper into the street, garbage deposit after hours, or not remove pet droppings of the street are fined 60-300 euros
  • The revitalization of local commerce focuses Local Council of Employment and Economic Development (23/10/2013)
    The Council appreciated some of the proposals that is driving the city to the commercial sector and chose tourism as the next topic to be discussed at the next session
  • The council of Agriculture Opens Livestock XV Training Course held in Jumilla (23/10/2013)
    Race Murcia-Granada as future investment in the goat sector, the course focuses attended by fifty farmers and technicians of the municipality
  • The mayor receives a representation of students demonstrated yesterday against the City (23/10/2013)
    Schoolchildren Mayor apologizes for the development of the protest, and refute some of the statements that students made regarding the status of CEIP Cross Stone
  • The City Council renewed the agreement with Jumilla Jumilla Caritas for the year 2014 (22/10/2013)
    The company will receive a € 10,000 grant to continue the social programs offered to families with more difficulty Township
  • Starts in Jumilla vaccination campaign against influenza and pneumococcus (22/10/2013)
    The Ministry of Health has invested more than a million euros in the acquisition of 245,000 doses of vaccines against influenza and pneumococcal disease 20,000
  • The City Council renewed the agreement with Jumilla Jumilla Caritas for 2013 (22/10/2013)
    The company will receive a € 10,000 grant to continue the social programs offered to families with more difficulty Township
  • The writer Charo Cutillas presented in Jumilla his novel "Rum Flavor" (22/10/2013)
    The event will be held in the morning Roque Baños Sociocultural Center Wednesday, October 23 at 20:30 pm
  • Students Jumillano Cieza act in concert Municipal Conservatory Band Murcia (22/10/2013)
    70 musicians selected from the students of the five academies of the region performed at the Capitol Theatre in Cieza, in the eleventh concert Municipal Conservatory Band Murcia
  • CCTT band Ecce Homo Roll Guild Mother participate in the Contest Cigar (21/10/2013)

  • 200 celiac across the region come together in Jumilla for your annual living 2013 (21/10/2013)
    The expedition visited from the Teatro Vico, where they were received by the Mayor of Jumilla, to the Museum of Ethnography and winery Silvano Garcia, among others parts of the town
  • Hundreds of Jumillano Jumillano are launched against cancer in March I Council for Women (21/10/2013)
    The Department of Equality, Day commemorates breast cancer with a march that ended with a huge human bond in support of women battling the disease
  • The Local Government adopted various measures in the city dump (21/10/2013)
    The autonomous fund with more than two million works of municipal landfill
  • The Ethnographic Museum hosts the projection "Mineral resources" (18/10/2013)
    The documentary is framed within the cultural agenda of the last quarter and in him is revealing the importance of these elements in the daily lives of all people
  • The local Board Jumilla AECC in today's session dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer (18/10/2013)
    The Sunday activities will end with I March for Women "Get moving against cancer" with a walk to the Castillo de Jumilla
  • Ring Baroque Classics morning at the Monastery of Santa Ana in the San Francisco concert "Baroque Camereta Hypnos" (18/10/2013)
    The conicerto will take place at 19.30 in the Monastery of Santa Ana del Monte and the will perform works of classical baroque Purcell, Teleman, Vivaldi and Handel
  • Celiac Association Jumilla Murcia choose to celebrate their annual living 2013 (18/10/2013)
    About 200 celiac visit Jumilla on Sunday in a day of living in which know some key points of the municipality to end a special meal without gluten
  • The Committee on Industry, Labor, Commerce and Tourism of the Regional Assembly visit Jumilla (18/10/2013)
    The commission focuses his visit in Central Cheese Montesinos and Bodegas Hijos de Juan Gi, two of the fastest growing companies in the industrial fabric of the town
  • About thirty people will participate this weekend in the First Marathon Photo "Jose Antonio Thomas" (17/10/2013)
    "Monumental Jumilla" seeks to value the assets of the municipality attractive captured by amateur cameras of photographers / participants
  • About 200 students Jumillano / as know a bit more than the 27 Generation through the music at the Teatro Vico (17/10/2013)
    Students from the four secondary schools in the municipality attend two concerts sessions Argentine composer Ricardo Huerta
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Economy and Employment attend General Assembly Focus Program Leader in Yecla (17/10/2013)
    The Leader Approach General Assembly request to reopen the call for aid for the "Added Value Increased Agricultural products"
  • Children of Jumilla concentrated part of the municipality's history through a "Cultural Gymkhana" (16/10/2013)
    Children The next activity is scheduled for Saturday, November 9, and will be dedicated to Roman culture, specifically the mosaic art
  • Hundreds of Murcia SMEs will benefit from grants of up to 7,500 euros to the 'Cheque ICT' (16/10/2013)
    The deadline for applications is November 29 and is aimed at SMEs that hire advice and assistance on Information Technology and Communication
  • The full approve the initial modification of the tax ordinance for the year 2014 (16/10/2013)
    No raise taxes and fees IBI, IAE Business Incubator, or VHS Musical Education, and contemplated rebates and exemptions for businesses and young people municipality
  • The folk group Azarbe for at Teatro Vico with his show "Reflections of Tradition" (16/10/2013)
    The concert will be accompanied by hues ballet in a broad-ranging dance show that fuses diversity covering Spanish dance, with reference to the traditional rhythms and melodies Southeast Spanish
  • "With the death on the heels" full mood Vico Theatre Saturday (15/10/2013)
    Critically acclaimed, "With the death on the heels" reaches Jumilla as a mixture of black comedy with unexpected ingredients silent movies, westerns, or ghostly apparitions
  • Public Works perform various actions to improve public advocacy houses of Jumilla MOPU (15/10/2013)
    The Department of Public Works will allocate more than 125,000 euros to repair public housing promotion 50 different municipalities in the region, including Jumilla
  • The Department of Equality program various activities this week in support of the fight against breast cancer in (15/10/2013)
    Conference, awareness days and I March for Women "Get moving against cancer," scheduled from activities commemorate Equality Day Breast Cancer
  • The Mayor and the Councillor for Sports accompany CFS Montesinos and Juan Francisco Gea in Sport Awards Murciano XXXII (14/10/2013)
    Jumillano team of First Division, and his coach, Juan Francisco Gea were awarded prizes for Best sporty Gesta Sportsmanship
  • Jumilla celebrated on October 12 with a ceremony to honor the flag of Spain and the Civil Guard (14/10/2013)
    The flag of Spain flew in Jumilla as ultimate sign of sovereignty, independence, unity and integrity of the Spanish people on the Day of National Celebration
  • More than fifty Jumillano students will benefit from the first school transport subsidies (14/10/2013)
    The Governing Board formalized the agreement with Caritas Jumilla, for fiscal year 2013, through which the development of various social action programs in the city
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Economy and Employment meet with a technician from INFO to advance Jumilla distinction as Entrepreneur Municipality (14/10/2013)
    This initiative is intended to promote actions that favor the development of corporate initiatives, adding to the actions already have been developed since the departments of Economics and Employment
  • The Region participates in a project with seven countries to encourage dialogue between generations and educate in solidarity (13/10/2013)
    The Director General of Human Resources and Quality Education highlighting the work of coordinating the IES Infanta Elena in Jumilla on this project
  • As of October 30 youth in the municipality may participate in the urban mural painting competition "X Jumilla Equality" (11/10/2013)
    The three winners will paint his work on Liberty Avenue where they will remain as a sign of rejection Violence Gender
  • The mayor and council will attend the XXXII Sports Awards Sports Murciano (11/10/2013)
    Jumillano team of First Division, and his coach, Juan Francisco Gea will be awarded prizes for Best sports Gesta and Sportsmanship
  • For the entire month may propose candidates / as Hypnos Awards 2013 (11/10/2013)
    With these awards recognizes the daily efforts of individuals, associations or companies, whose work results in an improvement to society jumillana
  • The City of Jumilla is promoted in the First Forum of Employment and Local Development in the Region of Murcia (11/10/2013)
    The Economy and Employment Councilman, Almudena Martinez, and several local development agents in the areas of Environment, Tourism, Economy and Employment Council services promoted in this forum
  • Children's activities become gymkhana on Saturday with a culture (10/10/2013)
    Children of the municipality know a bit more about the history of Jumilla through fun quizzes and puzzles that are hidden from the Archaeological Museum to the Teatro Vico
  • The Department of Citizenship and Darsana Centre organized several talks for next Friday (10/10/2013)
    Bioenergetics and phototherapy are the two themes that focus the presentations that will be taught by Cesar Ceron MD
  • The Artisan House takes up the activities for the last quarter of the year with various courses and craft exhibitions (10/10/2013)
    Esparto workshops and decoupage, and Local Shows Craft X "Ciudad de Jumilla" programming activities highlighted in the last quarter of the Department and the Artisan's House
  • Educational Support Project promoted by the Youth Council is underway (10/10/2013)
    The project is aimed at children and young people in social disadvantage in order to prevent and reduce school dropout problems in the city
  • The Grand Master of the Templars Jumillano invited to "Coffee Obert" of San Pedro Claver Foundation of Barcelona (10/10/2013)
    The Knights Templar and the cultural activities of the reason Jumillano Christi milites interest Social Club members Minds Open
  • 40 Jumillano Jumillano attend the free workshop "How to promote your business on social networks" (09/10/2013)
    The course is organized by the Center for Electronic Business in the Region of Murcia in collaboration with the Youth Council and attended 40 of the 48 enrolled / as
  • El Teatro Vico fantasy filled Sunday with children's play "The Keeper of Dreams" (09/10/2013)
    It is an original story that combines the best moments of traditional tales, with dozens of puppets of all sizes, theater shadows and all kinds of scenarios
  • The City of Jumilla involved I am in the Forum's Employment and Local Development in Murcia (09/10/2013)
    Throughout the day, students, teachers and technicians of employment and local development policies can promote common economic and job creation
  • Pinosa neighbors already have municipal bins to deposit the trash after removal of the "Clean Point" (09/10/2013)

  • The film returns to the Teatro Vico with the movie "Grapes of Wrath" (08/10/2013)

  • On Saturday, October 12, Columbus Day, Jumilla held the "Tribute to the Flag Act and the Civil Guard" (08/10/2013)
    El Paseo Poeta Lorenzo Guardiola will host the event which is redirá further tribute to the fallen with different events in his honor
  • Antonio Valero says readjustment situation will develop in the Roque Baños Sociocultural Center to optimize municipal areas (08/10/2013)
    According to the Councillor for Citizen Participation is necessary to readjust the provision of premises, in order to give the opportunity for partnerships to make a more continuous use of these spaces
  • The mayor receives European teachers participating in the Comenius Project which includes the IES Infanta Elena (08/10/2013)
    16 teachers from 7 different countries will be a week in Jumilla, municipality included in the Comenius European project for cooperation between centers
  • The City Council will no longer go Jumilla most municipal taxes next year (07/10/2013)
    The government team spokesman explained some of the proposals that the municipal executive has raised for this coming year 2014 on Tax Ordinances
  • The fight against cancer focuses October activities the Department of Equality (07/10/2013)
    The First March for Women "Get moving against cancer", the culmination of a month of activities devoted to prevention and awareness in the fight against Cancer
  • "The King of the Whistle", Kurt Savoy Theatre Vico visit Sunday (04/10/2013)
    The author of the whistles of the "Death was a price" or "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", Jumilla act in tribute to his 50 years in music
  • The forestry municipal brigade is already working on several mountains of Jumilla (04/10/2013)

  • The Councillor for Citizen Participation continues with twinning arrangements with the Italian town of Comiso (04/10/2013)
    Comiso Representatives meet with Antonio Valero points to pool working for twinning of the two cities
  • The Pre-Incubator service receives the first applications for entrepreneurs (04/10/2013)
    Until next November 1 may submit applications to access the Municipal Business Incubator
  • The Classroom Open Access House of Culture could be open later this month (03/10/2013)
    The Local Government rejects the allegations and seized the final guarantee, one more step to recoup some of the investment that was made in the ALA House of Culture
  • This Saturday the Teatro Vico hosts the Festival of Bands XX Ciudad de Jumilla benefit of AECC (03/10/2013)
    Jumillana Association Friends of Music will release a CD with pieces by Roque Baños and Oscar Navarro to allocate the proceeds from its sale to the AECC
  • Enrique Jimenez: "Jumilla will be connected to Murcia and Valencia on the A-33 with economic lever that will mean for the town" (03/10/2013)
    The draft of the State Budget for 2014 includes 24 million euros to bid and award the past 3 sections of the A-33 that will connect with Yecla and Jumilla Fuente la Higuera
  • Unemployment drops in Jumilla in 210 people in the last month (03/10/2013)
    Most were men from different sectors, mainly agriculture with 139 recruitments
  • The City Council today will eliminate the "Clean Point" of the Pinosa, after finding that represents an unhealthy focus (02/10/2013)

  • Throughout the afternoon, the Education Park Road will remain open to all children from Jumilla (02/10/2013)
    From 16.00 a bus will be moving to small from the door of City Hall "Carlos Garcia" to the Park Road Education free
  • The cultural agenda of the last quarter is marked by a tribute to the photographer Jumillano José Antonio Thomas (02/10/2013)
    Children's activities, conferences, literature, film, documentary, music, courses and workshops are some of the proposals that the Department of Culture drives for the last quarter of 2013
  • The oldest rock and modern Europe can be visited at the Ethnographic Museum until December (02/10/2013)
    Piece of the quarter will be devoted to these two examples, which are reflected exceptionally, over time on the rocks
  • Youth presents programs and workshops that will be held this new course in Jumilla (01/10/2013)
    bag rental housing programs "Educational support" and "Carpool", or urban mural painting contest equality ¨ X Jumilla "outstanding activities for the new year
  • Yesterday took place the regular plenary session of September (01/10/2013)
    The whole approve, among other matters, 4 bonuses to companies in the Tax jumillanas work
  • Established the Organizing Committee of the National Conference of Exaltation XXX Drum and Bass Drum to be held in Jumilla in 2015 (01/10/2013)
    The Town of Celebration, Antonio Valero, will be responsible for chairing the committee
  • Alicia and Francisco Martinez Escandell Abellán meet with the village headman in a previous session to full September (01/10/2013)
    At the meeting were shared the points discussed in plenary and exchanged views on the demands that are required in the various districts township

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